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  1. DuckTales Remastered (eShop)

    i'm not even sure what platforms i have it on now, might need to buy it for Steam at that price
  2. Marvel's Phase Three

    I don't thin Portman will be a replacement, i cannot see it, she's hardly reliable for the franchise so they won't pin all hopes on her from a purely business standpoint I can see it being a case of them both being Thor for a time
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    Saw Brightburn at the weekend, late night showing at a cinema I'd give it 6/10, the premise is interesting, but the execution and some plot points were just awful
  4. Destiny 2

    If people want to do the Outbreak quest one night i'd be up for that, I can't solo it at 710.
  5. Nintendo Switch Lite announced - Releasing Sept. 20

    You'd have to accomodate for people who hadn't bought a second set of joycons or pro controller, so it would have to connect via a long cable so you could use it as a controller, possibly? that and suddenly it would look very much like a ....WiiU
  6. Nintendo Switch Lite announced - Releasing Sept. 20

    if you go on ERA there was a 139 page thread (thankfully the OP was updated a few times) that collated most rumours, after the WSJ article came out some third party case makers new products leaked that were cases for a smaller switch (obviously the switch lite) there were also rumours of new more powerful chipsets being made for nintendo further cementing the pro version rumours. Now with the official announcement effectively confirming the WSJ article in part it makes sense that an updated Switch is coming. Given the holidays and not wanting to canibalise sales for the Lite and pokemon i think speculation of March would be a good time for a pro version to replace the original switch.
  7. So that trailer and that description confused me no end and left me even more confused on why Z moves and Mega Evolution have gone because Dynamaxing, Gigantmaxing G-moves seem to be the same things with different names and lazier art design
  8. Questions

    Yeah iPhone still (and honestly not sure why these days, i kept it for my music but i use Spotify now) Looks all good now, just need to reset up 2FA thanks @Ashley @Shorty and @Ike for all the help and advice
  9. Questions

    Yeah please can you turn it off, I authorised my home PCfor 30 days so istill have access here, but ihaven'ta clue when that runs out. Once i've foudn the right app to do it (authy or the one @Ike mentioned might be worth a try) i'll reactivate it myself. The google Authenticator app supposedly can restore 'accounts' you have in it with backup codes, but you need to generate them before hand and there seems to be no other alternative i've found yet.
  10. Questions

    There’s a HQ? Man I did not know that! do I go down a green pipe to get there? seriously though, I now have an intense dislike for 2FA through an app. do I need to pass security questions? Perform an elaborate improve comedy show? Lie detector? Do I need to do a captcha to prove I am not a bot? Might have difficulty with that last one
  11. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

    I loved the first one, never bought the second as it didn’t come out on ViTa like I wanted so I’m very happy with this!
  12. Its on the East of the map about the far side, a little bit down from center if memory serves me right
  13. Questions

    Yeah that seems to be the gist of it, I thought a backup code let me restore the account in the app on my new phone and only had one for Google itself. But it seems its app/phone specific on Googles own app and you need a backup code per account you had set up to be able to restore them - i fundamentally misunderstood how it worked it seems, so i'm shit out of luck. When i researched it the answer seems to be for the site admin to disable it on an account, I had to do it for ResetERA, who asked a lot of security questions before doing it. got to be honest i'm now not even sure if i want to reinstall 2FA until i work out how to have a system in place if this happens again. Its just a little too secure it seems to the point that if you loose your phone and can't get your account back through speaking to admin, you loose the account overall - so i'm glad i never set it up through the app for PSN, which i kept as texts/calls etc for 2FA
  14. Questions

    Can someone who has access remove my 2 factor authentication please? i've got a new phone and lost access to the google authenticator app and don't seem to be able to find backup codes
  15. Destiny 2

    Theres nothing wrong with Monster hunter, but they are all shit, proper n00bs and i just can't take it! plus there always 5 online and since i'm last in from work i'm left out