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  1. I'm so up for it of you are.
  2. When are you getting out here again Jay?
  3. N-E Award Suggestions

    My slight bias towards the graphics staff is going to show here but would it be better to split the personal awards particularly the staff of the year into forum members member of the year awards and staff members member of the year awards? I'll relate that back to the point made regarding graphics staff members because I know that myself, Eddage and GCTonyHawk7 are in with little chance of an award due to the fact that nobody, a side form the staff, knows who makes what for the site.
  4. Football Season 2011/2012

    For @Fierce_LiNk and @Platty
  5. Football Season 2011/2012

    Yeah, Twice I believe. Toby Young has quickly thrown a article together over at the independent online with his thought on it [LINK] and here a quickly hosted youtube of him on MOTD.
  6. Football Season 2011/2012

    Has anyone seen the statement by LFC? It's an absolute joke. If handled properly LFC could have retained some class. If they weren't so quick to jump to Suarez' defense, they could have taken a bit to learn what really happened, then got Suarez to publically apologise using the culture difference excuse, say he's learned his lesson and got a slap on the wrist from the Fa. That would have diffused it somewhat and Terry takes the headlines. However, it looks to be becoming a train wreck for LFC. Do they employ the same PR as Blatter?
  7. Football Season 2011/2012

    I know, I know, a couple of weeks ago I would have been saying the same thing. However recently Carrick has been uniteds best performer in matches. He may not get the headlines or the goals but he's very effective at what he does and would anchor the team I proposed with Parker and I believe be thoroughly effective. I thought the same but really I've stolen the formation from Spain circa 2008. I always find these best XI quite uninteresting until you throw a spanner in the works. Something like Best XI, however no player come come from the 'Big 6'?* *Big Six = United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs. I've wasted hours studying doing these with my mates.
  8. Football Season 2011/2012

    He was injured....
  9. Football Season 2011/2012

    @MadDog I really do wonder where you get your ideas from sometimes. At least you admit that team would never work, which it wouldn't. Playing 3 players who essentially have the same role, two of them you therefore have to play in uncomfortable positions. You lack natural width for a 4-4-2 that would be provided if you induced possibly Bale, Nani or Walcott (although I do like to play Theo down the center which I'm sure he will move into in 1-2 years when AOC is ready). Speaking of Walcott lots has been mentioned about RvP and his incredible scoring record however finally people seem to be realising many have been tap ins. The midfield behind him is what is starting to click and providing him with opportunities. Song has impressed, Gervinho and Arteta too. If we're doing Prem XI I'll try not to let any of my natural bias creep in here and make a team that would work. Reina Richards - Vidić - Kompany - A. Cole Parker - Carrick Arteta Silva - Rooney van Persie Had to go for a 4-3-3 because I just love it, Back 5 explains itself. Parker and Carrick are to hold the midfield. Both have been good for their own team, Carrick played fantastically in midweek and Parker will keep discipline. Will require two defensive midfielders as I wouldn't want Arteta to do too much running back, he's there mostly to provide the passes to the front 3. Rooney will support Cole as he ventures forward and allows the freedom Cole enjoys. Front 3 can interchange and would like them too if required.
  10. I'll just clear that up, 'Leb' = Lebanese migrants. 'Wog' = migrants from the Mediterranean region mostly Greek, Albanian, Egyptian etc. It's not a racist term really, on the same level as calling Americans 'Yanks', the English 'Poms' and New Zealanders 'Kiwis'. But yeah, Brisbane is alright but lets not slander the great name of Sydney by saying Brisbane is better than it. On a related topic I only have 1 week left of my holiday. Been in the UK some time now but it's my turn to spend Christmas in Aus, my flight back home is on the 1st Dec. Yay.
  11. I'll drop you in Cabramatta and honestly you'll thing you're in Vietnamese. (The food is fantastic though, better than most of the restaurants around Dixon Street) But lets not start the Syd v Melb thing here. Their both great and whilst I prefer Syd other rather Melb and neither is really better than the other. Just different.
  12. Football Season 2011/2012

    For the first time in a while I'm quite looking forward to the games. Firstly because we get to see Spain in all their free flowing glory and secondly I've managed to score free tickets to the Sweden game by schmoozing the boss.
  13. N-Europe's alright, I suppose. Although Ashley does like to be referred to as the Führer on weekends.