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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Pants that I saw G Dragon wear.
  2. Evernote Passwords Stolen

    The blog about it: http://evernote.com/corp/news/password_reset.php
  3. Post your Cooking!

    I'm impressed. Rez, will you cook my dinner from now on? My very first poached egg, with ramen and red miso soup (I prefer white miso, but now there's a huge package of red miso in my fridge, so...). Sriracha fried somen with vegetarian gyoza. (I clearly eat out of the pot.)
  4. Citizenship test.

    This test is so weird. When my friend was studying for it, she mentioned some of the questions and I thought she was joking. I don't think we have an equivalent. I got 5/10 =__=
  5. Birthday wishessss

    Happy belated birthday, Sprout
  6. Ideas of Being Individual

    It's like the Palahniuk quote:
  7. Ideas of Being Individual

    I was voted "Individual of the Year" in my last year of secondary school. Mainly because I hated/didn't talk much to everyone and tried to dress like people in the magazine FRUiTS. Being an individual comes down to attitude, I think. Not blindly doing what everyone else is doing would be a start. Following on from that, idk. I don't think individuality and being unique are the same thing? IDK
  8. bad stuff thread.

    Sorry to know that the teaching is bad...I've had some bad teachers in secondary school, including one who constantly smelled of cigarettes and alcohol, and another who was so bad at teaching maths we were constantly staying behind after school. It's a bloody shame for people who actually want to learn. You look forward to Vienna (hopefully)
  9. Snow!

    Peeps, your snowman looks frightening Looks like it belongs in Paranormal Activity/Blair Witch/a fake ghost videocamera movie.
  10. bad stuff thread.

    Thanks guys Oh man, N-E should write an advice column (those replying to problem-havers' letters features) XD I would read it every month!
  11. bad stuff thread.

    Oh my god. Why am I still here? Oh yeah, because I have a really good job and I'm getting excellent experience with it. As soon as I have enough, I am moving the heck out of here and seeing my family as scarcely as possible. idk, N-E. Should I just move and start anew? I have an M.Sc in Computer Science and I will be moving to the Silicon Prairie (yes, that is a thing).
  12. Snow!

    It finally snowed in Dublin very early this morning, only to give way to a combination of sleet and rain.
  13. Massages

    But the flight costs 6215 yuan iirc about the same rate in Thailand, but I was a child when I was there and had to entertain myself by taking requests for drawings from the masseuses.
  14. Awesome stuff thread

    Why haven't I tried this before?
  15. Massages

    Thanks for the links, I will be stretching my upper back like a mofo And Raining, too!