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  1. Last of Us Part II

    Yeah, I'm only really criticising it in a way I wouldn't with other games because of what it attempts to achieve and because it is a heavily narrative driven experience. I completed the Resident Evil 2 remake before this and although it is a very good game it has a very silly story and makes The Last of Us 2's story look like There Will Be Blood, but it's a completely unfair comparison. I'm also being critical because I believe with a stronger narrative this game could have been truly great, but in the end it falls short. But I understand my experience will differ from someone else's. I've seen quite a few reviews/analysis etc now and its remarkable the range of opinions from a lot of reviewers I have respect for, and even for ones I personally disagree with it's very hard for me to say "you're wrong" when ultimately we are discussing the story like we would a novel or TV show. My opinion is that there's some good ideas that were just not executed particularly well.
  2. Last of Us Part II

    I've just completed the game, there's certainly a lot to unpack. Overall I enjoyed it, even if it did make me feel cold and miserable. My spoiler-free disorganised thoughts. What I liked: The game is absolutely gorgeous, such a treat for the eyes. I played on PS5 and it looks stunning in HDR. Even at 30fps it is still one of the most visually impressive games I've played The production values and attention to detail really are on another level. During my playthrough I noticed so many neat little touches that other games wouldn't even think about. Cut scenes, voice acting, character animations, direction, visual effects, gore, sound design, fluid controls... it all just adds up to a very immersive experience Beyond the actual plot, they do a great job at world building, such as all the letters scattered about the city I like the improvements to the core stealth-action gameplay. It feels way smoother than the original (I just remember it being kind stiff in places but it was a long time ago) but I love how they made all the "combat arenas" very open. In the first game you felt much more boxed in and the level design was pretty generic. Now you have multiple routes to take and a lot more freedom in how you approach each encounter. You can quietly shank everyone, or set mines everywhere, or bash people's stupid skulls in, or just ruin people with molotovs and a shotty. I would keep things refreshing by trying to change my loadout with each new encounter. Moment to moment gameplay felt satisfying and I never felt like I was fighting the controls Like the first game it does a decent enough job of ramping the action up and down without being too predictable What they could have done better: The parts between the missions can be a bit of a slog, borderline padding at times. Finding the next bit of the environment to climb starts getting old. If they make a 3rd game they need to think of more creative things to do between the combat bits There's this open world-ish section at the beginning which I thought was interesting but never occurs again in the rest of the game. Just seemed a bit pointless really since it was so half-hearted. I was expecting the game to embrace this idea a bit more, as in between story points you have a navigate through the same open city and explore more places, but it just ended up being the same linear progression after that While the moment to moment stealth-action is done very well, the game just seems to recycle the same few scenarios: fight a bunch of humans, or fight a bunch of zombies. There's not a lot of variety on offer. Some of the levels are well done (like the bit in the skyscraper) but overall the game stops surprising you and starts to run out of steam towards the end The RPG upgrade system seems a bit unnecessary. The problem is related to the previous point: the enemies don't improve that much, nor do the encounters change. It feels as if you as a player get stronger (more weapons and deadly tools) but the enemies don't to a significant degree. While I like the freedom of choice with which weapons I use, you could very easily go through the game without using half of the gear I played on Moderate difficulty, which was probably a tad too easy once I got into the groove of the gameplay. Even so, it did feel that the game was getting easier rather than harder the further I progressed, think they could have done a better job with ramping up the difficulty within the difficulty setting itself. My worry about playing on a higher difficulty was that I'd end up spending way to long foraging to equipment etc and it would drag the pace of the game down (my experience with the first game was that there was too much stuff between the plot events) Quick time events needs to bugger off. I am so sick of hammering the square button to open a door to prevent a zombie from biting my face. Just a massive pet peeve of mine I've gotten this far without talking about the story, so here goes... So yeah, I'm quite conflicted really. I would still highly recommend it as the things it does well it does better than any other game out there.
  3. Perfect Dark (The Initiative)

