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  1. Wii Fit

    Smyths toy stores have loads in stock. At least every London branch has some in stock. Their website operates a reserve and collect service like Argos. http://www.smythstoys.com/WII-FIT-WII-!F00674-prod.aspx
  2. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Seems like great fun. Just got my arse kicked online, although that was BEFORE I completed the tutorial Anyway, my VIP points for this game arent working, keep getting invalid PIN error. Anyone else having probs?
  3. Eledees!

    got this yesterday. On stage 3. I seem to be a bit crap, C rankings on both levels and none of the pink eledees found...
  4. Sony Gamers Day Thread

    Massive YAWN from me apart from Little Big Planet. Sure the other titles look pretty (esp Unchartered) but all generic games that we've already played many many times before.
  5. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    I hope you are right and this is a case of Square being caught with their trousers down. One thing puzzles me about that logic, how come they made the decision long in advance to support the xbox360 then?.. but I suppose this could be a case of doing a quick and dirty port using the unreal3 engine.
  6. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    Listen asshole, I never brought the DS into it. I specifically said WII was being snubbed. You talk about limited resources - well thats my point! why waste money and resources developing for a system that has already proven a flop, has a laughable userbase and whose sales are dropping lower and lower, month after month. Yes folks, I AM talking about the PS3. Furthermore you claim I am trolling? Do you really put Chocobo's mysterious dungeon up there with the likes of final fantasy or that new epic RPG the last remnant? Crystal Cronicles might be of some hope, but judging from the GC game, I doubt it. Even a main final fantasy spin off such as FF13 Versus would have done.. but no. That dragons quest sword game is irrelevant too. Why? Because it is based on a TV plug in and play game, the likes you see in toys r us for a tenner... yep deep gameplay indeed, or just sword swinging crap. Fact is that Nintendo have proven themselves with the wii, month after month its sales go through the roof, demand is NOT going down - yet square would rather support the flagging PS3. And considering it costs a great deal more to develop on the PS3, I'd say they are snubbing the wii right now.
  7. Wii and projectors

  8. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    And thats our point. Usually this decision is based on USERBASE. Have you taken a recent look at how PS3 is performing against Wii? Wii is slaughtering it , so Wii rightfully should see the support.
  9. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    Yeah, silly me. I didnt realise those were Wii games.
  10. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    The DS could have done with Star Ocean 1 and 2. Im a bit pissed that the games have been remade for the 'flagging' PSP
  11. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    On-rails sword swinging game based on basic electronic plug and play tv sword game. Not a 'real' final fantasy game. simplified, low budget adventure. Yet the PS3 and 360 get this.. and yes I believe the Wii could have handled this, albeit not in HD.
  12. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    so you have not played the original Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon game? I just want decent third party support on Wii. Nintendo need not prove anything else, the Wii is destroying the PS3 worldwide, yet wheres our support?
  13. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    Even though the Wii outsells the PS3 10 to one in Japan, and outsells it world wide with higher software sales, Square enix have still decided to snub the Wii... This is a bit of a cut and paste from Other's comments in other forums, but I wholeheartedly agree... Announcements ● Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes for PSP ● Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon for Wii *CRAP* ● Last Remnant 360/PS3 ● Star Ocean 4 (PS3) ● Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers ● Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Rings of Fate ● Final Fantasy XII Intl. (w/ Zodiac Job System) http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3159370 Square either.. 1) Arent in the business of making any money 2) Actually want a monopoly in the industry and will back Sony to the bitter end, irrespective of the success of any competitor. I truly hope their 'support' of PS3 will bite them in the ass financially as much as that waste of time 'Spirits Within' movie did.
  14. Wii snubbed? - Sixaxis honoured with Emmy

    SCEA will receive this distinguished honor at an awards presentation being held tonight at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007 in Las Vegas.
  15. PS3 controller picks up prestigious gong at CES http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=22052 The PlayStation 3's Sixaxis controller has been honoured with an award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The Technology and Engineering Emmy Award comes as the console manufacturer also revealed it has shipped one million units of its PlayStation 3 to North American retailers. "The overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim for PS3 is testament of the platform's strength and the industry's desire for a true next-generation entertainment system," commented Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "The full potential of this powerful machine has yet to be realised. What you've seen so far is just a taste of what will be on the table for 2007 and years to come," he added. The Sixaxis controller has added motion sensing technology to re-define the original Dual Shock controller, detecting natural, real-time movements, along with input via pressure sensitive buttons, analogue sticks and triggers. Sony's PlayStation 3 has also picked up the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007, PC World's 20 Most Innovative Products Award, Sound and Vision's Editor's Choice Award and a Digital Innovation Award from the Digital Entertainment Group.