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  1. N-E Picture Caption Game

    During a zombie invasion you do anything to survive, even using a meat-shield is fair game.
  2. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

  3. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    I'm pretty retarded, tried to send my pm to Rez when day had been going for over an hour at the time... Anyway this all seems nice and delicious. Will vote a bit later in the day. It's weird how every day we have had someone do something so shifty and get away with it! Peeps was roleblocked, no kill, no worries :p
  4. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Vote: Esequiel because we need to test out investigators.
  5. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Pretty low amount of votes, we need to check out alignment claims unless there is good reason not to. Here we have every reason to vote. Vote: Esequiel Wait missed some posts. I find it fucking outrageous that we know someone who targeted the dead person each night so far and yet haven't been confident enough for a lynch... I'll be back on after work to check this out more.
  6. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    I tried to target @Mr\-Paul last night and he was nowhere to be found. Any reason for that? What did you do night 1 as well. You were one of the people who didn't answer that. Also @Esequiel dedede targeted Peeps on night 1 and Peeps died, so he is no less suspicious than Carl. In fact more so since Carl is way more cooperative. Not saying we should ignore it, in fact this is the first game where showing X targeted the dead guy didn't immediately get him lynched. But they have both admitted it at least. What did you do night 1? You, @The Peeps (since he took over from bobby jim) and Mr-Paul are yet to say. Also I have a double vote today because I was kidnapped for some mud wrestling and other fun stuff!
  7. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Meh good enough for me Vote: Moogle
  8. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Given that Dedede targeted Peeps it's pretty suspicious that he knows about Moogle. Also Peeps died.
  9. Fantastic, really happy for you both, you make a great couple. Congrats too!
  10. Funny Stuff Thread

    Fukkin lawl :p
  11. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Sorry, I quoted myself from earlier. @Mr\-Paul @DuD @Jimbob @EEVILMURRAY I would enjoy it if you all gave an alibi! I think there is a mafia in here. I also think that moogle could be worth voting for HOWEVER I am wary because an aspect of my power is a bit dodgy-sounding too. Takes +2 to lynch me before day 5 because I can harden.
  12. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    Well I'd like an alibi from these people to refer to later. Everyone else has at least made a claim as to what they did, and so I would suggest that the killer has killed and lied or the killer is in these 5 people. Also I wouldn't mind a Moogle lynch tbh. If a train picks up I would probably board.
  13. Pokémafia EX Alpha 1 : Double Trouble!

    I don't reckon Magnus Peterson is mafia, he did good things involving me last night. Does anyone see themselves in the write-up? (besides Diageo obviously). I think I am in it. I THINK. One player was cursed: Since I didn't remember what that move did. Not sure how that translates into this game. Cube -> Did a thing or something. Involved a possible glow. Dedede -> TARGETED PEEPS DUN DUN DUN Diageo -> Targeted Cube drahkon -> TARGETED NO ONE DUN DUN DUN (dibble vote????) Esequiel -> Roleblocked heroicjanitor -> Targeted myself / was glowing in the write-up I think Jonnas -> Tried to target mr-paul MoogleViper -> Targeted mr-paul Rummy -> gangbanged Sheikah -> Targeted someone with an evasive power? Yvonne - > Targeted Moogle @Mr\-Paul @DuD @Jimbob @EEVILMURRAY @Carl Friedrich Gauss Y'all got some splainin' to do.
  14. The Jelly Bean Mafia

    You didn't vote for bobjim :p I felt you were on the same boat as me though. Get out of my boat.
  15. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Jiggle Physics