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  1. Brexit 2019

    going by that particular example, I don't think any coalition would help particularly. if Labour green and LD join togethergot 40.8% of the vote (was my maths right?) they would collectively need to gain about an extra 25% of votes. Tbh right now I really don't know who to vote for, either I dislike the party leader or candidate standing in my area, so I guess it's a tough call on which combination I dislike the least
  2. Brexit 2019

    Weren't those 3 governments work? And a few of these aren't as I see it really because of the government (Grenfell surely is a local government issue, Windrush historic mishandling... that is my understanding, if I am wrong please someone please cure my ignorance on the finer points!) But yes, I think it's poor that Brexit has been the main issue now over 2 GE's (if this one is approved). I don't think a GE is conducive to fixing the issues in parliament. Those exist because of the divisions in the UK over Brexit, and the next government will have the same issues as May's and Johnson's, because I doubt there will suddenly be harmony amongst the next batch of MP's. Definitely people need to think carefully on this vote but personally if I was still living in the UK I'd really struggle, because the MP is good, but frankly I'd not consider Johnson or Corbyn to be a good PM for the country. Last time round I abstained for that reason... I couldn't bother registering to vote when I didn't feel strongly enough to vote for any of the candidates. I think all the parties are to blame, before article 50 was triggered Parliament should have been firmer, made their positions clear. Instead they failed to employ any foresight and as a result it was only after a deal was made that they realised there was no accord for any one option. I don't think a PV is a good solution either any more, I imagine it would either be too simplistic or to convoluted, basically like parliaments indicative votes thing. Maybe that alternate vote thing COULD be useful, with several options being numbered in order of preference and then the least popular option being eliminated, all votes for that are transferred to the next favourite option until eventually there is a final option, few people's first choice, but the fairest compromise perhaps? Cancel Brexit No deal Brexit Johnson's deal I know some think No deal shouldn't be on there at all, but I do think it should be there to see what people think - I don't believe there would be a majority for that option in any case.
  3. Brexit 2019

    So election is next (maybe!) what do people think about the lib dems chances, with them saying they will cancel Brexit? The remain vote seems less fractured to me than the leave (I imagine Farage will happily protect his EU parliament income and domestic anti EU stance by splitting Tory votes so pro EU parties can gain the upper hand....)
  4. Brexit 2019

    When Parliament decides it wants something REALLY bad, it can do it quickly, as we saw with the Benn act. But Parliament doesn't have the unity for Johnson's deal, so imo it's not likely to pass before October 31st. so Parliament seem to be shooting for an extension. Only... So No deal or retracting article 50 altogether seem the most likely to me. Retracting article 50 would require consensus in parliament, while no deal just requires parliament to continue bickering amongst themselves and "sleepwalking" into no deal In fact, I'm not sure that we're not already there, unless Macron et al grant us a small extension. I hope I am wrong though.. personally retraction>extension>Johnson's deal>no deal, but I guess we'll see. Would have been nice to be able to say at least we knew where we are on Brexit after all these years As for the deal it self, I think the main change is the Ireland gets to choose in it's parliament whether it aligns more closely to the ROI or UK, effectively, and if it chooses closer alignment to UK some sort of border set up would need to be put into place, but again, that is a decision made by NI, not imposed either by the EU or UK. DUP don't like it, while the other side probably rather like it.
  5. Over priced phones and tablets, sure. Use that as a base for an over priced console. But for a reasonably priced console, maybe look more at the £100-300 range for sensibly priced phones and tablets. Sure they aren't cutting edge, but they do the job. End of the day, it depends on what they think the market is happy to pay, if they can only make 100 consoles a day, there's no point putting a price where 1000 people would buy one, better to put the price point at a place where only 110-120 people would happily buy it. Basically let it be a premium product until component prices drop and the hype/sales start to slow down, then price drop it a bit.
  6. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I watched some old trek and don't think the tone of discovery is too far off. I think the main issue is I don't like any of the characters. On TNG, DS9, Voyager... even the characters I didn't really like were likeable. I was more engaged with the "villains" than I am with most of the "heroes" in discovery. There were maybe 1/2 characters on the old series I didn't particularly like, but in discovery there are only maybe one or two that I'm ok with. Generally when a character has been killed off, I've been happy because I hope against hope that a new character who is likeable might get introduced. I'm really not sure what it is that makes all the characters so unlikeable though. I might watch Picard if amazon give me a free month of prime, I live abroad so 99% of the prime video stuff isn't available to me though, so I may just never watch it :/
  7. Brexit 2019

