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  1. I've played up until Bottle Grotto, my initial thoughts: Game looks lovely, really unfortunate though how frequent the frame rate drops are though. Seems particularly noticeable at Torombo Shores. Would have preferred that they scaled down some of the lighting and shadow affects in favour of a smoother frame rate Getting rid of the screen transitions in the overworld was a good move Like having sword and shield on dedicated buttons, so there's less need to jump into the menu all the time to change equipment like the original Not sure why movement is 8 directions and digital yet you can't use the D-pad?! Love some of the orchestrations of the soundtrack I started this on Hero Mode initially, but found the difficulty more obnoxious than challenging The new Trendy Game can do one Enjoying it a lot though. Link's Awakening is one of my favourite games from my childhood. I'm getting through it quickly so will try to savour the experience.
  2. Game of Thrones

  3. Game of Thrones

    The problem of course is that, ever since the writers of the show ran out of material from the books, the quality of the writing has dropped significantly. Which is why certain character actions don't make sense and why characters make stupid decisions. The whole plot of the last season was written backwards which is why there was that really silly idea of going on that infamous expedition beyond the wall. While the show is still this very enjoyable rollercoaster ride, it doesn't have that same depth anymore, and lacks certain elements that made it good to begin with (e.g. the political intrigue). Ultimately it's all held together thanks to the endless cast of great characters, almost all well acted and with great production to boot. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed this season so far but I'm concerned that we're a third of the way through the season and not a lot has happened. I expect a big battle next week with lots of dying.
  4. Are you sure about this? I've played through Link's Awakening many times (one of my all time favourites) and I don't remember saving adding to the death count. My mind is blurry though since it's been many years since I last completed this. Are you using Start+Select+A+B to save? Back when I was a kid, I didn't know you could save that way so when I wanted to stop playing I would kill myself by running into pits until I got a Game Over.
  5. I thought the soundtrack was amazing. Perfectly suited the tone of the game. I loved how dynamic it was, like how it would transition in when you're climbing a tower or entering a new area. And I agree with the video, it was a great decision to use the music sparingly to accentuate either silence of the sounds of environment. Less is more. I hope Nintendo go with this approach for Metroid Prime 4.
  6. Podcasts

    If you grew up following football in the 90s, I would recommend the Quickly Kevin, will he score? podcast. Each week they get a 90s football personality to guest star, such as Matt Le Tissier, Jim Rosenthal, Paul Merson... they even get the guy who made Championship Manager to appear. I've also been watching OSW Review for a while now. A great series for people who grew up watching wrestling.
  7. Your GotY 2017

    Of the games that I've played this year that have come out this year: Breath of the Wild - My GOTY. Not much else to say that's already been said, it's just such a stunning return to form for a series that had began to stagnate. It's been a long time since I was so invested in a non story-driven single player game because Nintendo have managed to pull off such a compelling open world experience. I can easily forgive some of its minor flaws because how ambitious it is in its scope and execution. After playing it safe for so long with most of their franchises, it's so nice to see Nintendo take a big risk. Persona 5 - I'm only about 30 hours in, but have really enjoyed what I've played so far. Just like P4 it has a compelling story and fantastic presentation. I really like the improvements they have made to the battle system and dungeon system, which was the weakest aspect of P4. I prefer P4 though, probably because it was my first Persona game so it has a special place in my heart. Still, a must play for JRPG fans. Destiny 2 - I've made my thoughts clear on Destiny 2 in the D2 thread. In my mind it is the inverse of D1 regarding is strengths and flaws: strong story mode and vanilla content, lacking endgame and PvP experience. Newcomers to the series may not understand what the fuss is about, but it is a massive letdown to veteran fans. I personally don't think the game is shit, just thoroughly disappointing. Funnily enough, D1 was panned by critics whilst D2 was praised. Super Mario Odyssey - I've just managed to complete the main story and currently sitting at around 300 moons. The game is great in many ways and is full of charm, but not the 10/10 people are making it out to be. I've heard that is picks up more post-game but strangely the game doesn't seem to offer that much incentive to keep collecting moons beyond being a completionist. I think I've also heard that there are extra levels that get unlocked once you hit particular milestones, but the game doesn't make this obvious. Still, I'm having fun and will keep playing until I finish or get bored.
  8. Destiny 2

