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  1. Marvel's Phase 4

    Hey y’all, so I made Miss Minutes in Dreams.
  2. Tencent are buying Sumo.
  3. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    I’d recommend the charging dock, it has its own power supply so no need to worry what the console is doing. Also frees up USB ports on the console.
  4. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Demo is up on PS4/5, hopefully up on switch as well.
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Glad you’re enjoying Ratchet at least! A Reddit thread trying different settings for rest mode, it might help. Rest Mode Thread
  6. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Been lucky enough not to encounter anything myself but the PS5 has had a lot of rest mode bugs. It seems to be linked to the firmware where various things like HDMI CEC, USB ports, external storage are telling the PS5 to turn off even in rest mode. I think you can try workarounds by disabling stuff in settings and it will no doubt get resolved in future firmware updates but frustrating none the less. The firmware and OS has a lot of potential but definitely came in hot for the PS5 launch and is certainly a little undercooked at the moment.
  7. Like others have said the 2016 remake isn’t the best example of the series, it was a bit of a rush job to tie in with the movie but served a purpose at the time. As for Rift Apart I thought it was incredible, it’s just a really great feel good game which you need every now and then and you can’t help playing through it with a big smile on your face. The visuals are some of best I’ve seen up till now, excellent dual sense features and audio and SSD stuff is kind of mind blowing with whole worlds loading in a blink of an eye. To have a showcase for the PS5 this early on has me really excited for the future of the system. Highly recommend a challenge mode play through as well, I just finished my first challenge run through and it was even more fun than the first. Having a full Arsenal of weapons and a levelled up RYNO you never know what might come through a rift! Also give me some post game Rivet content please.
  8. Just played through the prologue, great stuff. Started in fidelity mode for all the bells and whistles but will switch around like I did with Miles Morales.
  9. Yeah +1 for Day of the Devs it was awesome, so many good indies. Go check it out if you left the stream after Summer Game Fest. Annapurna Showcase as mentioned by @Ganepark32
  10. General Switch Discussion

    They might of heard you.
  11. Yeah got fingers crossed they get Fable right, it should be in good hands with Playground now. Imagine we will see more of Evowed, Obsidian seem pretty efficient in getting games and content out.
  12. Yeah hopefully the extra time on Halo has helped, some screenshots they released already looked loads better. I don’t think Everwild is being shown either which makes you think other studios are ready to share what they have cooking.