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  1. I got a request for this to be done, and I think its a good idea so keep all discussion about the Final Fantasy games on GBA & DS in here. Final Fantasy III Release date: 'Early 2006' in Japan Platform: DS Square Enix's Hiromichi Tanaka stated that the story, gameplay and characters are also to have a drastic makeover. The Executive Producer of this remake, and one of the original team members on the Famicom version, pointed out that the original was far beyond its time when released and it is hoped the same highs can be achieved with this DS update. Thus, rather than the original four nameless characters that all looked alike, this time each will have developed personalities, appearances and styles that work into the expanded storyline even better. In addition, the job system is being tweaked to provide gamers with greater choice in the various class groups as they play through the title. But again, there is more - Tanaka plans to make good use of the unique features of the Nintendo DS with the option of playing through to the end using only the touch-screen if you desire and wireless bonuses for side quests. Final Fantasy IV Advance Release date: Already out in US, European date is 'Early 2006' Platform: GBA http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/929937.asp http://media.gameboy.ign.com/media/771/771903/vids_1.html Gamespot: Final Fantasy IV, arguably the breakthrough entry in the influential series, is a perfect fit for the Game Boy Advance and is a must-play experience for fans of role-playing games. Final Fantasy V Release date: Unknown Platform: GBA Will include extra features over Super Nintendo counterpart. No other details are known, but 2006 release is expected. Final Fantasy VI Release date: Unknown Platform: GBA Will include extra features over Super Nintendo counterpart. No other details are known, but 2006 release is expected. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Release date: Unknown Platform: DS No details known. Feel free to also talk about the other GBA Final Fantasys here, and as soon as there's any news on III,V,VI or Crystal Chronicles, make sure you post it here rather than make a new thread There's also the slight chance that rumour of FFVII coming to DS could turn out true :wink:
  2. http://www.revolutionreport.com/articles/read/249 Revolution Report has been the exclusive outlet for all news concerning Polish developer NIBRIS and its first title, Raid over the River, planned for both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution. Earlier today, the studio's Project Manager Piotr Orlowski provided a brief update on the status of NIBRIS' titles. According to Orlowski, NIBRIS is wrapping up work on the first level of the Raid over the River DS Version. As is stated on the team's new Web site, a "playable demo of the first game that is heading to the Nintendo DS should be available for interested parties before February 2006." In regards to the Revolution version, he was only able to say at this time that the game's working title is Raid over the River Revolution and that "this game will be the second part of the Raid over the River story," the first obviously for the Nintendo DS. Concluding, Orlwoski affirmed that NIBRIS "has a strong business partner" and said he hopes that both versions of Raid over the River give Nintendo fans a lot of fun in a fresh way.
  3. Sadness

    Okay there was an image(not working anymore) from Nibris' official site [http://www.nibris.net/] that revealed the release date of the promising looking horror game, 2007. I have compiled together lots of information and art etc. for the game so keep anything about the game in here! There's a rumour that they will release screens in the next few days, so keep your eye out and hope for the best :awesome: If they are shown please post them in here. Official Art Music[MP3 file] http://www.nibris.net/download/sadnesssoundtrack.mp3 E3 2006 Trailer http://media.revolution.ign.com/media/816/816122/vids_1.html
  4. So I was talking to Dom on msn about how my gaming TV is so far from my PC so I need a wireless adaptor for my 360 to go on LIVE He was saying how he has his PC and all his consoles in the same room...and in his bedroom. I was wondering...what is everyone's gaming set up like? My main gaming TV is downstairs in one of the biggest rooms at the far left of the house and the TV is a 32" widescreen flatscreen(not HD). I sit on a big chair to play, hate sofas for gaming My PC is upstairs in a tiny room near my bedroom(19" LCD monitor). I also have my dreamcast downstairs in a small cosy room on a small, normal TV. As for handhelds...I play em anywhere...although usually in bed. So yeah, I have no consoles or PC in my bedroom. You? PS: pictures would be nice
  5. Premium Pack £279.99 Xbox 360 console 20GB detachable hard drive Wireless controller Wireless Xbox Live headset High-definition AV cables Ethernet cable Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time) Detachable faceplate Xbox Live Silver membership Core System £209.99 Xbox 360 console Wired controller Detachable faceplate Xbox Live Silver membership Standard AV cables Official site: http://www.xbox.com Recommended place to buy Xbox 360 hardware/games[uK]: http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/plat_shop.asp?platform=XB360 Full list of Xbox games that work on Xbox 360: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/backwardcompatibilitygameslist.htm Xbox Live - information and help http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/live/ Upcoming Games Release List http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/releases.html Keep all 360 discussion in this thread if possible However, I don't mind there being some seperate threads for the games.
  6. Majora's Mask

    Remember us talking about it and how had just I started at CE? Well lets continue talking here I'm going to play soem more tommorow, can't wait.
  7. ExciteTruck

    This really deserves its own thread, the game looks SO FUN. That and its the other Nintendo title at launch other than the beast. Screenshots don't represent how fun the game seems, but might aswell have em anyway.
  8. I'll remake official threads for the RPGs like before Keep em as busy as before guys!
  9. Eternal Sonata

    New RPG for 360...from Namco :awesome:
  10. Post Your Purchases

    Everytime you make a purchase, post it here. Pics would be nice too
  11. Shenmue

    I've finally got it and started playing, after all these years of wanting too finally. Lets put it this way, I've never felt so immersed and have that 'magical feeling' at the start of a game since OOT. It doesn't feel like I've started a new game, but another life. Incredible. And I know its just gonna get better as a massive journey lies ahead... Could no-one put any spoilers here please:smile:
  12. The Music Thread.

    Kid A > OK Computer > In Rainbows > The Bends > Amnesiac > Pablo Honey
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    Step Brothers 6/10 The sleepwalking scenes made me laugh...and the ball sack on drum set scene! Overall it could have been better though.
  14. Post Your Purchases

    I'm obsessed with Diesel clothing
  15. Tales Of Vesperia

    I got this spontaneously the other day when I saw it at £19.99 on shopto and was craving a new game after going 3 or 4 months without playing any videogames. It's awesome!! very much like Symphonia.
  16. Happy Birthday Stocka

    is it worth staying?
  17. Happy Birthday Stocka

    wow! thank you everyone, didn't expect that at all
  18. Shenmue

    Hey all. I don't post here regularly anymore but I felt obliged to share this with you having remembered the many of you here who also always shared my passion for Shenmue. I'm in Tokyo at the moment for three months and today I decided to finally go visit Dobuita! It was surreal to be there, so glad that I went I found it suprising how the majority of the locals were American and the place is full of American bars. It must be because Yokosuka is an American Military base. Anyway, I didn't get there till late in the evening so unfortunately didn't have enough time to try and see the harbour or the neighbourhood where ryo's house was.
  19. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    This was unexpected http://www.gametrailers.com/player/41032.html
  20. Why do we game?

    Lately I haven't been motivated enough to even want to play a videogame yet alone actually do so. I'm hoping for my passion of playing games to be re-ignited by something fresh soon. I'm going to TGS where i'll be playing games for the first time in over 2 months so perhaps it will...Mirror's Edge maybe.
  21. Rate the last film you saw

    Thank You For Smoking Decent. Not laugh out loud funny but an enjoyable hour and a half. 7/10
  22. DS/DSi General Discussion

    Do I make the most of being in Japan at the time of release and buy it? I was certain that I would until hearing of this region lock.
  23. I look forward to playing this on saturday at TGS more than any other. I think it could be the game that gets me back in to gaming.