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NintendoLife handily put together a list of Nintendo Events.


Nintendo Events — 10th June


Nintendo Digital Event — 09:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern / 17:00 UK / 18:00 CET — This will be the main event for reveals, in which we expect firm release dates for some current projects and, of course, all-new titles. It will be an hour or less and, we hope, very exciting.


Nintendo Minute Digital Event recap — likely to be 10:00 Pacific / 13:00 Eastern / 18:00 UK / 19:00 CET — immediately following the Digital Event will be a special episode of Nintendo Minute that will recap and expand upon the announcements.


Nintendo Demo — 14:40 Pacific / 17:40 Eastern / 22:40 UK / 23:40 CET — A 20 minute demonstration of, based on the Twitch description, a previously-announced game; alternatively it could be a new game 'announced' in the Digital Event. We'll be watching regardless.


Super Smash Bros. Invitational — 16:00 Pacific / 17:00 Eastern / midnight UK / 01:00 (11th June) CET — Nintendo's main live event, this will be an extravaganza celebrating the franchise in front of 3000 fans, while 16 competitors will do battle in the Wii U version of the game.


Nintendo Events — 11th June


Nintendo Demo — 14:10 Pacific / 17:10 Eastern / 22:10 UK / 23:10 CET — Another 20 minute demonstration on Twitch.


Nintendo Events — 12th June


Nintendo Demo — 12:00 Pacific / 15:00 Eastern / 20:00 UK / 21:00 CET — This one is particularly intriguing, as Twitch is listing this as an "Unannounced Title"; it's a 20 minute demonstration.


Nintendo Demo — 14:40 Pacific / 17:40 Eastern / 22:40 UK / 23:40 CET — A 20 minute demonstration on Twitch.


Ongoing Nintendo Events — all of E3


Nintendo Treehouse — Following the Digital Event the Treehouse team — responsible for localisation of Nintendo products, in particular — will be running a continual live stream (apart from during the Smash Bros. Invitational) showing off games and even revealing details. This unscripted three day event will even have appearances from major figures such as Shigeru Miyamoto.


I've tried to grab everyone's predictions form the other thread. I apologise if I have missed people out.



My Predictions:


1. New Gamepad-less Wii U model for Smash Bros release - With either a Pro controller or all new GC-like pad. (maybe a red coloured console ala the Wii)


2. Wii U Zelda - Trailer, but not playable.


3. A Pokemon Battle game - in relation to the teaser we got last year.


4. Majora's Mask - with all the hints we have been getting, its hard to not see this coming. Likely for the 3DS instead of Wii U.


5. An extreme sports online racer - either 1080, Wave Race or F-Zero. New game.



Hmm. I think Majoras mask 3ds and a trailer for a dark epic Zelda too.... But I'll say 5 different ones :)


1. Metroid Prime from Retro for this year

2. Pilotwings Wii U from Monster for this year

3. Miamoto has a collection (6) of small eshop games each using the gamepad in really inventive ways

4. Monster Hunter 4 Wii u

5. A big 3rd party partnership - I'm going to predict square Enix doing a Nintendo rpg like Kingdom hearts



Some good ones there, not considered the scaled-down Wii U, and while it's a good idea...Nintendo won't do it. It's inbuilt to quite a few games, and Nintendo doesn't work like that. Some sort of relaunch? That's definitely in the cards.


1) YEAR OF ZELDA. Zelda Wii U trailer and demo dungeon. Majora's Mask 3D for 3DS. Though, since everyone's been wanting it, they'll probably release it for Wii U E-shop just to annoy people like with the GBA games (you know THIS is now a possibility!) SHOCK OUT THERE PART: They announce a 52-episode official anime of Zelda.


^NOTE: On the above; if Nintendo wants to start appealing to kids, a couple of new Nintendo cartoons in the "for all ages but with mature humour" would be good.


2) New Mario game for 3DS starring...someone other than Mario/Luigi. Possibly the duo of Peach/Toad?


3) The most obvious will be...Donkey Kong Country 3 Returns. Just a trailer, though.


4) Pokemon Wii U. Battle Stadium/Maybe short XD like RPG? There'll be special packs with those little scannable toy Pokemon. This will make Nintendo Gazillionaires! Oh, and exclusive previews of a few New Pokemon PLEASE, which will drive sales of Wii U up off the scale!


5) Wii U Paper Mario traditional RPG (like 64/TTYD). Well this is more of a "I hope so", rather than what I actually believe will happen.


