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Found 4 results

  1. Sick sick sick of unemployment. Absolutely had it up to here with it. There's nothing around at all; and I have no doubt that all the school/college/uni leavers have it the same right now. All the skilled workers are being put out of a job and are taking the jobs that people like me would be taking at this kind of time. What is there to do? I've signed on, I'm searching for jobs every week, and nothing is suitable. Either everyone wants you to have 2 years experience working in the field or a full driving license and your own car. Which wouldn't be so hard to achieve if I had a job in the first place! So yeah, grumble grumble. Right now I just feel like I'm alone, but I know I'm not. Anyone else feeling the strain right now?
  2. Rabbids Go Home

    - action/adventure game - Rabbids have decided they want to go home, but they don’t know where home is. For whatever reason, they decide that the Moon is their destination - Rabbids goal is to collect enough junk to build a tower to reach the moon - control two Rabbids at once: one sits inside a shopping cart, another pushes - push cart into various junk to collect it - some items require extra steps to collect - use ‘BWAH!’ attack to scare clothing off of NPCs, then collect to add to your tower - other items are used to give rabbids new abilities, power-ups for their cart
  3. Ahead of its second quarter financial results expected July 30th, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has predicted Nintendo will report sales above ¥421 billion ($3.91 billion) and raise yearly guidance to near ¥1,907 billion ($17.7 billion), adding that the company hasn't abandoned core gamers. Pachter's estimates are above consensus estimates of ¥400 billion ($3.72 billion) for the quarter, and yearly guidance is above the company's own current guidance of ¥1,800 billion ($16.7 billion) and ¥325 billion ($3.02 billion) in profit, with more conservative estimates for software sold, especially in the U.S. "Nintendo's recent financial performance has been spectacular and we expect this to continue in FY:09," said Pachter, "Nintendo's Wii and DS appear to be selling even better in FY:09 than in FY:08, and we believe the momentum will last through the end of FY:09." He concluded that while "some hardcore gamers were critical of Nintendo's failure to announce new Mario and Zelda games at the show... we think that Nintendo focused upon building upon its formidable lead with the mass market, and do not consider the lack of major hard core game announcements to be an abandonment of its core." www.gamasutra.com
  4. Post Your Purchases

    Everytime you make a purchase, post it here. Pics would be nice too