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  1. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I feel like it's important to note that there was never a VR version of the first game either, and that SUPERHOT VR is a completely separate game. Anyway, here's what they have to say about VR on the Steam page:
  2. Netflix

    I don't think he posts here these days, but @Hamishmash has an upcoming animated Netflix show based on his comic DeadEndia.
  3. Last of Us Part II

    Well, that's a bald-faced lie. You've been spending too much time on the Last of Us II subreddit. Those people are delusional.
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 (19th November 2020)

    I hope they keep delaying it until I've gotten around to upgrading my PC. I'm pretty lazy, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another delay!
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    That's still too expensive for Hitman: Absolution. But free is free, I guess.
  6. Suggestions

    I'm with Sméagol on this, but I suppose I might feel differently if I had to delete fifty threads by Chinese bots every morning.
  7. PC Gaming Discussion

    Does anyone want to play Half-Life: Decay? I've been replaying the series recently, but my playthrough stalled when I got to Decay because I don't have anyone to play it with.
  8. Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirts

    Is this the style these days? Should I start buying my t-shirts three sizes too big? I feel old and out of touch.
  9. Game of the Decade

    Probably worth listening to just to hear @nekunando try to think of ten new games he's enjoyed in the last decade.
  10. Game of the Decade

    Well, you had to make room for all those Pokémon games somehow.
  11. The Stanley parable

    Thanks for bumping the thread out of nowhere. That made me think it had been released.
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I got an email a month before my subscription automatically renewed. But maybe I'm special. I also knew it would auto-renew in advance because I know how online subscriptions work...
  13. General TV Thread

    This drove me absolutely bonkers on True Blood. At the end of every season, all of the season's storylines would wrap up within the first twenty minutes of the finale, and the next thirty minutes would be spent setting up the main storylines of the following season. I assume it was meant to make you want to tune in next season, but it just felt like reading the first chapter of a book, putting it down, and picking it up again six months later. Who does that!?
  14. Tales of Arise — Coming 2020

    I'll take your word for it.
  15. You should tell them. Or don't. I guess it doesn't really make a difference to me.
  16. Game of Thrones

    Lots more memes here.
  17. Days Gone (PS4)

    I'm sitting around waiting for the day-one patch to finish downloading. Only another *checks PS4* oh, eight hours to go.
  18. Persona 5

    It won't be DLC. I was reading a list of new features, and everything sounded good until I got to...
  19. General Book Thread

    I downloaded my 100th audiobook the other day. Which sounds really impressive as long as you ignore the fact that it's taken me just over four years to get there.
  20. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    I'm assuming Android automatically replaces the hearts with heart emojis. The solution is simple: everyone should just get an iPhone.
  21. Xbox Live Gamertags / PSN IDs / Steam Lists

    Well, I still think you're rad, Kav.
  22. Persona 5

    I think the problem with giving the player too much time to max everything is that it would take all the fun out of having to manage your time.You're supposed to have to make some tough decisions. Anyway, I maxed out all of my confidants in my first playthrough, so...
  23. Virtual Reality

    I've been watching custom Beat Saber maps on YouTube, and I'm so jealous! I've spent the past three months waiting for the first DLC pack, and it's... more EDM? Aaaah!
  24. Virtual Reality

    The first DLC pack for Beat Saber was released today. It's nothing but EDM, which I think we can all agree was the one thing the game needed more of.
  25. Playstation Plus Free Games

    It's kind of lame that we're only getting two games - even more so because I've already played both of them. I kind of wish I'd canceled my subscription when I had the chance now. It didn't hit me until now that the odds of getting a game I'm interested in but haven't already bought are slim with only two games per month. It barely ever happened with six games per month! The Witness is amazing, though, in case anyone here has slept on it for the past three years.