^Oh, and for Nintendo to announce the companies it has just bought/buying and give an inkling of the games they'll be making!



Mostly wild speculation more than sensible predictions:


A sequel to Advance Wars Dark Conflict, with smaller scale skirmish multiplayer matches more suited to online play and StreetPass battles.

Retro Studio's new game - Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

Hanabi Festival U - Famicon Wars, Fire Emblem localisations for the West, Sataleview games like BS F-Zero GP and BS Excitebike.

New F-Zero, 1080 or Wave Race turned into Nintendo's first official eSports game. Then Smash Bros for Wii U revealed to also be an official eSports title.

Diddy Kong Racing 2 for 3DS from Next Level Games.



There's a reason F-Zero, Advance Wars and Metroid lead the charge of the GBA Virtual Console, so I'm thinking each of those series is getting a new instalment announced at E3


Then there's Zelda U, the NFC game and Smash Bros. dates, and probably a few surprises.


Oh, and The Adventures of Captain Toad on the eShop right after the presentation :p



I expect only the Zelda U trailer (or probably teaser). No expectations, no disappointments ;)



I'm expecting a Rosalina game. Her inclusion in 3D World, Kart and Smash suggests Nintendo wants her to be a prominent character.


Possibly an Animal Crossing tease too but that could be a while off.


As others have eluded, is it too late for a WiiU rebrand?



I would love if they released Mother 3 on the WiiU vc, it seems only logical after releasing earthbound.


We'll probably get a Zelda U trailer, but I don't think it will be playable. Hopefully more info on X and Bayonetta 2.

Wild guesses/ wishes:


-Metroid 2D sprite game for 3DS

-Metroid prime for WiiU

-FINALLY flipnote studio 3D

-Localise the chibi robo eshop game+ new wiiU title

-A sequel to Wario Ware: DIY

-Majora's Mask 3D (just seems logical)

-A new Mario game for Wiiu comparable with the likes of galaxy, sunshine and 64

-I would cry from joy when they launched a wireless gamecube pad for WiiU along with smash bros...



1. Zelda U (2015)

2. Metroid U (2015)

3. Starfox U (October)

4. Some sort of Mario game for the 3DS (November)

5. Captain Toad Adventures (September)


I'd love to see Majora's Mask 3D but I think that's more likely to be announced in a regular Direct.



I can really only see the Zelda U video... maybe a quick 5 min playable demo...


But wild hopes are:


1) 'GameCube on VC TODAY' annoucment.

2) Zombi U 2 - really no chance but I really want it!

3) F-Zero (anything)

4) A new first person Metroid

5) Beyond Good and Evil Wii U exclusive! ( lol )



We'll definitely see more of Bayonetta 2 and X and *hopefully* get release dates for those. We'll also definitely get Zelda and given that they were ready to show it last year, we'll likely get a playable demo.


I expect we'll also see Miyamoto's new I.P as well as a F-Zero game (wishful thinking, but something's coming...right?). Hopefully we'll see what the Pikmin team are up to, as well.


Oh. Majora's is a sure thing for 3DS...Given that it used the Ocarina engine, I'm sure grezzo could just use an updated OoT3D engine to get it out for Christmas.



My Wii U predictions:


1. If Zelda is shown (and I have a feeling it won't be, despite all the evidence), it will be controversial. It won't look outright bad, but an optional multiplayer mode could influence the whole game, similar to Super Mario 3D World. Rather than the expected "in there with Link" camera angle, there could be a somewhat overhead view, like a 2.5D game. Hope I'm wrong with this.


2. Metroid Prime 4 (or possibly Metroid V). Samus Aran has been very prominent recently - in the Smash Bros Direct, the Tomodachi Life Direct and as a pin on Reggie's blazer. If it's Metroid Prime 4 (or the beginning of a new trilogy), it would be by Retro Studios, in which case they would need to have been working on it a long time before they finished Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. It's also possible that Metroid Dread/Metroid V, whilst initially expected to be a DS title, was delayed and transformed into an HD console game with hand-drawn graphics (similar to Ware Ware: the Shake Dimension). However, I'm leaning towards this being a fully 3D game by Retro.


3. Wii U Re-launch. The Wii U re-launched - cheaper, and with a traditional controller. Although Nintendo has said it will unveil software that shows the worth of the GamePad, I have a hunch that most games from now on will work without it.


