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  1. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Thread's gone quiet! Shame Bottas wasn't able to complete the race, pretty much the killer blow for any chance he had, unless Lewis has shocking reliability issues for the remainder of the season! Encouraging he was able to hold his own for some of the race, be good if he can push a bit more next year and at least keep us guessing a little. And even the red bull, if albon/ver's team mate if that changes, gets close to him too and the car becomes able to compete with the mercedes.
  2. Formula 1 2020 Season

    I understand it's to do with the company moving away from internal combustion engines, so any investment would be 100% for F1 and the returns wouldn't justify the expense. It's a shame really, if the rule change allowed manufacturers to move more to use alternative engines, or if Red Bull were in a better position with a strong chance of winning (no.1 not best of the rest) Honda may have been interested in staying but as it is the company doesn't see benefit to stay.
  3. Splatoon 2

    I hope splatoon 3 comes with the next console! and that I actually get it this time
  4. Old NE Members

    I think there were about 10/15 members who made this place really worth visiting for me, a lot of them are no longer here and I don't see them ever coming back really. Thing is that there is no real incentive to. The main draw are friendships, and once you've been gone for a year those weaken. Personally I'm not too bothered about befriending fellow forum members because basically too many have disappeared, so I'm pretty apathetic now. Plus the fact that I don't have a current console (sticking to my Wii U) has killed my interest on the theme of the board. But long and short, I don't see people coming back as things stand just because some people miss them. I think something more would need to change and frankly I don't believe that there is the energy and enthusiasm required to successfully do that with this site. There are 15 members online (I just checked) and I think we'd do better focusing on giving ourselves better experiences and building the forum into something "better". I remember lots of friends who are lost to me in the mists of time, and sure I would like to meet up with them again, but generally they leave for a reason, I can't think of an instance where I got back in touch with a friend and then everything was the way it was - it was great nostalgia, but after a few months we drifted back apart, and probably for the same reasons. I think the main harm is that things get heated and rather than being able to cool situations down and mediate, actions taken were always either too soft or too harsh - because the action was taken so late things had always built up and gotten emotional. Once the emotions came out 1) people stopped thinking clearly and behaved out of character and without correct restraint 2)the forum got polarised into two sides. The first point meant various methods of censorship/banning had to be employed, the second point meant that the good will of half the forum was heavily dented, or the whole forum lost good will, and that in turn reduced the incentive to return - because the mods favoured side x, were to harsh to side y or too lenient to side z. And infact those arguments probably all simultaneously had truth to them because the mods were in an impossible situation. Anyway, I think the place became toxic and while it's too quiet and uninteresting now it's calmer and friendlier (more like the forum I joined). Bring back the old ones and tbh I fear the same issues would rear their ugly heads.
  5. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Hey, not withdrawing, just don't have time to really engage with this, (I don't even really have time to type this!) tbh the time I have doesn't allow me to communicate properly which is fine on some topics but I'm sure you agree that this topic requires a bit more respect I suppose is the best word that comes to mind. Still reading through from time to time when I get a few minutes.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    reminds me of the mario kart "8" just in red not blue.
  7. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I did read the whole lot. I'm not going to say that it is all wrong, but it really doesn't ring true to me, because I am lucky not to be surrounded by idiots. I've never been with a friend and witnessed overt xenophobia or any hate etc. I have seen these attitudes in person on two occassions in my life. Once was a work colleague. I strongly disliked him before and pretty much anything that came out his mouth was of zero value anyway. The other was a member of my group of friends who, again, I'm not keen on anyway and would be happy to never speak to him again. Obviously that means I have a nice bubble, my own real life echo chamber. But I do count myself as part of the UK, and wide sweeping comments (it has one at the end too) that effectively tell me I'm racist anyway don't exactly fall well. and to break that comment down, when she says "British people" is she including herself in that? is she more offended by the accusations than the actual acts themselves? Or is she not considering herself as a real brit?? but w/e. So this is a video one of my friends posted.. which I think is what those tweets were trying to get to (sorry for being a little pedantic Rummy I am, I think a little "ratty" these days. I like to blame confinement and hope that's all it is!)
  8. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    "British people are more appalled by accusations of racism" This is the kind of statement that makes this whole issue into an echo chamber, gets those on side angry (which isn't exactly what's needed) and those not on side to dig their heels in.
  9. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I've kept myself as ignorant of this as I can - it makes me too angry. But that is exactly what needs to happen. Some of these injustices in the US I can explain away to a degree - the threat of guns being involved and therefore the officers safety considerations being magnified compared to over here, I can give them, to a degree, the benefit of a doubt in certain circumstances. But far too often, like in this instance, they just take it too far. And I think the easy treatment they get is appalling, there were MULTIPLE officers there, one guy, they had him under control. Frankly, all three need to be thrown under a bus (figuratively). Makes me so angry, and the fact that the "justice" system protects them just makes me so angry. I remember a few years back I was in Barcelona in a hostel, and one of the people in our room was an American and we got talking, and the things she was describing she'd been through just made me so angry. I know the UK isn't perfect, but some of what goes on in the US just blows my mind. With that girl, even in spain, I was walking along with her and the looks we attracted from far too many people made me uncomfortable. I didn't want to call them out for several reasons, but it definitely felt rather racist, I've walked around with white girls and not seen comparable attention. Just very unpleasant.
  10. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I think saturation is fine so long as you are discerning. Just because there are a bunch of films/shows doesn't mean you HAVE to watch them all.. just be selective. I actually would like more options, I liked pike, best bit on discovery and tbh for me discovery is done (unless the next season fixes a bunch of issues, mainly killing off or drastically altering a large portion of the cast to make it watchable) So yeah, looking forward and hoping they make something I can enjoy
  11. I'm just glad Labour seem to be looking ready to take the reigns... when is the next GE though? :/
  12. Languages

