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  1. In the thrilling running game Run 3, you must run and leap your way through an unending tunnel in outer space. Complete the hundred-level challenges without falling into space. 

    1. emlybedstraw


      There are plenty of mountain views in Colorado Springs, thanks to the city's location at the base of Pike Peaks, and the city also has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation. phrazle

  2. Have they still not confirmed if it wil come to Europe? i do not fancy attempting to import one right now
  3. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Given how much I love Arceus, I’m an for the first time in a long time very excited for the new gen. we had a tiny trailer to that showed open areas, I don’t think it will be bland open world nonsense and I suspect what we will get will be like Arceus, a hybrid of the old style games, but with large ‘wild areas’ only with cities at the edge of the zone that connects to the next. I’m pleasantly hopeful on how this will work out
  4. Office Chairs

    This is a wierd topic i can get behind! i need a new office chair for my girlfriend, she works from the dining room table but with an office chair thats fine but looks so out of place when everythign else is oak furniture, plus wheels don't work on thick pile carpet. Do they even do 'stylish' office chairs? office chairs that don't have wheels? (since you have to get up and pick it up to move it) I use the upstairs 'office' ( a space under the cabin bed with a monitor and an office chair) but since i'm out most days for work, or in our actual office, you would think she would just use that, but no, downstairs she stays because she likes looking out of the window. I do wonder how she gets any work done if thats her chief criteria for a work enviornment Anyway i digress, I've had in the past an office chair and switched it for a gaming chair and its by far the worst chair. I don't really know what makes it a gaming chair? crippling pain? creaky? uncomfortable? not really things i'd associate with gaming.
  5. Favourite Switch experience (so far)

    For me my favourite switch experiences still come back to some of the earlier games, Mario Odessey, Mario Kart and most importantly Breath of the Wild. Those three games were fantastic, but really showed off the system and its versatility, docking, undocking and feeling like the game was both a console and handheld game at once, a perfect Hybrid. Breath of the Wild probably the most of them has the fondest memories, as it captured the feelings i had when i played The Legend of Zelda A link to the Past (the first one i played), which coupled with me taking the game away on a trip with me and actually playing it on a hill during a break in our walk...it just was everything. Annoyingly since then not much has captured the same feeling for me, I've ended up with an indie RPG box of a switch which mainly stays as a handheld and i don't find I enjoy it nearly as much as a handheld. I think this is because a lot of ports of games are just very bare bones and end up being slightly worse version of PS5/Xbox/PC version of the same game and they just get marketed as the benefit being portability. Whilst thats great, sometimes they don't adjust for the portability and some games just have graphical downgrades to accommodate and then when you put them in the dock the game is poorer for it. The examples for me being Fairy Tail, Diablo 3, Burnout Paradise. Not to say they aren't good but they are lacking and portability doesn't always make up for it. But I digress, the vast majority of the games have been fantastic certainly the first party ones, but they always would be, i would hope that with the much rumoured upgraded switch 3rd Parties might catch up a little
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    The Steam Deck really intreagues me no end.I was already thinking i wanted a new PC to play games, but i just didn't see the point as such in connecting it to the same TV my PS5 is on,as 9 out of 10 times i could get the same game for PS5. That and i didn'tknow where to begin due to graphics cards prices. Then along comes what looks like a Switch clone that i can keep on steam OS or put on windows and run my expansive Steam library on and when the mood takes buy games for that. the fact i can dock it with a TV or the monitor i have from work for home working means its the ideal solution for now, until i want a PC build. I don't see it as a direct competitor to the Switch in the short term, but should it work and should it prove to be a good option, i can see anyone who wanted a switch pro buying one, and realistically its 2022 before we get an actual switch pro. Hell the money i was going to spend on a Switch OLED will cover this, so Nintendo already lost a sale and it seems i'm not an isolated case. Maybe it will make help nitnendo, they don't want to get too confortable with that handheld monopoly
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    Idrina Varma would make a fantastic live action Night sister, say Ventress
  8. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (28th January 2022)

