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    Mmm...delicious Birthday thank you treats!!! :3

  2. IT LOOKS LIKE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  3. Click the link for a juicy new Mickey Mouse short the first in a project of 2D shorts starring the mousey mascot of Disney. http://cdn.videos.dolimg.com/xd_shortform/mic/xd99999/092bcc-hxd99999_pmic-test-h264m_aac_1280x720_1404x96.mp4 I hope that works as it currently does for me.
  4. In the spirit of good weather I've ventured to the edge of inside! So that I may peruse the sun but not have to feel it baring down on my soul. :p (or w/e) I've got my book poised by my side. (Ape House which I got for 30p) ~Before that I'm creating my Annual summer playlist to ignite and infuse my very being with the compulsion to dance the carefree summer away~ In Other News: I now wear a black (make up?) band as part of my new stYle. (or my hair is too long and incessantly in my face) tbf, I look ridiculous(ly steamy) checkmate fashion. : peace: ahhhhhhhhhhh, Sunday.
  5. No worries! Glad you had a relaxing day. That's how I like my birthdays as well with maximum chill. :awesome: Me three. :p
  6. YOU AND ME ARE THE GRAPEVINE WARRIORS (/ˈgrāpˌvīn/) bleedingpurple! ________ No distractions on your birthday just -GLEE!- Rejoice! Rejoice! Even disfigured Pokemon want to remember this illustrious day: ...and in the fading light | We hear S.C.G scream in delight. _____ A BIRTHDAY WITHOUT CANDLES? A HERO WITHOUT PLIGHT? THE GRAPEVINE WARRIOR SITS DOWN AND TAKES A BIG BITE. (of his virtual cake) ______
  7. Congrats @bob ! !!! Good entries everyone.
  8. Thanks! Continuing the ,tenuous, cat theme:
  9. Super Pussy - Turning your Venereal Disease into Superhero Expertise.
  10. You're at an animation festival!?! NOW I'm jealous. : peace: @Fierce_LiNk It's a bit battered now, which adds to the aesthetic, but I have The Ellie Badge.
  11. Today I got to see: MONSTERS UNIVERSITY! That's the ticket which looks rad so I've stuck it on my wall. : peace: The film was: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this actually happened, i'm currently in a dream like state.
  12. Personally I love it. Firstly I'm really used to it as I watch a lot of anime and have done since I was a Teen so I've really immersed myself into the idea of subtitles. I've never been distracted by their presence on screen and for one Japanese film I watched in the cinema I had the French and English subtitles running underneath and I was still not deterred. I also love to hear the language that the foreign film/whatever is playing in and if I were to see a dubbed version I fear a lot is lost in translation and you lose the subtlety of the language. You do somewhat with subtitles as well but I think you can retain more of the meaning that way It's never bothered me and in fact I feel sometimes I'm even more immersed to what's happening on screen through subtitles as it does in all fairness require more focus so you can keep up with what's going on but for me that adds to the beauty and to the depth of what I'm watching. I don't do it for English shows just to help out with some dialogue but I can see how that is helpful as sometimes you can miss bits in strangely quiet mumbly scenes. If I'm tired I tend not to say watch anime or something with subtitles as then my eyes don't have to work as hard. :p In that situation I'll just stick on a whatever is not taxing for my brain as it just wants to relaaaaaaaaaax.
  13. The Michael J. Fox Show is starting this Fall. (in the US) For anyone interested:
  14. Yes, unfortunately I remember all the little bits from the trailer and connect the dots during the movie and from that can work out where the story is going usually. I spend my time waiting for those scenes to turn up as you know that it hasn't appeared yet. ...so I wish I hadn't watched the trailer. :p
  15. It means its filtration methods include reverse osmosis, ion exchange and activated carbon. ...wait...
  16. @Dannyboy\-the\-Dane Looking foward to your novel! : peace: ... I blew into the thread on a leaf. I saved up the two episodes before the finale and watched them altogether in a row on Saturday for a pure Doctor Who Spectacle. "Impossible Girl, a mystery wrapped in an enigma squeezed into a skirt that's a little bit to...tight." I really really enjoyed, almost everything about the last episode. The only thing I was a bit disappointed in were the Whisper Men the episode sets them up nicely at first: Do you know the Whisper Men? The Whisper Men are near If you hear the Whisper Men Then turn away your ear. Do not hear the Whisper Men Whatever else you do For once you've heard the Whisper Men They'll stop... and look at you. I thought they'd be like the Silence or the Weeping Angels as they had that quality about them that plays on your base fears as a human but they were a bit of a non event by the episodes end. I hope they come back some time as I thought their design was good. Other than that I thought it was GREAT. Doctor Who has been missing out on the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff! and we got a that in abundance this episode. Where is my Jenny, Strax and Vastra spin-off? :p I'm ranking my favourite episodes from this half of the season because mainly i love lists. The List: 1. Name of the Doctor 2. Hide 3. The Crimson Horror 4. The Rings of Akhaten 5. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 6. The Bells of St. John 7. Cold War 8. Nightmare in Silver
  17. I'm just glad there's a console that finally plays my betamax tapes.
  18. Star Trek Into Darkness. (JJ Abrams, 2013) Runtime: 132 minutes. "I will walk over your cold corpses"
  19. I'd like to take the time out to highlight those lesser known things that I carry around with me without realising: Bits of a broken plastic spoon. A tissue. (possibly used???) A blunt toothpick. 3 empty bags you put vegetables in at the supermarket. A pink hair band. A ticket to that thing I went to years ago. Freddo Bar wrapper. piece of paper with various numbers on. and one us dollar.
  20. @bob I cannot reveal my location as I'm afraid that they might find me but hopefully you'll be able to decipher this message I have uploaded in this post:
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