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  1. Things that are now gone and that you miss dearly...

    I actually miss the Irish punt too, even though I mainly spend money up north with the good oul British pound, God bless it lol Wispa, great call, I miss those, and I also really miss Sesame Street. Another one for the Irish crowd - anyone remember Bosco?? Or Cadbury's Olympic bars?
  2. Does anyone have a specific thing that they really miss, like a TV program or certain food or drink, that was once available but now isn't? I have two: Anyone remember HP All Sauce? It was the nicest sauce ever to come from a bottle, tasted a bit like ketchup, HP and mayonnaise mixed together! I don't know where it went or why... And fans of Pot Noodles - anyone remember the Pots Of The World range? Absolutely fantastic snacks, they stopped making them too!
  3. Accents

    I was born on the Falls and lived there for the first half of my life, living just outside the West now in Dunmurry!
  4. Accents

    I'm really sorry, I just don't like the sound of the Antrim accents, they don't fall easy on my ears at all. But you're right, it wasn't very nice, was just getting into the whole accent discussion a bit much! I even made sure to put my own Belfast accent down in the same post, it's a disgusting sound to a lot of people too. Each to their own! Remind me if I ever meet you to apologise again :
  5. User Image Gallery

    I was absolutely waiting on someone noticing that lol she doesn't look pleased.
  6. Accents

    What accent do you have? Belfast ("bealfawst")! If you could have any accent, what would you have? I'm actually quite happy with this one. Maybe the Aussie accent, it's cool. And of course, Which is your favorite accent? And are there any you just can't stand? I like the south Armagh (Ireland) accent, Glasgow accent, Geordie accent and Liverpool accent. I can't stand the Bangor accent or any snobby Northern Irish accent, they turn the fuckin stomach of me. And (apologies to Ballymena residents on the forum!) I really don't like the Ballymena or north Antrim accents in general lol when Ballymena/Antrim/Cullybackey people get on the train I feel like shooting myself. What is the deal with adding "hi!" to every sentence? "Ya roond up the cyattle hi?" "Naw nut yit hi." See??? Ok. [/rant] Here's me, weh? Am fokin tellin ye nigh, see the fokin Bealfawst aksint, bit fokin hard on the lugs after a wayle leik! And every orr fokin word is "fok"! Ae leik it tho, fank fok ae don't speak leik iss tho! Mine's iddn as hawrd as iss heer. Fok me.
  7. User Image Gallery

    Don't think I've posted myself yet, so here we go - this was me two years ago at my school formal. I pretty much look the same now lol - notice the obligatory Irish flag and pint of Guinness...
  8. Memory Upgrade Alternatives

    Crucial's scanner is great, I wouldn't have had a clue between what RAM format to buy before using this just invested in 2gb RAM on top of my 1gb already - looking forward to the result!
  9. I didn't think this was possible, but...

    You'd think so! Windows wouldn't let me restore to any point (that was the first thing I tried) and I knew I wasn't going to get it back easily so I just backed up and reset to factory settings. Much better now just bought 2 extra gigs of RAM so she's on the mend now lol thanks for the help lads.
  10. I didn't think this was possible, but...

    I'm a walt, should have known better than to toy about with the registry. How do I go about doing a repair install?
  11. ...I've managed to delete the actual entry of Sound, video and game controllers in Device Manager after messing around in the registry. I mean it's not even there in the list of devices anymore. Has anyone any ideas on how to get it back?? I've lost all audio and all video capabilities and there's no point in installing new device drivers until I get this back.
  12. USB driver blues in Windows XP

    The cable came with absolutely nothing; after doing some Googling it seems that I'm not the only one having this problem. I finally managed to figure out how to reset things to start from scratch after some dodgy editing of the registry, but strangely Yamaha's installation instructions don't even work after this - tells me there's no fuckin .inf file lol I'm losing the will to live, never simple is it! Thanks for the help anyway, I'll see if I can come up with a workaround...
  13. USB driver blues in Windows XP

    How do I install the Yamaha drivers manually? There's no setup.exe file or anything in the driver download, just a few folders full of system files.
  14. USB driver blues in Windows XP

    I can't get my head around this one so decided to beg for help on the boards! I've just bought a USB MIDI cable and want to set up my Yamaha MIDI keyboard to use with music programs in Windows XP, but I made the foolish choice of initially letting Windows install the device using its own shitty generic USB MIDI drivers, when really I should have researched and used Yamaha's own in the first place. So at the minute, my music software doesn't see the USB MIDI device and I can't choose it, and Windows won't even let me update the drivers to use Yamaha's, telling me that it couldn't find a better setup even though I'm directly browsing the Yamaha driver folder. What I need to be able to do is uninstall Windows' generic drivers and start from scratch, but everytime I uninstall the "USB Audio device" in Device Manager and re-connect, Windows automatically sets the same bastard thing up again! Any ideas on how to prevent Windows from doing this? Thanks for the help!