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  1. It's certainly the most fun BR game I've played and I still play it semi-frequently on PS4. I've played through most seasons and the devs have done a great job with updates and extra content which is keeping the game fresh.
  2. Xbox One Console Discussion

    It's funny because I used to really like the original Xbox 360 dashboard, but they kept making it worse and worse over time.
  3. Thanks Mike, appreciate you opening up your island! Nice work on the island remodelling.
  4. Thanks Mike, will try to be quick so you can get back to decorating!
  5. @Mike1988uk I'd be interested in visiting your island too just sent a friend request. Got lots of turnips to sells so can hopefully provide a nice tip.
  6. @Kaepora_Gaebora is your gate still open? Just finished work, any chance I could get in on the turnip action? I have roses
  7. General Switch Discussion

    The portability of the Switch is a massive selling point for me. Before the lockdown, I'd use the Switch in handheld probably 90% of the time. Like Edd said, if the online/cloud infrastructure was there then I could get on board with the idea of a home only Switch which was capable of higher resolutions and whatnot, as long as I could easily pick up and continue playing the same saves on a portable Switch. A home only Switch could also lead to a slippery slope of games that only work on the home only version, effectively creating 2 platforms, which is completely counter to the strategy Nintendo was going for to begin with. And for me personally, the Switch will then just become an inferior version of the other consoles, rather than something that actually does something different.
  8. Sup friends, my Switch friend code is SW-2313-8476-0034 for all you Animal Crossing players.
  9. Thanks mate! Appreciate it, didn't have any cherries. Slow to reply but my shop does sell roses so hope you got your fair share.
  10. Been a while! I'm looking for some flower seeds that I can't get on my island, so anything that's not roses, tulips or windflowers are appreciated! New code is GR8FR.
  11. 91 bells on my island if anyone still fancies buying some turnips! Dodo code is 23W70.
  12. I've played up until Bottle Grotto, my initial thoughts: Game looks lovely, really unfortunate though how frequent the frame rate drops are though. Seems particularly noticeable at Torombo Shores. Would have preferred that they scaled down some of the lighting and shadow affects in favour of a smoother frame rate Getting rid of the screen transitions in the overworld was a good move Like having sword and shield on dedicated buttons, so there's less need to jump into the menu all the time to change equipment like the original Not sure why movement is 8 directions and digital yet you can't use the D-pad?! Love some of the orchestrations of the soundtrack I started this on Hero Mode initially, but found the difficulty more obnoxious than challenging The new Trendy Game can do one Enjoying it a lot though. Link's Awakening is one of my favourite games from my childhood. I'm getting through it quickly so will try to savour the experience.
  13. Game of Thrones

  14. Game of Thrones

    The problem of course is that, ever since the writers of the show ran out of material from the books, the quality of the writing has dropped significantly. Which is why certain character actions don't make sense and why characters make stupid decisions. The whole plot of the last season was written backwards which is why there was that really silly idea of going on that infamous expedition beyond the wall. While the show is still this very enjoyable rollercoaster ride, it doesn't have that same depth anymore, and lacks certain elements that made it good to begin with (e.g. the political intrigue). Ultimately it's all held together thanks to the endless cast of great characters, almost all well acted and with great production to boot. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed this season so far but I'm concerned that we're a third of the way through the season and not a lot has happened. I expect a big battle next week with lots of dying.
  15. Are you sure about this? I've played through Link's Awakening many times (one of my all time favourites) and I don't remember saving adding to the death count. My mind is blurry though since it's been many years since I last completed this. Are you using Start+Select+A+B to save? Back when I was a kid, I didn't know you could save that way so when I wanted to stop playing I would kill myself by running into pits until I got a Game Over.