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  1. Gotham Knights (2021)

    The continuity seems all over the place, and really does imply at first to be a continuation of the Arkham Verse, by virtue of the trailer starting with the plot of the very end of Akrham Knight! Its really really odd and i don't see how they didn't realise the confusion it would cause, perhaps not have opened it with that? This i think further reinforced the expectations and rumours that WB were doing a sequel to Knight which then made it fall so hard on fans, when RPG elements showed up and the continuity was out, so i understand how it backfired for fans and left more casual gamers thinking it was an Arkham Game I don't think it helped the confusion that that looked like an Arkham game, where as Suicide Squad which IS actually a continuation of the Arkham series, didn't seem like it was. That said, the game looks great, i like the concept, i like the idea of playing as the other characters and not just batman - who knowing the storyline for the court of owls i'm sure will show up
  2. E̶3̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

    I'm disappointed we didn't get a full page of posts
  3. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    There is more than one definition of the word 'gimmick' and whilst i'd expect the ingenious new angle to be in any game, Sticker Star is an abomination and stick to definitions 1a and 3, and completely forgot it was meant to be improve upon prior games Sticker Star is an example of a gimmick for a gimmicks sake, just to market something new, honestly if they couldn't think of anything good that improved the system they should have kept stickers out of the battle system and focused on an actual engaging story - RPG's aren't about mechanics they are about stories, and experiences, something which Sticker Star had very little of either, story, experience or good mechanics Its yet to be seen how the spinning plates work in practice (is there a proper name for it?) but i'd hope its more an ingenious new angle that improves the game.
  4. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    I was going to come in here and say i've been burned by Sticker star and well this is almost exactly where i am! I thought Super Paper Mario was bad, but its positively amazing compared to Sticker Star! I just don't know what happened to the series I only hope this is moving in the right direction, not overly keen on the spinning plates battle system, gimmicks turn me off in these games after the fetish for forcing them in and damaging the overall game in others.
  5. What about the nonsense when he qas quizzd on seeing one other person from another household? how do you choose between parents and at first he see one in the morning and the other in the afternoon! So the Virus goes oh shit, he's only seeing one so i won't transmit? Christ its all over the place, i could go to work and stand 2m from a group of work men (all standing two meters from each other) and its fine but we clock out? wooo woo here come the police your breaking the law! Seeing both parents at any time? nope illegal Science isn't driving some of these weird choices and i honestly don't know what is, perhaps they are hoping we are all so confused we stay in our homes in fear
  6. I don't see why they needed to change slogans and word everything how they did The jist of it seems to be nothing has changed, but now the construction industry, some manufacturing industries etc that cannot work from home can return to work IF their employees can safely accommodate it. They are also loosening restrictions on recreational exercise, to remove the sily instances of one bloke sat in a field sunbathing/picnicking being fined. Its still stay at home save the NHS however for some insane reason, we now have stay alert, control the virus, something or other and the Matt Lucas parody statement, which is just all mixed messages and nonsense. The main issue i have is NOW we are quarantining travelers coming in to the country, i honestly thought this was already the case and if not why the hell not? i've seen several pundits on tv interviews saying that many countries already did this at the start and that helps control the virus and that our government seems to have gone the other way and is doing it at the end to prevent a second wave. With nobody really having an explanation why it just couldn't have been in place from the start to the end. Its like they've panicked over how well other countries have done, how bad we've done and how we at some point need to reopen our economy roughly in line with others to avoid an utter depression post brexit and just gone with the fuck it approach let the people leak out of lockdown and we can blame it on them when it goes tits up
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla (10th November 2020)