4. F-Zero. I don't think the evidence for this is as strong as Metroid or Zelda - however, it's true that it's quite an unusual choice for one of the first three GBA Virtual Console games (unusual because, in my opinion, it's one of the less accessible entries) and so might be a hint.


5. More wishful thinking than a prediction, but... Kid Icarus as a fully 3D game. This franchise has been quite prominent recently (at least in the Smash Bros Direct) and overall I feel Nintendo has updated the whole world and characters in a way that is too good not to use.



1. Zelda Wii U

2. Smash Bros surprise new key mechanic/feature

3. First details new Miyamoto IP but won't be a gamers game

4. Mario Strikers Wii U

5. New sports for Wii Sports Club








1. Zelda U is the obvious one. Expecting a trailer with awesome music, but absolutely nothing else.


2. New stuff. At least one game from a franchise we weren't even thinking about will be announced (this prediction includes new franchises).


3. Nothing from Retro. Much less a Metroid game*. I think it's pretty obvious that, whatever it is they have, they only had, like, 6-8 months on it. So, unless it's a Tropical Freeze sequel, no dice.

*If there is a Metroid game, it won't be from Retro


4. Wario. An announcement regarding him (and/or Waluigi) will take place. Smash Bros. put this idea in my head and now it won't leave.


5. Old Stuff. More info on games we already know about. Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta, etc. It can't be stressed enough, a lot of what we'll see at E3 will be about this.



Aside from Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta and Zelda U, I think we will see a new Star Fox game this year.


I also think there will be another HD remake like Wind Waker last year.



Wii U Music, with NFC collectable instruments, sold in blind packs.


*Tells myself; Don't get hyped again, don't get hyped again!



1 - Zelda U Revealed

2 - New bonus scheme of VC Games 1 for 50p for 6 Months (like last year)

3 - Metroid Wii U

4 - Starfox: Universe

5 - Loads of info on previous announced titles - Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, X



I don't think we'll see Yarn Yoshi, think that game will be canned.



Bayonetta 2 trailer with release date.

X trailer now 2015 with possible name change.

Zelda trailer 2015

Hyrule Warriors trailer followed by Majoras Mask 3D to keep us Zelda fans busy while we wait for Wii U Zelda.

Yoshi Yarn trailer with release date for end of the year.

Smash Bros trailer with final date for 3DS version.

WatchDogs demoed on stage.

Retro Studios project shown/teased.

NFC project shown. Possibly related to Smash Bros or new Wii U Animal Crossing.

Return of an old franchise like F-Zero or Pilotwings.

Advance Wars 3DS.




Zelda U: It'll be announced and due to the dire situation, Iwata has told Aonuma to make this entry a killer app to attract fans and core gamers alike, rather than yet another experiment.


New Sega exclusive: Sega announce a new Wii U exclusive game of some sort.


Third party deals: Nintendo have made som previously unknown deals with third party developers. We'll see the results.


Some franchise returns: Some franchise we haven't heard from in many years finally gets a sequel. Starfox? Waverace? 1080? Excitebike? Pilotwings? Who knows!


Wishful thinking:


Nintendo Remake Division: Nintendo announce they've started a new studio that prepares rookie gamedev talent for work on larger Nintendo projects. This is a step towards making more games and larger games. To practice and separate the golden eggs from the rotten eggs, this studio will solely work on remakes of older 3D Nintendo games. First game announced is Mario 64 HD for the Wii U.


Grand Theft Auto: Vercetti Returns Nintendo have come to a Twin Snakes-style agreement with Rockstar, that allows them to make a Wii U exclusive entry in the GTA series, using the GTA V engine. Nintendo have given the task to Retro Studios. The game is set in Vice City, but is a brand new game.



"Please understand", Zelda U, Quality of Life bollocks, disappointment.


I hope not but I think Nintendo have lost it and don't have the slightest clue as to what to do to turn things around.



E3 Predictions


More information on Zelda for the WiiU, revealing a cross between sailing and horse riding.

New Metroid

News on F-Zero

Majoras Mask 3DS confirmed

A new franchise

A re-launch of how Nintendo think*, with a re-launch of the WiiU.


*Advertising, promotions


What will actually happen




Fused King

Well, another year, another E3, another time to hope for news on F-Zero, Star Fox and Advance Wars.


I hope we get to hear about Next Level Games's new project too :D



E3 predictions? Well...I'd say something like this:



-everyone's jizzing all over the place in anticipation

-train goes off the tracks

-tears, lots of tears


Seriously though, I'm really not expecting anything. We've seen how Nintendo operates during the last year and a half, so that's what we're gonna get, more of the same. Bayonetta this, X that, Smash Brothers, Yoshi Yarn etc. Maybe some Quality of Living products too, and a few new quirky projects. That's the Nintendo of today for you.