    I've reconciled myself to the fact that Destiny 2 will not have the same longevity and replayability as Destiny 1. With that in mind, I can play the new DLC and enjoy it for what it is, rather than for what it could have been. Then I can put the game down again and play something else. For all the current disappointment and negative feelings around the current state of Destiny 2 (specifically around the end-game and PvP), the core content and gameplay is still very good. There's just no incentive to replay it or grind a la Destiny 1.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    I have to take umbrage with some of the decisions Nintendo have made regarding the control scheme. This morning I was playing it on a flight in handheld mode (as an aside, I'd say the vast majority of my play time with the Switch has been in handheld mode) which pretty much meant I couldn't use any of the motion controls (unless I want to shake the entire console, which not only is unnatural but also makes you look like an idiot). There's really no good reason why the motion shouldn't be completely optional. For a game which is supposed to be a flagship title for the Switch, it does seem odd that you cannot fully play the game when using a certain configuration. Hoping that Nintendo patch the game to remedy this and also allow for custom button layouts (another annoyance is trying to dive jump onto cappy using only button controls).
  10. Let's hope they increase the recording window at some point. I am spoiled by the PS4's recording features - the video capture feature records the last 15 minutes of gameplay by default, plus you can upload your recordings to Youtube directly from your PS4. It also records mic/party audio and you can also do live broadcasting to Twitch and Youtube. So Nintendo have a long way to go to catch up, but it's a welcome update and I'm optimistic that they're taking steps (albeit baby steps) in the right direction.
  11. Destiny 2

    There's a lot of good things about Destiny 2, but Bungie need to address 2 things quite quickly: 1. The End Game grind (or lack thereof) - the problem is that none of the endgame activities are needed to get to the highest power level or the best weapons. Exotics are no longer powerful; Raid and Trials gear aren't particularly special nor do they increase your power level; there's no holy grail of armour or weapons for people to grind for (no Gjallarhorn, Fatebringer, Vex Mythoclast etc). The Strikes and Raid are fun and well designed, but without the right rewards, there's no reason for anyone to do them again and again. In vanilla Destiny, you had to do Vault of Glass every week to get the shards, the gear and weapons in order to get to the highest light level. As your light level went up, the raid became easier, the nightfalls became easier, so you had more opportunities to get exotics and raid weapons (which made a massive difference to certain activities). You put the effort in, and by the end (if you were lucky enough, but that's a separate issue with D1) you became a beast with some seriously OP gear that you couldn't get by simply doing the weekly patrols and handing in your exotic engrams that you got from little to no effort. Simply put, they need to make the end game activities mean something in terms of rewards. 2. The state of PvP - in their quest to make the game more balanced and competitive, Bungie seemed to have forgotten how to make it fun for the majority of players. When you nerf all abilities and their cooldowns, make all weapons less powerful, and take away Snipers and Shotguns, sure you get a balanced team-based shooter, but if I wanted to play Halo or CS, I'd play Halo or CS. It's lost a lot of what made Destiny PvP unique - the awesome movement, the clutch plays, the mayhem of supers going off left and right... this is what people miss. People want to play Crucible to relax, but what you get in Quickplay is something that feels far too competitive and not social enough. Make Quickplay 6v6 again and introduce more fun modes - Mayhem, Rift, CTF, Snipers, Rockets, Swords, Vehicles etc. The Competitive Playlist is a joke - if you're going to have a Ranked playlist, then it should have visible Ranks. They should just scrap Trials and make competitive a 4v4 ranked playlist - everyone starts at 1000 SR and you go up and down. Have seasons with rewards at the end of the season. Right now, there is no incentive to play competitive, so nearly every match there is someone who quits. It may seem like I'm taking 2 issues and blowing them out of proportion, but when there's no reason to play PvE once you've done everything, and when PvP is just not fun... then there's no reason or incentive to keep playing. I think Bungie will soon find themselves with a rapidly shrinking player base if they don't start addressing these issues in their next big update.
  12. Fortnite

    I downloaded this yesterday. I'm slowly getting better, I think that's where the fun part is. It was very satisfying going from dying early every match to coming top ten in my last one. Like Daft, I'm not used to the building mechanic yet. I've just been building stairs to get to high places. I don't want to commit to building anything too extensive in case I get snuck upon or if the map starts to shrink. Would love to try the squad mode with anyone on PSN.
  13. Skolas in year 1 was absolutely nuts, by far the hardest activity they ever released in Destiny. What they forgot to mention in that article is that you had to play through 4 rounds of Prison of Elders first before getting to Skolas and there were no checkpoints, so you had to beat the whole thing in one sitting. Dismantle mines, yeeeeesss? Or you die.
  14. Job woes/wins

    Our policy is that you can only claim (non-overnight) breakfast if you had to travel or leave home before 6am. I've done this recently when having to get an early flight, my travel receipt showing that I got a 5am (!) taxi proves that I had a legit reason to get breakfast at the airport. To be honest if it's not in policy (assuming you have a well written and established expenses policy) then he really shouldn't have claimed it in the first place.
  15. Destiny 2

    I'm inclined to agree. Too much time spent figuring out what you need to do / what the mechanics are, and not enough spent on coming up with strategies or getting slowing better at the execution. The fun part of the blind raids comes from trying to come up with strategies, team roles etc, as opposed to joining a PUG and being told 'this is the strat, just do this without any real understanding'. Having said all that, it's all been very well designed so far and I love the idea of exploring this massive ship. Looking forward to actually finishing the raid, hopefully the rest is as interesting and challenging as the War Beasts encounter.