    Someone on Reddit pointed out that Typhlosion's Japanese name is Bakufuun. Its name is a play on Bakufu, which translates to Shogunate, or Shogun. Shogun were titles given to Military Generals in Feudal Japan. Well i like the look of this obvious spin off game, i'm sure we'll see more settlements, trainers and the like, that was a teaser. The whole thing is a test bed for them to learn before expanding their worlds for the next gen of games
  9. Job woes/wins

    A year ago i applied for a more senior position at work, but due to COVID they postponed the position. Well it came up again and i applied for it and got told off by my head of service, there was a higher post and he wanted me to apply for both, "what did i have to lose, you're more than capable of both and its a learning curve anyway" Well had the interview for the senior post Friday and the 'lower' of the two today, starts off "right well we lured you here under false pretences, we aren't going to interview you for this post, we'd like to offer you the higher one!" 13 years i've been here, been passed over for promotion for a few junior to me, well its come up milhouse, i'm higher than all of them now!
  10. Nintendo Direct : 17 / 02 / 21 - 10pm (UK time)

    Wow an actual direct AND 50 minutes! hell yeah all about the hype train I expect a lot of Zelda, BOTW2, an anniversary collection It would be real nice to see the Oracles/Seasons coming on the Links awakening engine, but i think thats a long shot Hopefully some Metroid I'd love a switch pro announcement but doubt it Is it too much to hope for a 2D Metroid too? and some F-Zero? Star Fox? Hopefully some good third party offerings
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I mean Cyberpunk is well under cooked and needs some work, it certainly doesn't live up to the claims put out by CDproject red (as is evidenced by the cut content/last minute cop system)....but people think they deserve their products source code being stolen and leaked? I suppose they think if you run a red light you should be shot too?
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 (10th December 2020)

    I've put about 5 or maybe 6 hours into this and had a crash almost an hour to an hour and a half into a play session, effectively making me rage quit and play something else. I'm not too fussed at that next gen update, as it looks great as it is, however it really is so transparent how this game shouldn't have launched until mid 2021 and they probably should have bitten the bullet and say no PS4/xbox version, only next gen as it really feels like the game was rushed/held back/too ambitious to run on base ps4/xbox. I really wanted to love this game, have it scratch my Deus Ex itch since SE decided to chase marvel money and can that IP, and so far its not lived up to any expectations, including the one to actually just run. Its wierd, my impressions of "its from the studio that made witcher 3" seems to be the devs own downfall
  13. I've only just started playing this - any tips? is there any hidden weapons? things not to sell/infuse/trash? Just got to the bit where you can access Korok forest, and so far i like a lot of the game and combat. Characterwise, Daruk is too slow, I still don't like Revali's smug face, Impa and Urabosa are great fun, Link feels a little underwealming so for and i've not even seen a Zelda mission to use her on.
  14. Star Wars: Outlaws (Ubisoft)

    My only experience of Massive is The Division, so its hard to know what to expect, but their world building is very very good, so i have faith there. I do however wonder what type of game will it be? they've done Assassin's creed before, so will it be a single player like that or will it be more like their most recent foray into GAAS? Now GAAS is a wierd one, I love Destiny, The Division not as much, played both and sold them after the first expansion realising everything was a bullet sponge and it wasn't fun. Marvel is the only new GAAS i've played and that as a concept was good, the execution? well dire. So i don't really want a GAAS.......HOWEVER, Star War's massive online multiplayers have been great, KOTOR is very popular, but having not played it, that's the limit of my experience, but Star Wars Galaxies? now that was fantastic, I put about 2500 hours into that before the NGE ruined my jedi run (was waiting the stranger to put me on the path and left for two months to concentrate on uni and when i came back, Jedi were a crap starting class) So i'm cautiously optimistic - the dev's world building is top notch and star wars can work well if its either a single player or a multiplayers, so heres hoping this doesn't buck the trend
  15. Bought this myself, because i remember loving this game so much. Well i'm terrible at this game utterly terrible, but man i still love every second of muddling through it! I'm so happy i can play it properly again with out digging out my PS3