My Predictions


Only listing what I think will be the big announcements




Majora's Mask 3D

Super Mario 3D Land 2

2D Metroid by WayForward


Wii U


Zelda U

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Wii Sports Club - retail release

Luigi's Mansion 3



My predictions (pretty safe?)


  • Zelda shown - Fall 2015 release
  • Metroid teaser - Retro Studies Fall 2015 release
  • X - Releasing in fall 2014 (March 2015 Europe/US)
  • Smash Bros. WiiU overload
  • Bayonetta 2 coming for Christmas 2014
  • A new party game - using NFC for cards and the gamepad acting as a spinning wheel or dice
  • More e-Shop titles, quick wins using famous IP
  • Mario Kart DLC (entice buyers into Nintendo's online eco system with their biggest 2014 release)
  • The Shin Megami Tensai/Fire Emblem crossover (or however it is pronounced)
  • The Zelda Warriors spin-off game
  • Yoshi's Yarn - which will be brilliant and beautiful, building on Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • NFC e-cards that are cheap to purchase that contain small titles that use the GamePad in silly, short and unique ways. Can come bundled in with games or bought seperately
  • A hint at the next 3DS Pokemon perhaps?
  • Something else from Next Level Games on the 3DS
  • WiiU quick launch and other new features launched during E3
  • VC gets an injection with DS and N64 games shown. Still no GC.


Outside of Ninty:

Loads of Unity games for e-Shop. A ridiculous amount infact

Shin'en games suddenly being shown in the limelight with their new racer. Hopefully showing a remastered version of Jett Rocket or a port of the sequel on the WiiU too.



I'm predicting Mario. Lots more Mario. Every franchise Nintendo has will be converted to a Mario title. Mario merch. Mario candy. Mario stationary. Mario healthcare. Mario condoms. Mario weaponry. M-16s with Mario emblazoned on the side. For kids! Reggie totes one and fires into the crowd. They run, they scream but the doors are bolted shut with Mario padlocks. Reggie laughs and fires again, blood congealing on Mario shag carpeting. It is all Mario. There is only Mario now and forever Mario. Mario. Mario? Mario! Maaaaaaaaarioooo!






The sound of Mario on the breeze. A dog barks in the night of Mario. The boot of Mario stamping on a human face forever. Mario.


Goron_3 Take 2

Anyway, here are my predictions for E3:


-We'll get two of the following: HD Xenoblade/HD Twilight Princess+Skyward Sword/HD Super Mario Galaxy 1+2.

-A trailer for Starfox on Wii U, featuring a full online model. It'll be made by the Pikmin team.

-Zelda gameplay trailer. It's gonna be awesome. Slated for a 2015 release.

-Majora's Mask 3D.

-Miyamoto new I.P.

-Bayonetta port.

-Baoynetta and X given release dates for this winter, along with Smash.


Now, that stuff will definitely make me happy. To make me very happy, I'd like to see this:


-New F-Zero.

-A new Metroid title (not like Fusion or Other M).


To make me ECSTATIC:


-A 'NEW Legend of Zelda' series, which is basically a new top down Zelda like Four Swords, which features online play.

-A LEGO Nintendo title.

-An Ice Climbers 2D game made by WayForward.


Oh. And I predict that Mango will win the Smash U tournament and that he'll get to play Sakurai afterwards :)


I honestly don't know what to expect from Nintendo this year.


I think my main guess is that they don't announce anything new this year. They just show us more of the games they've already said they have in the pipeline.


What five things I'd like to see this year?

  1. GameCube games on the Wii U VC. Unlikely though as they seem to be in no rush to bring N64 games to the Wii U.
  2. Now that there is a unified account across the two platforms make it so that purchasing a VC game on one platform allows it to be played on any platform it's available for... like how Sony do.
  3. A Metroid game.
  4. A Starfox game.
  5. A cross game (& platform?) messaging system. I know you can send messages in Miiverse but it's too many steps.


Welsh Gamer

Had a go at making an E3 Bingo Card earlier, after coming across a template on GAF.




When is Yarn Yoshi expected? I'm hopeful for a July/August release, even though I've played through 3 new Nintendo platformers in the last 3 months :heh:



Wii U

New Starfox - Sequel to Starfox adventures, big story mode featuring multiple planets to visit (think, Ratchet and Clank style) Also features a Mission mode that is typical SF style flight levels that can be played by up to 2 players. Finally, an online dogfight mode.


