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  1. Two Point Hospital (PC)

    Amazing! i have just been replaying theme hospital too! hate to port beg, but i'd love a switch version
  2. Nintendo Labo (april 27th 2018)

    What the hell?! that is mental! i wish this was a thing when i was a kid! i'd have loved something like this I think i'm too old now I might get the variety set
  3. The Grand Tour - Jeremy Clarkson's Amazon Prime Show

    Season 2 has been so far a lot better, they dropped the American which is a god send replaced brain crash with an actual feature and generally improved the show! even if they really need to stop going on every episode about Hammond Crashing all the time
  4. Dark Souls Remastered

    I had it for Xbox 360, but I got the RROD, briefly replaced my Xbox but then decided to jump ship to Playstation with everyone else and never got Dark Souls again to complete it (heard the PC port was dog shit too), so for me this is brilliant
  5. Nintendo Direct Mini

    Overall I'm happy with this! I didn't buy into the hype, and the only rumour I saw that peaked my interest was the Rumour of Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption and GTAV coming to Switch, which 1 out of those three ain't bad (and theres potential for a full direct in 20 or so days to reveal more info and those) I'll get Dark Souls as it broke my Xbox and I never replaced it/completed it and sold all my games I never got Tropical Freeze so I might just buy that too I never played the World ends with you so i'll have that Hyrule Warriors means I can sell another Wiiu game And I might get Ys, but I've already listed a lot I could buy so that might end up waiting
  6. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    I never got the 3DS version so I missed out on all that content, so I might just double dip on this! AND I can now sell the WiiU version along with Bayo 1&2! Ninty can keep these re releases coming for me so I can get rid of my WiiU
  7. points Most of the i mentioned above i can get over after a second viewing, Its just bad writing for some characters
  8. I agree with all of that really, a lot of set up plot lines we really wasted and supremely underwhelming I liked a lot of the film but felt underwhelmed overall A lot of the humour was out of place, like after deaths or powerful moments, star wars has humour but it felt too much, forced and like padding I need a second viewing, it's a good film with some serious flaws and certainly not the modern empire far too many paid off critics claim
  9. Catherine: Full Body (PS4 & Vita)

    Well I'm happy it's being remade, I would prefer it on switch also,but I'll take what I can get! Back to weird sheep people it is
  10. The End For Neogaf?

    Done! i'd post a screen shot but i've no idea how to upload now and photobucket is now shit
  11. Super Mario Odyssey

    Amazon shipped this last night.....via Royal Fail, who lost Breath of the wild, the last game I ordered from them, I really hope this doesn't happen again!
  12. The End For Neogaf?

    I've never bothered with Discord and now feel very out of the loop. Gaf is on fire right now, people are openly being offensive and threads discussing anything are quickly locked with people showing displeasure at the situation being banned. I'm not one to shitpost for a permaban on Gaf so I might just stop posting and let my account die. Still it was nice to have a PM from Excelsiorlef after saying I'd miss them and others. I'll be patiently awaiting a way into ResetEra, might even not use Agent Gibbs and go with my preferred user name of ChrisP8Three
  13. LEGO Dimensions (NFC Figures)

    Lego dimensions was just too expensive for what you got, from a lego collector stand point the packs were light on items, from a digital content point of view a lot were light on content and the game practically forced you to buy figures by locking their abilities. It really should have had a cheaper option, a dlc only or just mini figure only packs and disks for vehicles (some were silly like a camera for the Gremlins?) all packs should really have been 1/3 cheaper to be viable, still kudos for going as long as it is
  14. Super Mario Odyssey

    Wait some peoples are getting dispatched? man Amazon are never so cool
  15. The End For Neogaf?

    Milo? nope it was some older bloke if I'm remembering right....I'll see if I can find the article since off topic is gone as a source Can't find a source but remember it was some older professor, seem to think he got mobbed outside after being prevented from speaking but he stayed and debated with the protestors outside despite some just shouting abuse. Whilst I didn't necessarily agree with what he said, he made very clear concise polite arguments and discussions with the protestors and came across very well, on the flip side the protestors seemed completely childish, unreasonable and unwilling to listen to anything outside of their world view. That said even a 'Nazi'* should be allowed to speak, but that freedom of speech works two ways and does not exclude them from criticism or legitimise their view, the crowd/attendees have a right to debate and prove them wrong, catch them in their misconceptions and potentially change views - completely excluding people like that and making a massive deal about them serves to empower and embolden their followers who see it as justification for their actions and vindication that everyone who disagrees cannot argue against them so resort to censorship, more than anyone else I feel they need to be challenged in public forum and allowed to tie themselves up in their idiocy and not give them the pleasure of the vindication - Donald Trump capitalised on this and shows the danger of just vilifying a person/viewpoint . That or treat them like some amazing protestors do with the Westboro Baptist Church, make a peaceful sarcastic counter protest showing them up for the bigots they are. *There are no true Nazi's these days only ridiculous wannabe's who are White Supremacists but pretend they are SS, hitlers gonna have a second coming etc