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  1. Name Changes

    Please may I change my name to 'Dark Wolf'? Thank you!
  2. Final Fantasy VI

    I bought it in February on the GBA and I still haven't finished it . I don't see what all the fuss is about really: I usually hate RPGs when the characters walk in "squares" The amount of random battles is too high (this has turned me off from quite a few RPGs such as Skies of Arcadia) There are a few pluses though: Great characters Interesting plot Combat system is ok I just can't seem to get stuck into it Thoughts? (No spoilers please)
  3. Weight Loss 2009

    Get some decent trainers and try to run on grass. Sorted.
  4. Weight Loss 2009

    I weigh about 7.5 stone and I am about 5 ft 4 (I think, need to check). Pretty good really. I've been working out a lot but it has done nothing to increase my confidence even though my mates think I am ridiculously fit (as in strength etc). I can only lift about 8 KG dumbells for about 15/20 reps. Should I just keep improving myself to get confidence or do I need to do something else?
  5. The University Thread 08/09

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  6. Exam Results 2008!

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  7. Most overrated songs

    Hello, nice to meet you
  8. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I really don't see the deal with Ike. His attacks are just too slow. Maybe it's just not my style of play. I love my fast characters (I use Falco, although the spike down is not as good, he's still great). Marth is pretty good though, only negative thing is a lack of range.
  9. The Bi-Annual Exam Thread!

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  10. That's a bad thing to do. You should not have three big meals a day. If you get hungry, you should have a banana or something. Staying hungry until lunch time ain't a good idea as you will eat loads in one go.
  11. Poll: Top 50 GC Games

    1. Viewtiful Joe 2. Beyond Good and Evil 3. Wind Waker 4. Resident Evil 4 5. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes 6. Paper Mario 2 7. Smash Bros Melee 8. Tales of Symphonia 9. Super Mario Sunshine 10. Burnout 2
  12. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    The lack of a Euro release date is infuriating. Although I'd probably wait for it after exams, it's still annoying. I hope it does come out in June.
  13. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I've got a Wii remote or sensor bar problem. I've had the Wii since launch and this problem has been bugging me. Basically, the cursor 'sticks' when I go to the top of the screen but it's fine on the bottom. I only own Zelda and SMG and it's noticable. Is this normal? All the sensor bar settings are correct. Thanks for any help
  14. Knocked up - not the movie :(

    My cousin had a child in a similar situation (she basically used him). He's not with her, but he cares for the child and gets to see him often. I don't think it's necessary to be with her tbh, just look after the child.
  15. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I've got a problem with the official component cables. I'm using them on an HDTV. A few things I should say: 1. They are all plugged in the right sockets and firmly in 2. My Xbox 360 does not have this same problem (at 480p or higher) Now the problem: 480i through component looks great (no problems) but when I switch to 480p there seems to be some sort of interference. In the Wii settings menu the text looks like it "wobbles" (actually they are transparant wavy lines but give this effect). The same problem appears in Wii games. This is so frustrating and I can't find anyone with the same problem. Thanks for any help
  16. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I really hope Falco is in the game. He was my favourite on Melee.
  17. Bought a Wii this morning

    Get Paper Mario (on the VC). It's fantastic
  18. Star Fox Adventure

    Starfox Adventures was rubbish. I don't see how people are saying it's better than TP.
  19. Splinter Cell series

    The PC and Xbox versions were far better. Not just graphically. Chaos Theory is a lot more open ended on the PC/Xbox version. The Co-Op is far better too.
  20. Wimbledon

    What? He's reached the Wimbledon semi finals about 3 times. That's an impressive achievement.
  21. Anime and manga discussion

    When did the Bleach fillers end? I've forgotten what episode I'm on..
  22. Have You Changed?

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  23. PS3 or 360?

    I need a new console to play in the summer (I won't have anything to do) so it's either of these two. I have a few concerns about both consoles. 360: 1. The incredibly shoddy hardware. 2. The range of games (ie mostly shooters and racing games..) PS3: 1. The online. I haven't read much about it, but how is it? 2. The lack of support from developers. Are most 360 games on the PS3? Type of Games I like: I'm mostly into action adventure, RPG games and stealth games. I've never really been keen on first person shooters. I've played some on my brother's PC (Far Cry, Half-Life 2 etc.) and although I did enjoy them I never completed them but I love multiplayer fpses. I hear Haze is coming out for PS3 which looks good (I liked Goldeneye, PD and Timesplitters) and the rumors that Bioware are developing for PS3 seem intruiging. I'm also not bothered about racing games. However there are some brilliant games coming out for 360 such as Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo 3. Which one then?