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  1. bad stuff thread.

    Just realised travel from October 31st is going to be interesting. My last passport was renewed a few months before it expired, so should be valid until Jun 2020. However because of Brexit it appears in the Schengen area the actual expiry will count as 10 years after it was issued, so it expires in february. I want to travel at Christmas to see my wife's family (probably travelling from France to a schengen country then to non EU countries that won't be affected by that rule) but prices are only going to go up... I have a French ID card, was thinking about booking flights on my passport and then going with my ID card as proof I am able to be in the Schengen area, but not sure it wouldn't be safer to just get a french passport, but obviously that means we have to postpone buying tickets longer and prices are already on the limit of what we can sensibly afford :|
  2. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Looking good, really excited to see how this turns out - I really hope it doesn't disappoint! I wonder if any ds9 characters could make an appearance...
  3. And the Wii U? I think the switch lite is basically the 3ds successor, so the switch family, sure, but I think 2024 will be the end of the switch lite. 2022/2023 is probably a more realistic date for the tv compatible hardware to be upgraded to full "switch 2" though, I agree. I think with my life right now I just don't have the time to justify a switch purchase. Sadly I agree with you... I'm more hoping for improved sequels. however, they may re-release some of the big hitters to bulk up the launch line up initially... I can hope the main game I'll miss is odyssey
  4. I know I might be waiting a while, but they've spoken about this sort of thing for years, I still expect a successor in 2021/2022. Why am I no longer so interested? splatoon 2 = major interest for me, post splatfests it will be much less interesting. I'm more interested in waiting and hoping for re-releases/improved sequels with the next console. Of course if I were to find a switch for around £120 with a good game I may be swayed, but I'm not holding my breath!
  5. the switch lite basically looks like what the wii u should have been. I've more or less decided I'll wait for Nintendo's next console now, hoping mario odyssey gets re-released and splatoon 3 turns out well! For me the console is too deep in to interest me, Nintendo consoles have a tendancy to dry up on new software toward the end of their life, splatoon 2 no longer interests me (the single player needs a BIG upgrade to give it legs, and post splatfest the online side of the original became much less interesting). A switch pro could interest me, but I'm not sure. It would have to be like wii > wii U more than wii > wii mini, ie a new burst of fresh games to interest me. For the time being though I really think I'll miss out. This announcement came a bit late for my mate though, just bought his boy a switch and I think he may have done better with this switch lite (unless he plans on playing on it with his kid which is probably the case!)
  6. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Maybe they could have blacksmiths in villages, each smith can only make one type of item, requires certain resources to pay for it. They only can craft one item at a time, and it takes x amount of real life time before the weapon is crafted. To allow them to make new weapons you need to show them an example (maybe unused?) and weapons could be tiered, so the smith needs you to invest (like the fairies) so that they can craft the next level up of weapons... something along those lines maybe...
  7. Pokémon Direct - June 5th: 2pm

    And to be fair, think about animals, most people only seem to be aware of a few dozen really common ones, or ones that have made a big impact (big cats like Lions and tigers, polar bear, panda, etc.) Most creatures are over looked, so it's pretty normal really that it happens with fake ones too. I would love a full pokemon ecosystem to exist in game though. And by that, I would expect there to be carnivores.. perhaps a bit too dark for pokemon games though.... stumbling across a meowth munching on a pidgey corpse...
  8. Brexit 2019

    Can Parliament force a revocation? I'm now vaguely aware that they can wrestle control from the government, but are they actually able to push legislation through without the governments say? I guess it would only take a few conservative rebels to give a majority to any such move, just didn't realise that was actually possible. So googled a bit and apparently it is possible, but would require at least 50% of parliament to work together... and given the last few months (well.. years now) I don't think that seems too likely...
  9. Brexit 2019

    I don't think it's the "female" part that's the issue, more the politician part. Cameron, Clegg (sure he was deputy but "let's scrap student fee's... oh, now I'm in power... well ok then, let's triple them!"), Brown and I think Blair. They all had huge failures. Tbh I like May least for her work as a home secretary. I think the outcome of brexit is looking better now, for both remain and leave camps. I was looking at the contenders for next PM, Gove is my main "no thanks" out of the bunch, I think Johnson is current favourite from what I've read so far (not too sure why though)
  10. Marvel's Phase Three

