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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas N-Europe. Enjoy the day, the family, the friends, the champagne and presents (doesn't need to be in that order)
  2. Rainbow Six Siege

    So enjoying the Terrorist Hunts on the BETA alot. Even lone wolf they're good fun. But I'm a little disappointed that there won't be any single player campaign for this.
  3. I thought I dropped you guys a message with my mobile number on. Maybe I didn't. Gonna go to the Rezzed show in April next if you guys are along for that?
  4. What an awesome awesome weekend EGX was. Business and pleasure. We got to cut queues for games, got to avoid queuing up with civvies to get in, got interviewed after playing Halo and will feature on a reel of feedback on their site. Got interviewed for and tagged in We scheduled a meetup with the staff from the board game section before EGX as they contacted us with regards to if we'd review board games on our site. So spent 3 hours playing games with them on Thursday night. They liked our EGX summary we did after the weekend so are officially in business with us sending us games to keep and review. Got front row seats to the Yohsida Q&A which was incredible. Such an awesome weekend. Gang Beasts was incredible, probably the highlight of it all. CupHead was also a massive surprise. If anyone was interested in our summaries we split them up into the 3 days we were there. Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 -
  5. New Tony Hawks

    So this game is apparently.... terrible Pretty disappointing as I loved THPS in the day (Like I imagine post people did).
  6. Destiny

    Noted, PS+ is happening soon due to the other games coming out this winter so I'll give it another shot properly.
  7. Gaming Screenshots

    So I've been dabbling back on GTAV since completing MGSV. I was aware that you could hold circle or B to enable action camera view, but had no idea that if you clicked the analogue stick down it enabled slow motion. This blew my mind. So naturally I went to Sandy Shores and found a buggy. Switched to action view and went to slow motion. From here I just drove around aimlessly in the desert. Getting air, hitting animals, smashing the car up, causing havoc all in slow mo goodness. I was papping away at the share button and these 2 pictures looked pretty good so thought I'd enter this thread for the first time.
  8. Your 2015 Gaming Diary

    And another one down. Completed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Completed it a while back, but not been here for a little while.
  9. Destiny

    I was given a copy of Destiny from someone at work who bought it a year ago, then bought the legendary edition (i think) that came with Taken King and all the DLC. So he gave me the vanilla Destiny disc. I said I'd never get into it. I wanted to avoid it, but for free I'm not going to pass it up. I don't have PS+ so I'm only playing single player at the moment and just hit level 8. Not entirely convinced by it so far to be honest. I'm already finding some of the single player missions repetitive. Go here, fight these enemies then hold out while Ghost does some stuff with something and fight off 2 to 3 drop ships of enemies then level ends. I guess the Destiny experience is all about the online side though with raids and such?
  10. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    Could have been, I just checked my confirmation and I've been charged £38 fortunately. Arriving today apparently. Happy with that.
  11. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    20th Anniversary Dual Shock controllers are £38 on Amazon: Seemed pretty cheap to me. Just bought one.
  12. MGS V: Phantom Pain

    Yeah got the bond with her to max. I guess I've just got to keep finishing side ops then. Read so many different things like you need mother base fully upgraded, need to have x number of completed developments. Hopefully it's as you say and triggered by a mission completion count.
  13. MGS V: Phantom Pain

    So I think I've broken MGSV.
  14. MGS V: Phantom Pain

    Apologies if it's already been answered. But I've just completed mission 31 (which holy shit had my adrenaline pumping). At the end of the chaos, there's lots of cut scenes and then...