    haha, I worked with a few portugese in France.... this makes me understand why they pronounced "voiture" how they did!!!
  13. Languages

    I haven't really been able to focus on languages so much recently, but I've always found the most effective method was finding real life sources. I find reading really easy, so I would tend to choose random articles on wikipedia or google news in the target language and read those. As I find words I don't understand I put them into my vocab flash card bank, and I'd work pretty hard on those words. It worked well for me, as I'd be learning adult words. Learning words like "scarecrow" for example are quite obscure in day to day chat even amongst adults, whereas a word like obfuscate while naturally not of everyday use is slightly more useful! I would use words in my word bank, for example using the verbs to practice conjugation etc (I would use google translate to find the meaning of words so could pick out the verbs easily) the trickiest for me is actually getting listening practice in, with French/Spanish that's fairly straight forward, I'd buy a dvd and then get subtitles on and get going, but my problem has always been slang, and now I'm a bit more proficient in French I can affirm that the english dialogue/translation don't always match up fantastically, sometimes a translation is only approximately correct. For example, a double entendre regularly loses one of its two meanings, or a pun between two separate lines/scenes is lost. So really I try to find native source material, but I struggle to find good films/programs that engage my interest enough. Generally I understand Spanish through my French, it's fairly straight forward, but the grammar is a mystery - I haven't read anything near enough Spanish. Incidentally, does anyone here have any suggestions for Spanish language literature? Last books I read (way too long ago) were Marcel Pagnols, manon des sources etc. Though obviously in French. Mainly I liked his use of language, never read a translation, nor would I want to.... but any "good" (I know that's very subjective) authors people could suggest for Spanish? I'm probably more interested in Latin American as a preference, but any Spanish language author would be interesting
  14. bad stuff thread.

    Been on the line to universal credit for 40 minutes now. hoping they'll be at least half useful when (if)I get through to them
  15. maybe phone ahead and ask. equally, combine it with a shopping trip for food to double use of the trip. Just about to head into work, wonder what the traffic will be like today