    The original Perfect Dark was ahead of its time. I'll be honest it's hard to imagine a new game capturing the same feel as the original since FPSs have moved on so much since. All I really want from a new FPS is something that gives it a unique identity, thinking about games like Titanfall 2 (and Apex), Doom, Halo etc, as opposed to another COD knock-off.
  4. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Well in the end the guy showed up with my PS5 at half 9 last night. Bloke looked a bit disgruntled and after he left I noticed the box had been dropped in what looked like cat poo. Not exactly 5 star service but at least I have my PS5. Managed to set up my PS5, move everything across and play about 15 minutes of Astro. Initial impressions: The console is mega chonks The Dual Sense is a great step up from the DS4. You could tell just from picking it up for the first time that it felt premium and a good built quality, something I've never felt about any of the incarnations of Dual Shock The haptic feedback is excellent, feels even better than the Switch's HD rumble and that's no knock on the HD rumble at all. Perhaps it's just that Astro makes such good use of it that is really highlights its capability I'm not so fond of how the controller's speaker is used in Astro. I get what they were trying to do (combine the rumble with the speaker sound) but the problem with a controller speaker is the audio quality is always going to be worse than what comes out of the TV Really impressed with the technology in the triggers. Ironically since I'm not used to it yet its a bit immersion breaking since every time it's used in Astro I remember that I'm holding a controller. But I can see how amazing it could be in shooters and racing games where it's used a bit more subtly. The cynic in me is saying that it will lazily be used in QTEs (I'm imagining the next God of War game a QTE scenario where instead of hammering X to lift a boulder you will be using the triggers) Moving over the my stuff from PS4 was surprisingly quick UI is nice and simple, feels way smoother/quicker than PS4 Looking forward to the end of today so I get to play it more over the weekend.
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Got an email from Hermes saying they had received my PS5, it's with the courier and will be delivered today. Six minutes later I get another email from Hermes saying they won't be able to deliver today.
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I made the mistake of only pre-ordering the console and not the accessories, it seems as if the headset and the charging station are out of stock everywhere. I can certainly live without the charging station but would like the headset at some point. I'm hoping they improve the microphone over the newer version of the PS4 Gold headset, was disappointed to find out it was a step down from the original.
  7. Advice for new TV

    I'm in the market for a new TV, primarily to pair with the PS5 I have pre-ordered but also to upgrade my home cinema experience in general. I've had the same Panasonic plasma for the past 8 years now and I love it to bits, but it's 'only' 1080p and 42" and would love that 4K HDR experience, as well as a bigger screen size. It's a real shame they don't do plasmas anymore since the picture quality is fantastic and way better than LED/LCD. OLED feels like the next best thing although it makes me sad how expensive they are compared to what I paid for my plasma. The TVs I'm eying up are the LG OLEDs, specifically the CX. It's an expensive purchase but with HDMI 2.1 it should hopefully be a good investment. I've been trying to keep track of the prices with the hopes that I'll get a good deal around Black Friday.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Get Outer Wilds, can't recommend it enough. Return of the Obra Dinn is also very good. May just pick up Celeste at that price.
  9. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Definitely up for this again at some point, but I'm quite busy with work this week so hard to commit. Will keep an eye on the thread though.
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    The UI is a what I expected really, just an unexciting evolution of the PS4's. I am a fan of the new party features, it feels like a party is closer to what you get with say a Discord server. I like how you can name the party and share stuff quite easily with the rest of the group. Screen sharing is neat, I can see myself using it for multiplayer games (e.g. when joining a party and a game is in progress). I've tried the integrated streaming stuff on PS4 a few times and it was functional but a bit slow and clunky, enough to put me off using it frequently. This seems way more streamlined. I save a lot of videos, so if they're now 4K I'm going to be filling up that SSD pretty damn quick.
  11. Outer Wilds

    This game is excellent, I am marvelling at some of the creativity on display here. I actually went into this thinking it was a walking simulator but I'm pleasantly surprised by what it turned out to be. Leaving the story to one side for a second, the physics engine for the space travel and dynamic gravity are brilliant, it feels challenging without being unfair. The designs for each planet are inspired. I've still got a way to go but this game continues to surprise me.
  12. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    Sorry being held up with work stuff, will be 20 minutes or so!
  13. Among Us (PC, Mobile)

    I should be able to make it. Played it a bit last night with a random lobby, I'm far too slow when it comes to using the built-in text chat using my phone. Voice chat should work much better though.
  14. Would be up for playing Among Us. I haven't played it yet but seen some videos and looks pretty fun.
  15. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Head of marketing basically coming out with standard marketing bollocks then. I think people read far too much into these statements. Anyway I've pre-ordered since the price is nice.