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  1. maybe not directly linked... but every member is an ingredient in this forum. I do dislike some members, and they do get blocked from time to time to make the forum more palatable for my tastes. There is only one member that if I am entirely honest I wouldn't miss at all if they stopped coming. But if they did stop coming, probably another member would come less, or stop coming too and it would be a chain reaction. it's not as simple as remove the member(s) you don't like and the forum will improve. I'll take Wii as an example, as he is the banned member who stands out the most for me. Did it calm down the "issues"? yup. but did it improve the forum? I'm not so sure. Wii was a great contributor at times, but what got him banned was his immature side (that we all have). I think a few people on the forum need to take a step back, and like grazza said, really think about why you want to argue. I'd hate some people taking things too personally, fighting too hard and going down the same path as Wii did. Most of us are adults and we know how to behave. sure this is a more relaxed place, but seek out and engage with the members that make you want to be here, and just ignore the ones you don't like... it's not rocket science. I have a friend who hates ginger... and was surprised to find out that their favourite dish in fact contains (albeit a tiny amount of) ginger. Also, sometimes ingredients clash. So some of you maybe belong to a savoury dish, some of you are for the dessert. Others can go either way. You may belong to different courses but we all belong to the meal. We shouldn't need Rummy here to moderate us at all.. he should just be culling the advert posts really.
  2. 100% this. Rummy isn't perfect and I don't always agree with him but he's not a bad mod, and he's a good person. Stay Rummy! People who have issues with specific users.. block them. like seriously, block them. there are 4 people who always have petty fights, and that's what ruins things. I don't post so much because yeah, everytime I was about to submit a reply I could imagine this one, or that one picking it apart and.. yeah.
  3. Defining titles

    I was reading about the rumour about smash bros on the switch, and thought in many ways the switch library is looking really similar to the Wii U's... and it got me thinking about titles that define a console - the games that come to mind whenever you hear the consoles name. And then I was wondering if there would be consensus on what those titles ought to be... For example, I had a few obscure titles on my nes, (Galaxy 5000, Asterix) which where both really solid games, and for me define my NES, but I'm fairly sure they wouldn't define THE Nes. On the other hand, super mario bros would probably fit comfortably.... So I was just wondering what titles people would say define Nintendo's "classic" consoles. (That is an arbitrary term, but I'd say GC and older, I won't argue some Wii titles are clear, even Wii U ones, but I just feel giving a bit more time for dust to settle makes things clearer, games you personally liked and really enjoyed vs games that were "defining") To be clear, these aren't necessarily the best of most popular games, although they are most likely to fall into one of those categories, but games that gave the console it's flavour.
  4. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    I think free online is pretty essential for me, if for nothing else than for the reason that my connection isn't so reliable right now. So if I buy a subscription, even if I want to play, the online infrastructure is perfect, my console working great, compelling online experiences await... I may not be able to access that. With the Wii U that was already really frustrating (I had a few months were the connection wouldn't be good enough to play a single round in splatoon... getting further than 1 minute in would get my hopes up! In Japan, and even to a great extent the UK, that's not such an issue, generally, but I imagine for some it still is. Hopefully my next place will be more reliable or we'll finally get cable/fibre laid down out here soon, but unless that happens I'm not buying a console that makes me pay for online and half the games I'm interested in pretty much require online to get the most out of them! I am probably in the camp that if they charge for one game online they should charge for them all. I would have liked a system where maybe buying a bigger full price title within a month of release gives you a month online access for example...
  5. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    Thanks for all the info!! I never thought about the bar bending, but that makes sense, I'm guessing regular barbells (depending on quality) would be able to withstand about a third of the load then, so around the 100kg mark, and after that be susceptible to bending? When I work with weights I tend to use dumbells anyway so standard weights are probably a better match for me. If I was in the UK still I'd probably have been interested in taking some of them off your hands, as I need to get some heavier plates.
  6. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    What weights do you have? Also... what's the advantage of olympic weights? (I'm guessing there is one...)
  7. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    5% isn't terrible, just not too great. Buy 20 games, get one free.. What was the deal with the premium Wii U? I remember that was pretty good...
  8. Pocket Card Jockey (eShop)

    bit late to the party... but I'm really liking this game. I've seen a few of the compaints, but to be honest I find it's an important part of the game... life isn't predictable and nor is this game. It doesn't feel entirely like random chance, but much like say a football team won't always win because it simply has the best players, nor will you win simply because you and your horse are decent. but yeah... nice little game!
  9. Sound systems

