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  1. Persona 5

    I think the problem with giving the player too much time to max everything is that it would take all the fun out of having to manage your time.You're supposed to have to make some tough decisions. Anyway, I maxed out all of my confidants in my first playthrough, so...
  2. Virtual Reality

    I've been watching custom Beat Saber maps on YouTube, and I'm so jealous! I've spent the past three months waiting for the first DLC pack, and it's... more EDM? Aaaah!
  3. Virtual Reality

    The first DLC pack for Beat Saber was released today. It's nothing but EDM, which I think we can all agree was the one thing the game needed more of.
  4. Playstation Plus Free Games

    It's kind of lame that we're only getting two games - even more so because I've already played both of them. I kind of wish I'd canceled my subscription when I had the chance now. It didn't hit me until now that the odds of getting a game I'm interested in but haven't already bought are slim with only two games per month. It barely ever happened with six games per month! The Witness is amazing, though, in case anyone here has slept on it for the past three years.
  5. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    The only game my brother ever played on the Vita was Persona 4 Golden. Now he's looking to get his own Vita just so he can play it again. Persona 4 Golden alone made the Vita worth it.
  6. Persona 5

    It's been so long since I played the game, I imagine her sounding like Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros.
  7. good stuff thread.

    I know it makes sense to pick out your own ring afterwards, but going down on one knee and offering up a box with an IOU in it just doesn't seem as romantic.
  8. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    I actually thought this game had the weakest story in the trilogy overall, although it's not like any of them hold a candle to, say Uncharted.
  9. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    The convenience of Lara stumbling upon the leader of Trinity, who just happens to have grown up in a hidden village that just happens to be protecting an artifact that can remake the world was too much for me. I never understood people's complaints about the combat in the previous two games - more combat would have added some much-needed variety to Shadow. And the game isn't even designed around the lack of combat - you spend sooo much time scavenging for resources, but the resources serve no purpose when there's no combat! If I don't need to craft more arrows or medipacks or whatever, why am I picking up all these sticks? I was literally just doing it for the sake of trophies. So much fun! Oh, and you can level up, which is great, except that most of the upgrades you can choose center around combat or resource gathering! Why is any of this stuff even in the game at this point?
  10. Persona 5

    The Persona games are pretty bad about homosexuality in general. I was really annoyed by Yosuke the last time I played Persona 4. Weirdly, there's a drag queen in Persona 5 who's handled really well.
  11. Game of Thrones

    I'll probably just start frantically rewatching them a week or so before the final season premieres.
  12. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I couldn't stand the improvised dialogue in Accounting+. If I'd know the whole game would be nothing but Roiland (and Roiland-esque) improvisation, I'd never have played it. For the record, Rick & Morty isn't like that at all.
  13. General Book Thread

    Oh. I've actually recommended the movie just based on how much I liked the book. No wonder people don't take my recommendations seriously!
  14. General Book Thread

    I tried to sell someone on The Martian. You'd think there'd be no way to make that book sound uninteresting, but apparently I managed.
  15. General Book Thread

    I quite like the name, but then I also read books like Sodom Road Exit and Autoboyography, so what do I know. I've only watched the last three minutes or so of The Time Traveler's Wife movie, but the ending seems significantly worse. And the ending is one of the best parts of the book!