New Metroid - Start of a new trilogy, made by Retro, FPS like prime


New Zelda- Looks just like the tease from the Wii U reveal video, biggest Zelda yet with multiple towns and NPC's to interact with. Will also feature a Dark Souls style message system where you can leave messages in dungeons that will appear in other people's games


New Pokemon - Would love a fully fledged RPG but this will likely be a fighting game featuring NFC with Pokemon figures


More gamecube HD remastered titles


Advance wars U




Majoras mask 3D

Metroid - 2D game that will act as a bridge between the end of Prime and the new Wii U title

New 3DS model



Luigi's Mansion 3.


Please, please, please!



God I hope Zelda Wii U looks like the demo presentation from before. I'm a little worried that it's going to be controversial. I'm calling it that it will be.


  • Paper Mario Wii U
  • Metroid 3DS
  • Pokemon Wii U
  • Some sort of sports title because we have none. Wii Sports U is a mess & doesn't count.
  • Announcement of DLC for Mario Kart
  • New character announcement for Smash Bros.. Characters reveal will run into a new game. F-Zero?
  • A couple of 3rd party partnership game announcements
  • Whatever Miyamoto has been working on. I bet it's quirky.


Edit: Already 1 prediction right with the last 1 but we kinda knew that already.



I'm just home from work. Football was cancelled this evening so I've decided to hop on board the HyPe TrAiN :bouncy:


I may as well make a few predictions now given that the Nintendo Digital Event is only about 24 hours away! I consider them to be quite conservative, but you can trust Nintendo to drop well below even your lowest expectations :indeed:


I pReDiCt...


* Animal Crossing Wii U

I can't even pretend to be excited about the prospect of sitting through footage of that..


* Mario Strikers Wii U

I actually wouldn't be surprised to see this one appear with a release date of Autumn 2014. I imagine it would also involve NFC :heh:


* The Legend of Zelda Wii U

We already know this is going to be shown, but it won't look anything like the demo shown during the original Wii U reveal. It won't be comparable to any previous game in the series and you will say "WOW" :blank:


* The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D 3DS

I'm hoping for this to appear more than expecting it, really..


* Metroid 3DS

As much as I'd love a new Prime-style game on Wii U, I suspect we'll actually get a 2.5D handheld game instead.


* Advance Wars 3DS

As with Animal Crossing, not really a game that I would be particularly interested in.. but I'm sure fans would love to see it :smile:


I also predict that Yarn Yoshi will not be shown in any form and we will see a glimpse of Mario Kart 8 DLC coming later in 2014. Miyamoto's new game will also look weird and unappealing :wink:



My Ninty Bingo card is ready to go! Let's do this!






Now here's some Gifs to get the party started!










Enjoy E3, guys!

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Got the feeling this is going to be terrible based on that Time interview with Miyamoto. His new projects sound like the filler crap that you would find on a compilation game like Wii Party or Nintendo Land. Hoping for some good announcements though, but won't get my hopes up.


On a side note, I know my computer is nearly 4 years old, but those gifs are making this thread run like treacle for me :( shame, cos it's a great post :bowdown:



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Got the feeling this is going to be terrible based on that Time interview with Miyamoto. His new projects sound like the filler crap that you would find on a compilation game like Wii Party or Nintendo Land. Hoping for some good announcements though, but won't get my hopes up.


On a side note, I know my computer is nearly 4 years old, but those gifs are making this thread run like treacle for me :(




There is always page 2 my boy!

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Epic first post has got me on the Hype Train, next stop E3!!!!!

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Thought I'd post this here in case you missed it in the other thread.


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Woohoo!!! 2 minutes to go!!!!!!!


I like the preview music.

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Is it too late to predict a new 3DS with dual analogue?

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Surely Smash Bros. Wii U is out for Christmas if they're releasing these toys as well!

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Am I the only one who thinks this is going extremely slowly?


Only on the second game and both games shown so far we knew about...


I know it's still early but so far this is pretty freaking boring, who cares how they came up with the look of Yoshi?! :/

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This is really dragging out. Nintendo, what the shit are you doing. This is the big presentation that every one will watch, not every one is going to be sticking around for the other little presentations you have planned!

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That Toad game sounds fun. Could be good.


Not liking what I hear about Zelda. Don't go back to the roots. Evolve.

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