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  1. The gauntlet has been thrown.

  2. And how were they??????!!!!

  3. Khhhh mhyy godddddd

  4. I havn't really commented on the matter due to fear of backlash. Basically....I got incredibly bored with it. I ploughed about 5 - 7 hours into it or something along those lines and just thought it was boring. The design was....kinda fucking bland, especially in comparison with other Zelda iterations, its slow and not a lot happens. I got to Judas Beans Belly and got stuck and couldn't be bothered to continue because I was finding it boring.


    Wind Waker shits on it.

  5. HAY. Have you got Paypalz? Can I have your address too. :P

  6. Okay, and if I deem the price too low then I will add digits on. :p

  7. Oh absolutely yes. Name the price. Words cannot describe your magnustudes of win for this. You've made my Christmas list, so make sure there is a return address on the package. PM Incoming. P.S. No friend requests from my alters, I promise.

  8. You have to sell me this.

  9. I demand to have your facebook immediately.

  10. Havn't actually started it yet (I'm slow/crap). Will let you know soon. :p

  11. Because I know you like porn.

  12. Haha! I saw a bit of it. I'm a weird one though, I like sweet + savoury. Like chicken mcnuggets and McFlurry dip.

  13. Amazon.co.uk items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):


    1 The Book With No Name £7.99 1 £7.99


    Dispatched via Royal Mail (estimated arrival date: October 10, 2011).

  14. Bought it at Amazon but they're taking the piss with delivery. Pretty sure I ordered on the 17th, and it still hasn't been dispatched yet. If it isn't soon I'm cancelling and buying elsewhere.

  15. 'Give me a fucking heart attack one day.

  16. Oh nice one. I'll put it on record/series link.

  17. As if she didn't need to piss me off anymore - "LEGO?! Hahah" [/Patronising laugh] and then her smirking and "knowing" nod about artists having pressure to produce good material on a second album....like she is the only person who knows that, besides the music industry being completely different back then, and also the dude on actually being talented. She can die.


    Havn't been seeing Tim on Masterchef as it is on at bad times didn't realise it started until saw last week. :(


    Is he still in it?

  18. Louise Rednap = bellend.

  19. Probably not tbh, been/being a bit busier recently so I'm not confident how much time I could put in.

  20. Those are horrendously impressive.

  21. Hey dude. Certainly would have however I don't know where it is. Literally could be anywhere. Sorry. I will however find it when I move (in about 3-6 months I guess) so I'll let you know either way. :)