  11. Languages

    not a news website, but I found this a while back Not stuck to it tbh because I don't have a switch so my interest in Nintendo is pretty much in hibernation, but at least it seems to be native spanish and on a topic you might be interested in. I have found news on there before it came out in English before, and it was accurate (not sure how reliable they are though, as I said, I haven't followed them much)
  12. Brexit 2019

    Sorry but it's not bollocks. 1) I was talking about the backstop, not the border. Nothing against what you wrote, but it is irrelevant because you're arguing against a point I never made. 2) Actually, again not bollocks. Post brexit who knows, but if freedom of movement is retained it would be far easier for me to return to the UK without my UK (but with my EU) citizenship than with it. 3) I have seen plenty of it with my own eyes, it's not enforced dictatorship style but it certainly has been produced. and here : 4) sure, but then the vote to remain was far from the truth. 5) Point, I imagine no one would have voted to save his skin, though I put it mainly as a counter to the opposing option, which I suspect did carry a few votes!
  13. Brexit 2019

    I think the Irish border is a trump card that the EU is using, I do thing they are being a little facetious with it and with this backstop plan, quite frankly it gives too much power to the EU in future negotiations. Brexit as I gather was about: controlling immigration Sovereignty (I find it appalling that I could renounce my UK citizenship and then have greater rights in the UK as an EU citizen - equal would be fair enough, but superior is just really wrong) Trade - being able to make deals independently, free of the EU's protectionist inward looking stance I think people disliked the idea of paying the EU money, then the EU giving x amount back, but stipulating how that money could be spent, so basically more financial independence for the UK Fear of never being given another chance to leave (and tbh I think had the referendum come a decade later the vote would have been different - the amount of EU propaganda aimed at primary school kids is astonishing) Forcing Cameron out (and ideally forcing a general election +defeat for the tories) For remaining there was status quo, agreement with the EU's main principles, economy (being part of the 3rd biggest economy & trade with the rest of the EU as an insider) Supporting the conservative party + Cameron this is off the top of my head, I'm sure there are other more negative reasons (such as racism - which could have led people to either choice tbh) But basically, any Brexit agreement on the cards (the one offered by the EU, aka May's deal) doesn't really seem to tick many of those boxes off... the only two that seem to work are the two that government have 100% ruled out - No deal, or edit undo on Brexit.
  14. Brexit 2019

    Rather than a referendum, an indicative vote might be a better choice. Leave No deal on there so people can have their say. Sure no one option would have a majority (most likely) but it would show clearly if people want the customs union, single market, freedom to strike our own trade deals etc. Personally I think that should have happened at the general election - vote for the party, and then have an indicative vote on how you would like brexit to shape up. It would have given May a basis for her negotiations... the actual people's will.It also would have brought something useful with the election. I think having all 6 options (not counting the referendum one) put to the public would be totally valid, it would finally show where people are. It would actually give us a chance to vote with some idea of what is being voted for (Never once did any one mention hard/soft brexit or what that would involve)
  15. Brexit 2019

    There are things the Norway plus doesn't deal with, it is, imo, a dumb choice, taking the worst parts of a hard brexit and losing the main benefits of remaining. It's very understandable the EU wants the UK to remain at least in some form (I understand the UK is currently the second largest net contributor to the project?) and that is why they refused to discuss trade with May prior to this agreement going through - it makes a huge issue of the N.I border, and also makes the value of the 40M "divorce fee" unclear - if the trade deal we get is as bad as no deal for example, probably very poor value for money. I'm not too fussed with either option (Brexit or remain), I just feel that in should be in, out should be out, hanging in the doorway just seems awkward and indecisive. I don't believe there is a good option any more either, it's been dragged out too long, began too political, became even more political, and frankly I don't think Brexit means Brexit at all any more, it seems to me that it simply means "to bicker". I just read Sumo's link, so yeah, what that guy said on Norway.