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  1. The remake is one of the worst (non-spin-off) games in the series, to be fair. Which was basically what I told Julius a few weeks ago when I said that he should play the PS3 games instead, but then you felt the need to correct me and tell him that no, he'd be better off playing the remake actually - even though you apparently hadn't even played it yourself?
  2. Starfield (6th September 2023)

    There's been a third-person option in all of their RPGs since Morrowind. I found the third-person mode kind of poor in the games I've played (which is just the Fallouts, to be fair), but a lot of people don't seem to mind them, so maybe I'm just expecting too much.
  3. Man, The House in The Cerulean Sea was way too twee for me. If you want a better novel (in my opinion) about a middle-aged homosexual where nothing major happens, then I recommend Less by Andrew Sean Greer.
  4. Games You Never Played

    For years I intended to play through the Elder Scrolls series, but I kept putting it off because of my obsessive need to start from the first game - and I didn't really feel like playing Arena or Daggerfall (plus the length of the games didn't help). And then I played Fallout 4 for like 80 hours and I disliked it so much that it completely cured me of my interest in The Elder Scrolls. At least something good came out of it!
  5. Dragon Quest X Offline

    I wish they hadn't chibified the characters...
  6. Persona 4: The Golden

    I saw a lot people complain about Persona 5 when it was released, saying that the plot and pacing were much better in Persona 4, and I remember thinking, "these people have not played Persona 4 recently." Great game, though, even if I think it'd be a bit hard to go back after all of the quality of life improvements in Persona 5.
  7. I did a full playthrough of the series before the remake was released. It took me a full month, so you'd be getting a bit of a late start... hmm, but you could shave off some time by skipping some of the lesser spinoffs. If you're considering going back at some point anyway, you may as well just skip the remake for now. The story isn't canon (also it's garbage) and the gameplay will feel fresher in Rift Apart if it's your first game. But hey, you do you. I just really like the PS3 games and think they're underrated. Jeez, another one? How many times are they going to remake the first game!?
  8. Isn't this supposed to be a sequel to the PS3 games? Surely you'd be better off playing those instead if you haven't already. Plus they're much better games, in my opinion...
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    You could just YouTube the endings, since nothing changes except the ending cutscene after your second playthrough. I've played Nier twice and I can barely remember anything of the story. To be honest, Yoko Taro's stories only ever half make sense to me. That might be one of the reasons why I wasn't as taken with Nier: Automata as everyone else seemed to be.
  10. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    I beat the game last night. I was seriously considering going for the secret ending, but apparently, because I didn't do enough runs, I'd have to replay the second half of the game before I could even begin working towards it. It already seemed like too much work before that... I can't be bothered right now. Maybe later. It was a really fun game, though.
  11. Red Dead Redemption

    I replayed Red Dead Redemption for the first time since release in the lead-up to the sequel. It wasn't as good as I remembered it, although I still had a decent time with it. The samey missions really started to bug me after a while and the story really drags during the second act, but the atmosphere is great. I still need to play Red Dead Redemption 2, but I feel like there's no way it won't get some sort of next-generation upgrade, so buying it at this point would probably be stupid. One thing that really impressed me when I replayed the game was how they'd done motion capture for all of the sidequests. Even if it's just two characters standing around talking to each other, it feels so much more natural than the usual head-bobbing and arm-waving that you usually get from NPCs in sidequests. Man, I absolutely hated Red Dead Revolver. It's the complete polar opposite of Red Dead Redemption. Bad atmosphere, bad writing, extremely video gamey. There's also a huge difficulty spike near the end. Absolute garbage. I'd only play it if you're interested in the genesis of the series. I wouldn't play it just because you like the sequel. That's my two cents, anyway.
  12. This was how I felt when I played Persona 5 Strikers recently. There's one trophy that requires ~15 hours of grinding, and because I wasn't willing to do that, it meant I might as well not bother with the other annoying-but-not-15-hours-of-grinding-annoying trophies, since I wasn't getting the platinum anyway. It was weirdly freeing. Maybe I should just play games on non-PlayStation platforms from now on. Anyway, I liked Spider-Man: Miles Morales despite a couple of annoying trophies. It was a good effort by famed Xbox developer Insomniac Games.
  13. Virtual Reality

    I mean, you're not wrong.
  14. Virtual Reality

    It'll also be the only way to play Resident Evil 4 in VR.
  15. Except for having to replay the entire game (ugh), I didn't think anything in this game was a as bad as having to stop ~200 random crimes in the first game. As for getting a x100 combo, apparently the combo counter doesn't reset if you get hit when you play on easy, so that sounds like an easy way to get it. You could also just save an enemy with a melee weapon for last and punch-dodge-punch-dodge until you get it.