    I haven't played an Assassin's creed since the London one and getting bored of it - are they better? the Greek one did look really interesting. Love the viking setting, so i have high hopes
  8. @Ganepark32 I hope you don't get it or if you do get it mild, but even then a friend of mine got it with very mild symptoms and he was on his arse for a few days, so please be careful and keep well Lockdown is driving me slowly mad, it doesn't help that prior to lockdown i was of work with a broken elbow for 6 weeks, couldn't drive couldn't go out then i get to go back to work for a total of 3 1/2 days before this hit, so i'm really loosing track of days and weeks. And i could honestly murder my partner, shes working from home, shes the loudest person ever on the phone, its like dom jolly is downstairs doing an episode of trigger happy TV. And somehow i've become her IT specialist, but one she thinks is wrong - "Chris this isn't working" "okay so you do this to fi..." "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND", when the reality is she doesn't understand how she's just done something wrong and refuses to listen to how to do it correctly and fix it. I pity her team because i'm one more row whilst i fix her mess from doing a patio and she can supervise from under it
  9. I was knocked off my bike at the start of February, broke my elbow, sever concision and the end result was 6 weeks off work. I was back at work for all of 4 days before we had to go home and stay home, so whilst the rest of the UK moans about a week at home, i'm on week 7 or is it 8 now? Wilson what is it? he thinks i've gone mad and shouldn't talk to a football
  10. Disney+

    How the hell do they not have every season of the Spiderman Cartoon available from the get go? only season one? come on! I want to see that cool episode where Cap fights Red Skull into that temporal vortex
  11. British Videogame Stamps

    Bitmap woked on this who did the unofficial NES, SNES etc compendiums
  12. I agree with this but also a lot of what Jonathan Pie's latest video said, people have spent the years since brexit saying anyone who voted leave was an idiot and uneducated whilst completely ignoring the fact they can, will and have then rise up and vote against you in protest. So i guess i'm now in the same stage i was a week after Trump won, hoping it won't be as bad as i fear.........Lets hope this time luck goes the way i want and i'm proved wrong for once because i really really REALLY want to be wrong on all this and it won't be as bad, brexit will be good and i won't be bankrupt and destitute by the next election
  13. The Star Wars Thread

    Common theory on why it is not releasing here is because of the current distribution rights with Sky, who have their dedicated disney channels and star wars channels. Its theorised that like Disney's contract was with netflix MCU shows, that the contract with Sky will have non compete clauses saying Disney cannot launch a rival service which cannabises Sky's audience. The contract is known to expire next year I see due to the flop of Season 8 of GOT and Gemini Man, suddenly the D& D produced star wars films aren't happening. Officially they say its to not wear themselves thin between it and the Netflix deal, but that seems a bit of a convenient excuse when the popular thoughts by commentators and speculators alike was they rushed GOT to concentrate on Star Wars - either Disney didn't want the risk given their recent success OR D&D are getting more money from Netflix and are just seeking those dollars
  14. Pins? can put pins on the map? :facepalm: why did i miss that
  15. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    You have some good points there @Ronnie, Season 2 started off great until they made Burnham the Angel, I was routing for it to be Iconians, hell as cliche' as her mother was, that would also be preferable, but shoehorning Burnham into everything is getting old, it makes it seem like the Burnham show with a guest cast, only the rest of the cast is much more likeable and interesting. Case in point Pike, the Pike centric episodes, all scenes with Pike in charge and Burnham sidelined were spectacular and felt right, but then it shifted back to Burnham. I get she is the star of the show, but that needn't be at the expensive of good or logical story, they have include her, have her reactions, have her POV of events, but the shoehorning? it seems so forced. And I agree on the emotional stuff to an extent, not the specific examples overly; Ariam however is perfect, she wasn't even a side character, she was an extra and then suddenly she was the focus, now whilst Trek has done this before, this was jarring as we were expected to care. To me it felt like they were doing a Tasha and it was not earned, Tasha had a story, Arium was part of the set. Tyler/Burnham and Saru/Burnham i am more forgiving of, they were intended to develop her and them, give connections, so i can see the logic and to a degree got it. However for me, Burnham was the prop in character development for Tyler and then Saru, which i get the impression was not the writers intention, who wanted it the otherway round. Right now, if Burnham was killed off, i wouldn't overly care as the rest of the cast carry the show and its a shame to the actress who does her best with the shonky writing. I sounds like i hate Disco and i don't i love it, but it feels rushed and like the quality of the writing has suffered because of it when it could be great - Perhaps now its beyond Trek and not shackled to cannon it might work better