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  1. Questions

    Cheers, though might be hard to do that with Moria constantly deleting posts all the time.
  2. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    Think you'll find Ramar started it, not me. Wales v South Africa next month!! That'll be interesting for sure!
  3. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    From an England perspective it'd be stupid to just throw 15 youngsters into the team for the 6 Nations, so I'm looking forward to a bit of continuity with certain players who can lay the foundations (Sheridan, Stevens, Moody, Easter, Wilko, Tait, Lewsey, Sackey) and mix all that experience with a bit of new talent. I imagine most nations will do it like that. Question is who will the coaches be!!
  4. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    Just pointing out something I read mate, calm down. I just thought it was quite an impressive fact, nothing hidden agenda behind me posting it, just thought I'd share. Actually there was gonna be trouble when I went there a few weeks ago to one of the games and was told I couldn't bring my camera in. Was not pleased. Seems some stewards say one thing and others say another. Should have just tried another gate but couldn't be arsed.
  5. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    A nice, if expected statistic: Not a single arrest during the entire world cup, 40 odd games, thousands and thousands of spectators. No trouble at all, no controversy, nowt. And packed stadiums for every game (except the ones in Cardiff lol)
  6. User Image Gallery

    Anyone that looks like Nick Frost is a winner in my (and probably Fresh's) book. A slightly slimmer version anyway.
  7. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    If you say so. Never really watched much Super 14, should be great to go to a couple of games though if that's what you're planning? Wonder what the Six Nations will be like with most of the nations starting from scratch...
  8. Questions

    Can't argue with any of that.
  9. User Image Gallery

    Top left as well. I'll shut up now lol
  10. User Image Gallery

    I think the middle left and middle right are his two best ones actually.
  11. Questions

    (to you) Nice attitude there from a member of staff. Wonderful stuff mate, how do you do it? I thought you guys were supposed to be 'listening' to us members? I'm making a complaint about Moria but of course it's dismissed. It would also be nice if the people who have pvt messaged me about him would speak up as well in this matter. Fact remains had a member called a mod 'pathetic' in the way you just did, he or she would have an inffraction a split second later. As I said, I'm not trying to stir trouble, just pointing out how bad a select few of you are at doing your job. And when I say a select few, I mean a few. Not all mods/admins.
  12. Questions

    Isn't that abuse? Shouldn't you get an infraction or have your post deleted? So mods can talk to members like shite, but members get this: "You should not speak to a member of staff in this way." As much as you may think so, I'm not trying to stir up trouble. I just have a major problem with Moria (and a couple of others) and the way he does things. I'm trying to make a point but it's clearly falling on deaf ears. I want this forum to be top notch but speaking of slippery slopes...
  13. Questions

    Fields, it's not shocking at all that Moria is a bit trigger happy with his modding, it's become laughable in its relentlessness. Oh look and now I'm banned from the thread, quelle surprise. And to stay on topic, admins... when are you going to remove Moria as a mod, considering he shows zero ability to do the job properly? Just gotten an infraction: "You should not speak to a member of staff in this way." - Yes matron. lol
  14. Happy B-day UK!

    Moria please stop wanking while you mod the forum and let people get on with a bit of banter rather than getting off on deleting posts with the slightest HINT of what can only be called disrespect.
  15. Happy B-day UK!

    Why were posts deleted? Nothing offensive, nothing abusive...