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  1. What.


    So first of all he fucks up/stops (may not have been him, but) Spectacular Spider-Man, the kid friendly and adult friendly, deep, funny, cool and action packed cartoon of epicness and replaces it with shitty bullshit Ultimate Spider-Man and now this?


    I would be FUCKING pissed off.

  2. FYI, Pokemafia Finale sign ups are up, if you would like to play in the conclusion to the ongoing Pokemafia story. It is DIY.



  3. FYI, Pokemafia Finale sign ups are up, if you would like to play in the conclusion to the ongoing Pokemafia story. It is DIY.



  4. Ah nice. Make it a priority. It is the best comic book. Everyone here adores it now. :p


    Anyway, welcome to the boards. Any friend of Rummy's is a friend of mine. :)

  5. Oh hell Frag. Do you read Invincible?

  6. I am unsure about how serious you were about pencilling a comic. :p. So just in case there was any ounce of seriousness in it, I do have a project that you'd be perfect for. I've never approached you before because;


    A) You seem too busy, particularly with your own projects in addition to everything else.




    B) Well I can't pay anyone. If this were to see publishing that is where the monies/profiteering would come from (slash lol, puiblishing, pipe dream etc).


    Anyway, take a gander at this;




    It would be like... a 3 issue mini series, so would entail 60 pages of work or so. If you had any interest at all....could be interesting. Throwing it out there.

  7. That is a wicked shirt.

  8. Fuck! I missed the Tim mistake, wonder if its on yewtewbs. Also, I R FAIL.


    Must be difficult to adjust to the new details after many years though.





  9. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLB43p9h3FMMW7dbdY1rtxeX_pXRr3hK0udUN00fgrjY6_VjHl8w


    Lol, that is funny.


    And yes. Drool. I'm sure you will have seen this, but for our viewing pleasure;



  10. Haha, yeah they announced that they cancelled it about 4 months ago as part of BBC's daytime original programming budget cuts.


    Sunday Brunch on C4 - I watched the whole episode. Considering it was an episode 1 I think it was VERY promising. Its a shame someone like Amanda Byram doesn't join them, but Simon having a more dominant role is very nice. And RID OF LOIUSE YES.



    I didn't mention Super Monkey Ball lol, but thats for the tip anyway. :p

  11. I am most displeased.

  12. Yeah that was just pussy rooke Invincible. The other versions will be "2H2H" (Too Hot Too Handel) **2 Hot To Handile**

  13. YEW shud totesz look at my cuwl dials and maybe commetn for winz.



  14. Basic brick pack/box £10-£20, Technic axel set £15 ish, errrmm....some LEGO elastic bands 1p each, 10 can't hurt from BrickLink.


    Probably even easier ways to get it in fact....ANY cheap Technic set (£10) the brick pack like I said. Oh and a board...£2 or so. But yeah. The parts used in that aren't remotely difficult to come by. You could probably in fact get every single piece from Bricklink for FILTHY cheap. (BrickLink is amazing)

  15. I know, I'm crap. I'll have a look naw.

  16. It depends how open you are to....*ahem* obtaining programmes. Not that I necessarily obtained said programme. But...a lot of people would recommend Adobe Premier, or whatever, but I think its a little more pro/impenetrable to a beginner. I recommend and love Sony Vegas Pro. (8.0 is more than ample)


    I also found that there werent any tutorial videos that gave the BASIC, but also ESSENTIAL video editting know-how bits, so I made my own, and I think its really good and really useful for getting into a better-than-Windows-Movie-Maker programme. Here is the link to that.




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