    Seems really off to me. Not the decision, just the "vibes" in the UK. I just really hope things are sorted by 31st October, though I think there's more chance winning the Lottery 10 times in a row. Surprised Johnson seems intent on keeping on going. EU response seems fairly triumphant, I think they see May's deal (or revoking article 50) as significantly more likely than No deal now.
  8. Languages

    The problem is that duolingo doesn't really help in a group setting (I presume it was?) Duolingo is fine for one focus, but in a group environment there are often 2/3 conversations going on, so you have to tune in the conversation you want to join and tune out the others. I think that's tougher but exposing yourself to those sorts of situations is useful. I don't think duolingo is that useful beyond vocabulary and to a limited extent pronunciation. For sentence structure and grammar I found it much more useful reading and listening to things in the target language.
  9. PC upgrade

    Pretty much what I was thinking. Thanks anyway!
  10. PC upgrade

    I've not got a great PC, it's pretty basic (Acer Aspire X1930 specifically) and I was thinking of giving it a little boost. It has a PCIe X16 slot, and I was toying with the idea of popping a graphics card in there, but I'm not sure if it would be worth it and if the PC would cope. PSU is apparently around 200-250W, I've got a stick of 4GB Ram I'm going to pop in as an upgrade, can't remember if I currently have 2*2GB in here or 1*4GB, it's been a loooong time since I opened it up (naturally I'm hoping for the 1*4gb option!). Other than that I have an intel G630 running at 2.7GHz, I'd kinda like to run a 3 screen setup (I currently have a dual screen set up), Games wise my tastes are fairly tame so I don't need top of the line (fortunately!) but would like the games I do play to run comfortably maxed out (or as close to that as I can get). Not going too much into the games I play simply because the hardware is the main limit as far as I can tell, all the cards I can find fall well into my budget, but basically just wondering if anyone can put out some recommendations and also... if I get a card that needs a beefier PSU than I have, would it just flat out not work (like trying to get something requiring two AA batteries to run on just a single battery) or more like running it on rechargeables instead of single use batteries (.3V difference sometimes means things run but not as intended)? Kinda feel embarrassed to ask these questions because I should probably remember all of this, just it's been sooo long since I last played around in a PC! (forgot to mention, it would have to be a low profile card as the PC is pretty slimline)
  11. Brexit 2019

    Really all the mp's who passed the vote allowing article 50 are to be blamed, at least partially. They should have declined until the government had called cross party talks, so that everyone could be involved. Then the impasse would have been far less high stakes, almost as frustrating, but it would have given far more control to the UK. Passing article 50 before the ge (that's how May did it isn't it?) was dumb to the extreme, at the very least it should have been triggered with the mp's who would actually be in parliament when it ought to have been passed. I think parliament should take control of parliament on Oct 20th and cancel Brexit if Johnson has no credible plan. On the plus side, like what Johnson did with student Visa's, hope he continues rolling back TM's dumb home office immigration laws.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Just realised travel from October 31st is going to be interesting. My last passport was renewed a few months before it expired, so should be valid until Jun 2020. However because of Brexit it appears in the Schengen area the actual expiry will count as 10 years after it was issued, so it expires in february. I want to travel at Christmas to see my wife's family (probably travelling from France to a schengen country then to non EU countries that won't be affected by that rule) but prices are only going to go up... I have a French ID card, was thinking about booking flights on my passport and then going with my ID card as proof I am able to be in the Schengen area, but not sure it wouldn't be safer to just get a french passport, but obviously that means we have to postpone buying tickets longer and prices are already on the limit of what we can sensibly afford :|
  13. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Looking good, really excited to see how this turns out - I really hope it doesn't disappoint! I wonder if any ds9 characters could make an appearance...
  14. And the Wii U? I think the switch lite is basically the 3ds successor, so the switch family, sure, but I think 2024 will be the end of the switch lite. 2022/2023 is probably a more realistic date for the tv compatible hardware to be upgraded to full "switch 2" though, I agree. I think with my life right now I just don't have the time to justify a switch purchase. Sadly I agree with you... I'm more hoping for improved sequels. however, they may re-release some of the big hitters to bulk up the launch line up initially... I can hope the main game I'll miss is odyssey
  15. I know I might be waiting a while, but they've spoken about this sort of thing for years, I still expect a successor in 2021/2022. Why am I no longer so interested? splatoon 2 = major interest for me, post splatfests it will be much less interesting. I'm more interested in waiting and hoping for re-releases/improved sequels with the next console. Of course if I were to find a switch for around £120 with a good game I may be swayed, but I'm not holding my breath!