    My current sound system is getting old before it's time. (panasonic SA-HT520 if anyone cares) Tbh it was always a bit of a let down, it didn't really live up to my expectations even when it was brand new, but it did an ok job with cd's and dvd's. Basically now I'm looking for a sound system that does that (though probably better) and also allows me to put my gaming systems sound through it. Just wondering if anyone can recommend something to me...(and it could also be interesting for others I guess!)
  10. General Switch Discussion

    so how are things going with the switch online subscription - is that live yet? It really put me off buying a Switch, but now I'm wondering if the subscription online service will be the switches tiivii thing the Wii U never had over here...
  11. Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers

    Other discs work in the Wii U, captain toad did last time I tried too I've really looked closely at the disc, I can't see any blemishes or anything like that, but I suppose it is possible the disc is damaged in some way. It's stored in it's box and I always handle my discs with care. I'm stumped, I had a similar issue with my GC later in it's life with a few games, they would run on the Wii when I got it but not on my GC, and I heard of similar issues with the Wii sometimes struggling to play certain games (like smash bros brawl). But Captain toad isn't a game I thought of as pushing the Wii U hardware particularly hard so... I am a bit baffled. Hopefully my Wii U disc drive isn't giving up on me!!!
  12. Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers

    I never quite got round to finishing this game... so I was going to correct that yesterday... I popped the disc in. the splash screen loaded.... the music played... and played.. and played :| Pretty sure it didn't take 10 minutes to load last time... hitting the home button doesn't give the "home not allowed" symbol thing.. nothing. The only thing I could do was restart my Wii U. I checked the disc, no scratch, but the game just won't work for me Any ideas?
  13. General Switch Discussion pretty sure this has been discussed already, but a little over 6 months into the switches life (so about 10% of an average lifespan) how do people think it is going compared to the Wii U? The menu issue isn't one that I considered too much, I tended to use the quickstart, but on the occassions I wanted to play a different game so had to go to the main menu straight away from boot... it did irk me a little. One thing I loved with the GC was the speedy load times, I don't recall load times being a major issue on the wii either, but the wii u is a bit slow - is the switch really that nice and quick? and for multiplatform owners, how does it compare to the other two consoles in that regard? From the outside looking in, I think it looks good, Zelda for early adopters, Mario Kart 8, Arms, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey soon, obviously reasonable 3rd party support and indies to fill in the gaps. I feel Nintendo are doing a good job as a first party, not just for consumers by releasing a few titles, but also for 3rd parties by not saturating the market. I definitely have a feeling they are holding titles back, maybe refining them, but never the less, just holding them to fill any holes in the schedule that may open up in the future. I'm wanting to wait out till this time next year before buying into a switch, but mainly splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey are making that a tougher call than it otherwise would be!
  14. Languages

    I appreciate... perhaps it could be more feasible to partner up with other language sites? I don't know how good they are etc but sites like or as an example. Link to their stories with a summary in English perhaps. Obviously you need someone who can interpret google translate's attempts, or make a decent translation themself in order to write a summary... and I don't know it etiquette would only require acknowledging the source or if it would be better to contact the sites directly... maybe have some reciprocity...
  15. Languages

    kinda bumping.. and a slight tangent perhaps... but given the name of the site, could it be an interesting idea to have articles translated to cover other languages than just English? I know it creates a few issues, but maybe German/French translations could be cool, Italian/Spanish as well if at all possible... I know that would cause issues, but just have a drop down menu to select language, and have a place holder "sorry, this article hasn't been translated in your language yet".... Bringing things in a bit more to this thread, it could be neat to have an option to have a story displayed bilingually - with say an English version one side, and the german version the other... Obviously there's a need for good native speakers to do things properly, but I think it would be pretty neat