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  1. Pokémon Black & White

    yeah! just played a bit and got an umbreon! finally a good looking dark pokemon..
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    Just saw a aqua blue 3DS in a shop window today... had to double back to make sure I was not dreaming... then I noticed CEX...
  3. New Series to watch with my girlfriend...

    Community, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville (that would keep you busy..) Supernatural... EDIT: 30 Rock
  4. Happy New Year 2011!

    Happy New Year everyone! *is on 5th glass of whisky!*
  5. The App Store Thread

    Just as a heads up, update your skype apps! They just added in video calls! screw facetime!! yarr
  6. good stuff thread.

    She knows, just the hinting away isn't good enough for her.
  7. Spotify on a Flash Pen

  8. The App Store Thread

    Ahh the thing is with whatsapp you dont need any ID. Anyone that has it is automatically shown up!! and as far as I can tell Yak is only for iphone whereas Whatsapp is for blackberry as well! so you can spam your BB friends plus it just has more functions like contact sharing, location sharing, custom backgrounds, custom notifications, push notifications, 2 min soundbites can be shared as well as pictures from camera roll and camera. It's really only good if you have a decent internet bolt on, i.e. not paying per mb. Then you should be fine! Good if you always contact one person or just chat crap to another or likes sharing photos without paying through the nose for mms! ----------- Also recommend FlightTrack Pro - for anyone takes planes or knows people that takes them. Tracks the flight, gives you delay statistics, weather forecast, boarding notifications and taking off landing etc (Almost the national rail app) very nice
  9. The App Store Thread

    I recommend the following! national rail app: travelled to bristol over the weekend and I just used that to track my train, find alternate routes, which platform, delays etc.. planned journeys.. it's perfect!! I even found out my train was cancelled via the app BEFORE it got announced to the passengers. I trust it 100% well worth the 4.99. whatsapp: free messages to anyone with blackberry or iphone as long as you have internet, share contacts, pictures, location, text with push notifications and sound clips. 59p!! Skype: especially now that over 3g is free (for now) I have been using to text my gf, normal cost to EU = 24p per text from three. 7p from skype and I can call her cheaper via the app like i would normally using my phone Qik: live video streaming and for free! always handy! Kinda like a one way facetime
  10. Best Wireless Mouse!?

    Logitech Mx Revolution.... Legendary mouse wheel.... great battery life.... and as good for gaming = win!
  11. iPhone 4/iOS4

    What I wondering, is whether if the new contracts will be the gimped versions from when the iphone first started or would be be on par with the new simplicity for iphone ones recently used.
  12. iPhone 4/iOS4

  13. iPhone 4/iOS4

    it's big but there isnt a lot of pixel detail... not quite there for sharpness