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  1. good stuff thread.

    After almost 5 years with a maximum of 2mbps download speed (and about 600kbps upload :|) and that was on the rare occasions I had internet access at all,I now have usable internet (download speeds about 30 times faster than I am now used to now, and the ping is about a tenth of what I used to have).
  2. Jackbox Party Packs

    Logically 6 would be the way to go as you'd guess they would have better refined the games at that stage. A quick google suggests the correct answer however is pack 4, followed by 5. So it looks they started running out of steam for pack 6 (much like those tv series that go on a few seasons too long) so I'd say avoid that one. However never having played the game, I guess my opinion doesn't count too much,
  3. Farage is covering his bases. If it goes wrong, it's because Boris screwed up. If it goes great - even with the bad deal Brexit is a super success! I think tbh he is bitterly disappointed he has to find a new cash cow now. Maybe he will apply for German citizenship so he can return to the EU.
  4. only 8 years in the last 50 have seen a government other than the conservatives. so about 1/4 of my life. I think we have to be careful to note that external influences can alter our perceptions of a government, we aren't entirely empirical, but for me personally, the Cameron/Clegg through to the May government (this one doesn't really count to me, so far it's just been an extended GE) have been really bad, I really hope Johnson does significantly better than them. I do think he is capable of being a great prime minister, though I don't believe he will realise that potential. It would be nice if he at least does a more honourable job (whatever his incentives) than I believe is generally expected of him.
  5. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    you get 10 platinum points for entering. Just saying.
  6. Tbh God help the UK whatever the outcome. No one knows what the outcome will mean, even with a majority Boris is liable to kick enough people out to give himself a minority On Brexit only, I do think Corbyn offers the best option, a referendum on an actual deal or remaining in the EU. I've heard "threats" of unrest if that happens and remain wins, but I imagine unrest is what the UK will look like for the next decade, even if politicians get their act together right now. Anyway, my main hope is that the right candidates get seats in parliament and that they show wisdom, foresight, integrity, tolerance, intelligence, and respect when they take on their roles. Wonder if Boris will win his seat....
  7. I used to think labour and conservatives were crowding the middle ground too much. Changed my mind since then! My main issue this election is that I really don't want to vote for any of the local mps I can choose from
  8. I don't know it's that bad tbh, admittedly I've not been in the UK much but not a lot seemed to have changed, though apparently Brexit isn't safe territory for a civil conversation (this is from hearsay not experience!) From everything I heard hear (on the forum, BBC, news in France) I was almost expecting a civil war! Personally, as I think I said, I like Corbyn's policies best, but I'm not a big believer in rapid change, I have the impression he'll change too much in one go and it makes it too hard to see what works and what doesn't. what I have heard of the labour manifesto seems a little too drastic, it gives me the impression they want to do everything in one go because they don't believe they will be able to do a second stint. Regarding Brexit as a whole, I've come to the opinion that a lot of this mess originates comes from Tony Blair. Two big mistakes he made (not short term for himself, but long term for the country) have led to slightly justified issues about immigration and questions about the legitimacy and democratic positioning of the EU. If there had been a referendum of the Lisbon treaty I think it would have headed off a fair few issues regarding UKIP, and back when he let those eastern europeans immigrate to the UK right away, instead of waiting 2 years.. I understand why he did it, but it was short sighted. When you emigrate, you have a choice of a country where friends/family have already settled, or another country with which you have no link... the choice is fairly straight forward. It led to an huge influx of immigrants (not their fault, Blair effectively made it the best life choice open to them) and then that to a degree was sustained for some years after other countries in the EU opened up to them as well. Obviously the UK gained a good economic advantage, but it meant there was a noticeable change in cultural make up in certain communities around the UK, and parties such as the BNP (thank goodness they have seemingly vanished!) and UKIP used that to stir things up and create unrest. The conservatives (with the help of the lib dems) then came along and failed to invest enough in services which needed the investment to take the strain of the immigrant issue initiated by Blair. again UKIP (and other groupings) where able to point the finger not at the conservatives lack of investment, but at the immigrants, whose fault it "clearly" was. I don't think the conservatives "hostile environment" helped matters either, rather than fix services by investing in them, they went after the people, with immigration quotas, that hostile environment, and anti eu anti immigration rhetoric, it was just throwing fuel onto the fire. Cameron "negotiating" to water down UK citizen's EU rights was his "master stroke" on the Brexit referendum... so the referendum wasn't a status quo vs change, it was terrible change vs unknown change. And then they are shocked at the result. Even Farage doesn't seem to genuinely want to leave the EU! (Can't blame him, he makes a packet working for them!)
  9. Tbh I don't want to vote for any candidates I can vote for. And I'm not keen on Corbyn nor Johnson. On balance I like Corbyn best, but I'm concerned he will push the UK too far towards a French style system, it's nice to a degree, but the taxes are too high and stifle everything. Johnson on the other hand makes me think more of the US system which tbh has the opposite problem! I do think taxation needs to be slightly increased to properly support services like the NHS and maintain/improve education, but Corbyn seems too eager to get too much done too quick. It's almost like he hopes for 1 term at the most. also, I read about some guy who claimed he wasn't even top 50% earners and earned £80k+ a year. Really does make you wonder sometimes!
  10. Brexit 2019

