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  1. General Switch Discussion pretty sure this has been discussed already, but a little over 6 months into the switches life (so about 10% of an average lifespan) how do people think it is going compared to the Wii U? The menu issue isn't one that I considered too much, I tended to use the quickstart, but on the occassions I wanted to play a different game so had to go to the main menu straight away from boot... it did irk me a little. One thing I loved with the GC was the speedy load times, I don't recall load times being a major issue on the wii either, but the wii u is a bit slow - is the switch really that nice and quick? and for multiplatform owners, how does it compare to the other two consoles in that regard? From the outside looking in, I think it looks good, Zelda for early adopters, Mario Kart 8, Arms, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey soon, obviously reasonable 3rd party support and indies to fill in the gaps. I feel Nintendo are doing a good job as a first party, not just for consumers by releasing a few titles, but also for 3rd parties by not saturating the market. I definitely have a feeling they are holding titles back, maybe refining them, but never the less, just holding them to fill any holes in the schedule that may open up in the future. I'm wanting to wait out till this time next year before buying into a switch, but mainly splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey are making that a tougher call than it otherwise would be!
  2. Languages

    I appreciate... perhaps it could be more feasible to partner up with other language sites? I don't know how good they are etc but sites like or as an example. Link to their stories with a summary in English perhaps. Obviously you need someone who can interpret google translate's attempts, or make a decent translation themself in order to write a summary... and I don't know it etiquette would only require acknowledging the source or if it would be better to contact the sites directly... maybe have some reciprocity...
  3. Languages

    kinda bumping.. and a slight tangent perhaps... but given the name of the site, could it be an interesting idea to have articles translated to cover other languages than just English? I know it creates a few issues, but maybe German/French translations could be cool, Italian/Spanish as well if at all possible... I know that would cause issues, but just have a drop down menu to select language, and have a place holder "sorry, this article hasn't been translated in your language yet".... Bringing things in a bit more to this thread, it could be neat to have an option to have a story displayed bilingually - with say an English version one side, and the german version the other... Obviously there's a need for good native speakers to do things properly, but I think it would be pretty neat
  4. bad stuff thread.

    I think the main thing is that the baby is getting enough nutrition, I'm glad to hear that you have figured out a way to do that! How are you healing up from your accident?
  5. bad stuff thread.

    If he's not getting enough milk it might be worth while your wife "expressing" some milk (pretty sure that is the wrong term??), basically milking herself and then storing that milk in a fridge until it is needed... some babies just aren't very good at feeding straight from a breast... of course bottles have their own issues regardless of the milk inside them, but just a suggestion. I hope he's doing ok and has put some weight on - has he had his operation now?
  6. Nintendo World Championships 2017

    splatoon 2 & arms = new bird & bean = surprise!
  7. Nintendo World Championships 2017

    it's live in 72 minutes... if you hit the play button it will tell you how long it will be (the time 10pm for you guys I believe) and a countdown in minutes
  8. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    but mario maker > mario kart 8 and breath of the wild? I know deluxe has a proper battle mode, but botw, aside from portability has no real difference in the game itself... Anyway, I'm pleased to see the original mario kart appear here, in my opinion after MK8 (and MK8:D if you count that separately) the best mario kart produced - it took over a decade to make a version that out shone that original!
  9. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    Rogue squadron was published by Nintendo, Doshin the Giant was 100% Nintendo I thought. Resident evil 2 is interesting - I thought that was Capcom but maybe Nintendo published it on the gc or something like that?
  10. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    safe/standard choices are fine though, the more people who put in a top ten the more valid the list is. If everyone chose not to put in a top ten because their own list was too safe/standard... we'd probably end up with a top ten looking more like: 1080 avalanche Pikmin 2 Wii Sports resort Starfox Assault For the frog the bell tolls WarioWare inc microgames Mario kart ds Mario golf world tour Elite beat agents LoZ skyward sword or just no list at all....
  11. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    I thought about doing that, waiting for other people etc, but if it's forgettable, personally I didn't feel it belonged in my top ten.Having said that, I did include a namco game so perhaps that list would have been useful for me
  12. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    so, just as a quick question, if two games get an equal amount of points, how is that decided? first to get voted for, alphabetical order, oldest wins, youngest wins, roll of the dice... both get named...
  13. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    Yup. Basically what Glen-i said, though I'm just commenting on the thread, I have no official role or anything - Nicktendo is in charge. I'm maybe more like an exit poll, Nicktendo will be the official result. But basically my forecast is that the top ten is shaping up to be quite nice!
  14. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    I have a vague memory of that! Would be interesting to see how that list compares to the games we have now... are there any that have dropped off etc... I don't think I've seen your top ten yet.. did I miss it??
  15. The N-Europe top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

    tagging might not be a bad idea. Would be nice if all (most) of the staff had their say though...