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  1. Football Season 2015/16

    Hope so. Cech finally beaten by Messi after 6 attempts, all it took was to join Arsenal.
  2. bad stuff thread.

    MadDog I'm truly sorry to hear the news. Especially the bit about Ashley being amazing. You've been incredibly brave throughout and the response on here shows how much of a top guy you are. All the best.
  3. Football Season 2015/16

    Another red that Costa was involved in. Correct call though, don't think Kosc was getting back. Though I wonder what Ramar thinks...
  4. Xpert 11 NE: Season 1, Simul (Summer 2016)

    Disappointed it won't start sooner to be honest! Will the other league to continue to run?
  5. Football Season 2015/16

    Bit of relief for Jose on the Europe front. Just need to win it now...
  6. Football Season 2015/16

    Not sure you can claim it as your joke when it was ripped off the BBC sportspage!
  7. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    What protein shake/ recovery drink would people most recommend on here for being effective and price efficient?
  8. Job woes/wins

    Try 4 years :p You may be thinking of Zell? I would consider leaving but if I get a promotion, I get £5k for loyalty bonus making it all the way to manager and reckon I could make that soonish. Quite a tempter to stay..
  9. Job woes/wins

    Had my pay discussion today and having spoken to my friends, seems I've been given a lower pay rise compared to them despite getting really good feedback. I suspect this may be because I'm due to be moving to a new department that may not pay as much. It has irked be because my hard work over the past year has led to nothing and I have to stick around in this department for at least two months next year so I'm considering just coasting. However I can't help but feel the need to do a good job so doubt I'll follow through with that.
  10. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    I've been lurking but too lazy to write!
  11. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    So I always wondered how everyone was benching so much more than me but I found out it is because I never take the weight of the bar into account! So I'm here doing 70-75 thinking pretty poor after having done it for a while but turns out the bar is 15-20 so really I'm doing fine.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Essentially yes your new company screwed up and should have sorted out old and new but you still have to pay the tax so really it is money that should have been paid this year. It will come out on a monthly basis next year as your tax free allowance spread across the 12 months will be reduced to pay it off across the year. Essentially you've had a bit of extra money than should have done this year so could be construed as a benefit...sort of.
  13. Don't forget personality and body! Moog - did you not send a text earlier in the day asking if still up for meeting up? Surely you always need to double check! Also, I've been the 'other' guy, this was back when we were all like 15 so I don't feel bad about it but now I couldn't do it and neither should you. Like others have said, think how you would feel if you were the guy. Plus no chance of anything more happening because could never trust her!
  14. The Xpert Thread

    Depends if you count old league, that was all about Oddy (I won some too)! I'm still chipping away but been focusing on team so lost a few games here and there in middle league waiting to be strong enough for the top league. My first game was ridiculous, dominated in most aspects and lost 1-0. Results like that just make me frustrated with the game, yes there needs to be luck but that already makes me less likely to play. Sad to see a few big names bowing out but it happens. Can't get rid of me just yet though!
  15. Self-learning

    I'm self learning to play the guitar, but I've already bored you about it already :p