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  1. Just watched the Digital Foundry breakdown, good to see them so enthusiastic about the SSD and 3D audio and that they could be game changers in the future. Got to say I’m really impressed with both the PS5 and XSX, both are packed with loads of new tech and it should make for a great generational leap. Kind of happy the two consoles are trying different things this time round it should make for an interesting gen. Anyway glad both have got the specs out the way now, now on to the fun part, the games.
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    For those intending to buy physical copies.
  3. YouTube stream, looks to be about 52 mins long.
  4. Yeah this is me as well, still running my base launch PS4 and a 1080p tv so will make the jump to PS5 and 4K at launch. If I can bring all my digital and PS plus library over it’s well worth the upgrade.
  5. Resident Evil 3 (3rd April 2020)

    Demo out on the 19th
  6. Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

    Yeah it’s looking like a really powerful, well thought out console, if the new studios can deliver a better library of games they should do well next gen.
  7. Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

    Lots of Xbox Series X news today. and a fridge for scale
  8. General TV Thread

    HBO are making a Last Of Us series.
  9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Demo is up on the store.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    @Hero-of-Time probably deserves that platinum trophy.
  11. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    Spent a fair bit of time on this over the weekend, time is definitely the enemy. Been mainly doing imp quests but did build a game for the Temple imp quest, it’s a 2D test level in a 3D landscape and works quite well. Have given it a start screen and a hub scene so more levels can be added in the future. Have another game I made for a previous community jam that I need to finish, so I think I’ll try and complete these 2 games before starting anything else to big, will still try and contribute to future community jams though.