    going by that particular example, I don't think any coalition would help particularly. if Labour green and LD join togethergot 40.8% of the vote (was my maths right?) they would collectively need to gain about an extra 25% of votes. Tbh right now I really don't know who to vote for, either I dislike the party leader or candidate standing in my area, so I guess it's a tough call on which combination I dislike the least
  11. Brexit 2019

    Weren't those 3 governments work? And a few of these aren't as I see it really because of the government (Grenfell surely is a local government issue, Windrush historic mishandling... that is my understanding, if I am wrong please someone please cure my ignorance on the finer points!) But yes, I think it's poor that Brexit has been the main issue now over 2 GE's (if this one is approved). I don't think a GE is conducive to fixing the issues in parliament. Those exist because of the divisions in the UK over Brexit, and the next government will have the same issues as May's and Johnson's, because I doubt there will suddenly be harmony amongst the next batch of MP's. Definitely people need to think carefully on this vote but personally if I was still living in the UK I'd really struggle, because the MP is good, but frankly I'd not consider Johnson or Corbyn to be a good PM for the country. Last time round I abstained for that reason... I couldn't bother registering to vote when I didn't feel strongly enough to vote for any of the candidates. I think all the parties are to blame, before article 50 was triggered Parliament should have been firmer, made their positions clear. Instead they failed to employ any foresight and as a result it was only after a deal was made that they realised there was no accord for any one option. I don't think a PV is a good solution either any more, I imagine it would either be too simplistic or to convoluted, basically like parliaments indicative votes thing. Maybe that alternate vote thing COULD be useful, with several options being numbered in order of preference and then the least popular option being eliminated, all votes for that are transferred to the next favourite option until eventually there is a final option, few people's first choice, but the fairest compromise perhaps? Cancel Brexit No deal Brexit Johnson's deal I know some think No deal shouldn't be on there at all, but I do think it should be there to see what people think - I don't believe there would be a majority for that option in any case.
  12. Brexit 2019

    So election is next (maybe!) what do people think about the lib dems chances, with them saying they will cancel Brexit? The remain vote seems less fractured to me than the leave (I imagine Farage will happily protect his EU parliament income and domestic anti EU stance by splitting Tory votes so pro EU parties can gain the upper hand....)
  13. Brexit 2019

    When Parliament decides it wants something REALLY bad, it can do it quickly, as we saw with the Benn act. But Parliament doesn't have the unity for Johnson's deal, so imo it's not likely to pass before October 31st. so Parliament seem to be shooting for an extension. Only... So No deal or retracting article 50 altogether seem the most likely to me. Retracting article 50 would require consensus in parliament, while no deal just requires parliament to continue bickering amongst themselves and "sleepwalking" into no deal In fact, I'm not sure that we're not already there, unless Macron et al grant us a small extension. I hope I am wrong though.. personally retraction>extension>Johnson's deal>no deal, but I guess we'll see. Would have been nice to be able to say at least we knew where we are on Brexit after all these years As for the deal it self, I think the main change is the Ireland gets to choose in it's parliament whether it aligns more closely to the ROI or UK, effectively, and if it chooses closer alignment to UK some sort of border set up would need to be put into place, but again, that is a decision made by NI, not imposed either by the EU or UK. DUP don't like it, while the other side probably rather like it.
  14. Over priced phones and tablets, sure. Use that as a base for an over priced console. But for a reasonably priced console, maybe look more at the £100-300 range for sensibly priced phones and tablets. Sure they aren't cutting edge, but they do the job. End of the day, it depends on what they think the market is happy to pay, if they can only make 100 consoles a day, there's no point putting a price where 1000 people would buy one, better to put the price point at a place where only 110-120 people would happily buy it. Basically let it be a premium product until component prices drop and the hype/sales start to slow down, then price drop it a bit.
  15. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I watched some old trek and don't think the tone of discovery is too far off. I think the main issue is I don't like any of the characters. On TNG, DS9, Voyager... even the characters I didn't really like were likeable. I was more engaged with the "villains" than I am with most of the "heroes" in discovery. There were maybe 1/2 characters on the old series I didn't particularly like, but in discovery there are only maybe one or two that I'm ok with. Generally when a character has been killed off, I've been happy because I hope against hope that a new character who is likeable might get introduced. I'm really not sure what it is that makes all the characters so unlikeable though. I might watch Picard if amazon give me a free month of prime, I live abroad so 99% of the prime video stuff isn't available to me though, so I may just never watch it :/