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  1. Football Season 2015/16

    it was all very easy over both legs. Coutinho though, beautiful goal. Sakho was superb.
  2. Tom Clancy's The Division

    How have you found the game? You've clearly played it...:p
  3. bad stuff thread.

    Sounds awful Iun, take care!
  4. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Is anyone playing this on PC?
  5. Football Season 2015/16

    I reckon Rafa will wreck Leicester tonight. He's the master tactician.
  6. Football Season 2015/16

    They won't go down with Rafa in charge.
  7. Football Season 2015/16

    Wheels will come off for Leicester now, they've been superb but i predict the magic has ran out.
  8. You're a legend. :heart:

  9. When you walk through a storm

    Hold your head up high

    And don't be afraid of the dark

    At the end of the storm

    There's a golden sky

    And the sweet silver song of a lark


    Walk on through the wind

    Walk on through the rain

    Though your dreams be tossed and blown


    Walk on walk on with hope in your heart

    And you'll never walk alone

    You'll never walk alone.

  10. Things you should like but don't

    This also. He's so painfully average and safe with his music, but he's just shite.
  11. Things you should like but don't

    Coldplay, Muse and Adele. Do they count, detest them all.
  12. Football Season 2015/16

    I think Arsenal will do better than people think. They'll still get beat 1-0 thanks to the man Luis Suárez.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    I also feel i should mention how awesome and incredible Ashley has been throughout. This website is very lucky to have a guy like him. Love him and cherish him. (even more than usual)
  14. bad stuff thread.

    Wow, i don't really know what to say to you all but thank you. Every single person on this forum has helped me become who i am today and i wouldn't be who i am if it wasn't for this forum and you guys. It sounds silly but it's true. You all make the world a better place.
  15. bad stuff thread.

    Got told a couple of weeks ago my cancer is now terminal, hard to say how long i have left, but likely not too long. Thanks everyone for everything, the support has honestly helped and i'm so thankful for it.