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  1. Pins? can put pins on the map? :facepalm: why did i miss that
  2. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    You have some good points there @Ronnie, Season 2 started off great until they made Burnham the Angel, I was routing for it to be Iconians, hell as cliche' as her mother was, that would also be preferable, but shoehorning Burnham into everything is getting old, it makes it seem like the Burnham show with a guest cast, only the rest of the cast is much more likeable and interesting. Case in point Pike, the Pike centric episodes, all scenes with Pike in charge and Burnham sidelined were spectacular and felt right, but then it shifted back to Burnham. I get she is the star of the show, but that needn't be at the expensive of good or logical story, they have include her, have her reactions, have her POV of events, but the shoehorning? it seems so forced. And I agree on the emotional stuff to an extent, not the specific examples overly; Ariam however is perfect, she wasn't even a side character, she was an extra and then suddenly she was the focus, now whilst Trek has done this before, this was jarring as we were expected to care. To me it felt like they were doing a Tasha and it was not earned, Tasha had a story, Arium was part of the set. Tyler/Burnham and Saru/Burnham i am more forgiving of, they were intended to develop her and them, give connections, so i can see the logic and to a degree got it. However for me, Burnham was the prop in character development for Tyler and then Saru, which i get the impression was not the writers intention, who wanted it the otherway round. Right now, if Burnham was killed off, i wouldn't overly care as the rest of the cast carry the show and its a shame to the actress who does her best with the shonky writing. I sounds like i hate Disco and i don't i love it, but it feels rushed and like the quality of the writing has suffered because of it when it could be great - Perhaps now its beyond Trek and not shackled to cannon it might work better
  3. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I love Discovery BUT even i have to say my least favorite character is Burnham, I didn't like Stammets either for the first season. Conversely i loved Tilly, but on the second season she grated me with how overly cheery and optimistic she was. Frankly i think the issue is the script writers have fallen into the trap of the later series of most sit-coms - exaggerate the characters 'defining' traits, but only of the characters they don't seem to know what exactly to do with! With Burham, she was raised like a Vulcan but struggles with emotion, so lets make her cold 90% of the time and then suddenly emotional for the other 10%. Stammets - make him an abnoxious jerk, Tilly fans loved her optimism and how she wasn't 'perfect', possibly slightly nuts, so lets REALLY play on those in season 2 But it isn't all bad, the characters who they fleshed out (mainly, because they have tried with Burnham) i tended to love, Saru is awsome, complex, growing, questions himself but not to the extreme and over the course of the two seasons became captain material. Tyler, damn he had a crazy arch and one hell of a backstory making him very interesting, same with Giorgio, hell i'm even intrigued with the Doctor and how his rebirth will play out. Its not that the show isn't star trek and its not that the Orville is, its just that one has much better character development over the other and Star Trek typically had good character development for the entire cast. On Picard its interesting watching the 'fans' who shit on Discovery for being not star trek, fawn over picard which seems like Disco with Picard fronting it, its blatantly obvious its a mix of casting and nostalgia churning up the hate for the vocal ass hats that is.
  4. i have a problem.......I actually loved Sonic Spinball
  5. Destiny 2

    I mean i bought it and instantly hated the changes! mainly because i wanted to do the first forge and now the forges are on a rotating playlist with Izanami this week, which i've never done so that was fun. Honestly though so far it seems great and i'm going to have to abuse the loot chest tonight to power level, and maybe just maybe i might be able to solo the misison for outbreak prime finally (since it seems i can kill things quick but also die quick)
  6. Destiny 2

    If enough people here get it, I’ll get it too, it was fun raiding Friday with everyone
  7. Am i playing the same game as you lot? or have i just been lucky so far? I played it for a few hours last night and didn't notice any performance issues, its been absolutely brilliant so far. My only gripe is perhaps now seeing it in person i'm not so keen on the doll like designs of characters, or rather link - as pedantic as this is having solid brown dots for eyes makes him souless and its not like every character has been this way, when a crocodile man has whites of his eyes it makes it a bit jarring. But its a minor gripe
  8. I just hope this does well so we can get a remake of the Oracles (as one game preferably)
  9. Brexit 2019

    I do wonder how the brexiteers will spin the Yellowhammer report as 'project fear' when its a report produced by their darling savior good o'le Boris and it paints a very bleak picture thats in some ways worse than all the information previously dismissed as 'project fear' Honestly its an utter shit show and i cannot believe how badly its going, it needs the government deposing and article 50 rescinding until actual plans are developed and not just "Have some faith in great britain" or "we can be great like before Europe"
  10. Nintendo Direct 04/09/2019, 11 pm

    Say what? Is that a joke? No?! Holy hell yes
  11. Destiny 2

    The fact i've only just seen this depresses me as i realise just how long its been since i've had time to be on here and/or Destiny DO NOT ever buy a house thats a fixerupper! 2 years and i'm a week away from no more DIY! I might be back on some time next week and then i plan on abusing destiny, i've missed the solstice armour and haven't got my outbreak prime (and many many other exotics), and still haven't finished a single raid, only the one that had an encounter with witch and you had to stand on certain platforms as its first boss, then had another you had to kill fast for its second So i'd be up for anything
  12. DuckTales Remastered (eShop)

    i'm not even sure what platforms i have it on now, might need to buy it for Steam at that price
  13. Marvel's Phase Three

    I don't thin Portman will be a replacement, i cannot see it, she's hardly reliable for the franchise so they won't pin all hopes on her from a purely business standpoint I can see it being a case of them both being Thor for a time
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    Saw Brightburn at the weekend, late night showing at a cinema I'd give it 6/10, the premise is interesting, but the execution and some plot points were just awful
  15. Destiny 2

    If people want to do the Outbreak quest one night i'd be up for that, I can't solo it at 710.