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  1. Cyberpunk 2077

    I think its been mainly certain game site's fan bases (which seem to be a mix of the same people across all of them) i've not been on era since it was set up, but having just come back to gaming site it does seem to be almost the same as GAf in it has randomly bandwagon style hatred for games over no reason. @Ronnie Did you/Have you every played Deus Ex? or any other games that inspite of being first person you've liked?
  2. E3 2018

    I agree with most of that, i'm just not sure how you decide who is worst out of EA and Square. I went in relatively blind, the only rumour i saw and hoped for was Fallout 3/NV on Switch and in fairness theres always time for that Bethesda have been very good at supporting Switch, but even blind i felt a bit underwhelmed, it felt like the last E3 of a generation and next year we'll have Switch Plus, PS5 and Xbox 2 revealed
  3. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    I don’t know I wouldn’t say I’m underwhelmed, I was happy with 99%of the direct, the only thing that disappointed me was the abrupt end, I’ve grown accustom to “and one more thing” i have to say I’m very underwhelmed with E3 as a whole this year, I avoided rumours and leaks for the most part so I’d be surprised but yet most thugs shown were known games or expected iterations, with only the odd pleasant surprise i don’t think it helped quite a few big games weren’t shown and quite a few rumoured ones weren’t aka FF7 theres a fair few I’m interested in over all platforms. it just felt like an end of generation direct before the announcements of the next iterations, where nothing new is announced, I just think the whole industry is a little odd now with everyone’s half generation (Xbox S, PS4 Pro and the switch being half generations really) making more difficult to know when new gen consoles are announced or not - it feels like a limbo moment for the industry Edit: why has it highlighted that text? I can’t see a reason why on mobile
  4. Cyberpunk 2077

    First this going to be Cdprojects own spiritual Deus Ex? Oh man oh man oh man right now someone at square enix is saying that they They threw away away a franchise and the RPG kings are cloning it, Christ they should just sell the rights to them
  5. Cyberpunk 2077

    Sorry ;( this topic was a little light so I went there for the first time in months expecting everyone to be as happy as I was and well yeah i think they are literally clinging to the so called “source material” of some board game and just, uhhhh anyway thugs looked cool and I really want some game play
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    Has anyone been on Resetera? not sure if it extends to the net but people are freaking out over how this game isn't Cyberpunk.......because it has a bright day time in the game Yes you read that right, because it has a day and night cycle and because smog/a grey wash/ an orange wash isn't making it seem cloudy and over cast during the day its not true cyberpunk etc Every single year i am just as surprised by the random fallouts over announcements as i am by the games
  7. Fallout 76

    Too right! what is with this trend for shared worlds where people have the option to just screw with people? it makes it so unless you have the game from launch or spend a crazy amount of time on it, that you just cannot join the game and have fun. Atleast with the Division or Destiny or other similar (in one way or another) games you can actively avoid that scenario. Right now i just fear this will be the new rust, griefers paradise, the 4chan of gaming worlds where you run round in your pants killing people for no good reason other than you can and relish in pissing people off
  8. Fallout 76

    You see as much as they say you can play this solo i just can't see it, this seems like the divisions dark zone the game! where unless you are in a group griefing each other you'll have a bad time! You can play the division solo, you can go do PVE in the dark zone, you can spend hours with friend farming and then bam a group of twats take you out and 9/10 they don't even want your loot they teabag you and run off knowing they've killed you and you might not get your loot back. Hell half the time they wait nearby for you to get your loot back and then kill you again! So for fallout to follow that route is just not instantly appealing for me, i can't play it solo, i can't experience exploration at a reasonable space, the onus will be on teams joining finding the nuke codes and launching a nuke. So it seems very strange to add building into it, because the poor sap who goes to build a base will just get nuked by griefer teams just aiming to cause trouble. Now if you can get private servers it might not be so bad if i can play like GTA online, but right now its not appealing. I don't know why they didn't go a more Destiny route and allow you to team up and have very specific PVP modes, right now taking people from Destiny is ripe for the taking.
  9. My Friend Pedro (2019)

    So this is deadpool right? i mean the guy even looks vaguely deadpool
  10. E3 2018

    So i shouldn't watch the EA conference then is the vibe i'm getting..... Poor C&C i'll just stick to the classics
  11. Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 2018)

    Well i loved it, in fact i preferred it to the Last Jedi, it flelt like the Ant-man of the Star Wars universe, its just a shame its not doing so well, a lot of people seem to be giving it a miss out of dislike for TLJ when they should judge it on its own merit
  12. Fallout 76

    If its a spin off in the vein that New Vegas was and keeps that quality i'm in! if the Kotaku rumor of it being a MMORPG comes true i just do not have the time
  13. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    This is kind of how i feel, i may buy Pikachu just for the nostalgia of the first time i played Yellow. Its intriguing, i'll give it that The only issue i had was when the obviously 30 something woman, meeting friends in a wine bar/cafe pulled the pokeball out of her bag, that will NEVER happen, advertise it like it will be kids and big kids
  14. Playstation 5 rumours have started

    No please just no! not yet, not until late 2019 or Early 2020 The PS4 is doing very well, huge swaves of games are coming, it seems utterly silly to expect people to upgrade (especially since no backwards compatibility is the new norm)
  15. Grainger Games In Trouble?

    That does explain the lack of PS4 Pro's in stock when i was looking for one! Pop's annoy me no end now, at first they seemed amusing and a way to get merch of something that normally wouldn't be in a shop, but then shops gave too much space to them and its just crap It would be a real shame to see grainger games go, they felt like Gamestation, but people are right they are very much like Game now in some ways