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  1. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    People starting to get in to the industry and the game still hasn’t been released yet. Ive been playing through the beta and early access and the tool set really is amazing and it should only get better with full release. Hoping it gets a PS5 upgrade so you can make bigger and better stuff.
  2. Destiny 2

    Me and @MilaGi we're gonna check it out later, join us if you want we'll be on about 8. Think we're at the right stage of the xenophage quest.
  3. Destiny 2

    Yeah count me in for both of those.
  4. Destiny 2

    Cool, I'll be on tonight about 6-7ish.
  5. Destiny 2

    I heard subsistence was an underrated perk, not rolled one with that yet so haven't been able to try it out. If you want to run shattered throne again before reset let me know. Will drop you a clan invite when you're next online, good to have you back.
  6. Destiny 2

    After the first raid there are 2 raid lairs on the leviathan. First one is 300 light the next 370. Then the the last wish raid in the dreaming city is 550. The raids with the annual pass are scourge of the past at 640 and the latest crowns of sorrow I think is 720. Happy to run them all at some point as none of us have done them.
  7. Destiny 2

    Yeah I think there has been 5 raids since the first one, a few are only raid lairs but a lot of content to catch up on. Also for those returning, don't miss some content in warmind. Escalation protocol is good but the whisper quest is amazing and not to be missed.
  8. Ghostwire: Tokyo

    Best thing about this announcement was Ikumi Nakamura, she was great and has a pretty impressive CV. Interested to see how this game works out under her direction.
  9. Destiny 2

    Glad you're enjoying it, for me Forsaken is some of the best Destiny content Bungie have done. It gets even better once you reach the dreaming city as well. Me @MilaGi, @Deathjam and Kirsty are always playing so give us a shout if you want a hand with anything or wanna team up for gambit, always up for the raid as we've struggled for enough people previously.
  10. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    Have followed you now @Ganepark32 and shared my game scene and puppet in progress, look forward to seeing your creations. Have also followed @somme nice work so far!
  11. Dreams (14th Feb 2020)

    Yeah, Ive picked up the early access as well, looking forward to diving back in again. I agree that the controls and toolset seem a little daunting at first but stick at it as it really does become second nature after a while and spend as much time as you need in the tutorials. In my two weeks in the Beta I spent the first week just doing tutorials and the second week applying what id learnt to my first puppet and game scene. I'll try and send you my game scene later so you can see how things can quickly come together.
  12. The Division 2

    Open Beta trailer End game info. Clans info.
  13. The Division 2

    Open beta next weekend.
  14. Dreams (14th Feb 2020) Register for updates I only had a couple of weeks in the beta but absolutely loved it, hope I can get into early access.