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  1. good stuff thread.

    I'm good thanks! Still trundling along through academia up in (surprisingly sunny) Lancaster! How's things on the Good Ship N-Europe?
  2. good stuff thread.

    I just logged on here for the first time in maybe 2-3 years, and its been so long I got a little bit emotional. :')
  3. Football Season 2013/2014

    So I decided to watch the Spurs game. Now I've seen the result (and timings!) of Cardiff v Man City, didn't I pick badly?!
  4. Honeymoon Destinations... Help me out!

    Vietnam, Cuba and Mexico all come highly recommended by anyone who's been there. Seeing as Rio is out, elsewhere in South America could be good. Peru, perhaps? Lima, Machu Pichu, Cuzco, El Misti, etc, etc. Closer to home and as an alternative to Egypt, Morocco or maybe Istanbul?
  5. A rather crucial 1-0 win against Cubic Country today - it's so tight below the promotion slots I leaped 3 places, and am only a point behind 5th!
  6. Happy birthday! I sincerely wish that the alcohol flow freely, and that a meteorite precisely strike your arch-nemisis in the gonads.
  7. Things you don't understand.

    Conservatives [/politics] "Celeb" culture/overly picky fashion: If famous person X has had a baby, then good for them, but I don't see why four of my housemates natter about it constantly. Or how famous person Y is wearing the "wrong" clothes. I understand fashion and all as to how clothes look, but when a totally plain shirt is bad because it's not made by a particularly poncy brand? Why does it ever matter? Some things, like suits, I totally understand, as they are different - subtly so, but definitely different. Or, likewise, I can at least see the logic behind wanting to wear clothing with a particularly fancy company's logo as a display of your wealth or taste, but when it's just a plain t-shirt or polo shirt? What is wrong with people?
  8. Another important win for me after my shoddy start to the season, but at a cost of more injuries and yellow cards than I'd have liked...
  9. Languages

    Sounds like a plan - I'm super-busy this weekend, but then it's going down! Or, rather, es geht nach unten, if you prefer... I've been learning very little, sooooo... How the heck do you add people?
  10. Boom! 5-0! Looks like when I finally win, I win with style! :awesome:
  11. Languages

    Well, I've been meaning to improve my moderate German and poor French for a while, so I guess there's no time like the present! Duolingo looks good, I also recommend Memrise. They're pretty similar. Anyone else learning French or German want to compete? I can't do too much until next Friday as I have a politics exam next week I need to study for, but I've got a summer free!
  12. A 0-0 draw, but a crucial first point today, I'll take that as good thing.
  13. good stuff thread.

    Say what?
  14. Another loss, but by only a single goal, so it's progress, I guess?
  15. bad stuff thread.

    Now that would be almost classhole levels of dickishness. Especially if I found a nasty, twatish Tory boy with personal hygiene issues.