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  1. Marvel's Phase Three

    Pretty Perfect trailer really, doesn't show a thing but builds hype, well it shows some things! like fuck me they need a better gate buzzer system
  2. Diablo 3

    Depends, do you get made fun of by air stewardesses when boarding a plane? All the damn time, mainly due to my winning personality
  3. Diablo 3

    Hmmm, maybe, can't say a part of me doesn't like it - i could always go for the PSN option of new name with old name to the side
  4. Diablo 3

    Better than that girl in america called ABCDE by her mother
  5. Diablo 3

    Oh cool, i'll be about getting to grips with it again when i'm not on Destiny When Sony finally let me change my user name, i'll be asking @Shorty to change my user name to ChrisP8Three, makes more sense having my actual name
  6. Diablo 3

    Thanks to @londragon @Clownferret and Darren for joining me last night, got up to level 10 pretty fast. Is the loot pool shared? i never remember if its like destiny where whats on my screen is mine alone, or other games where its first come first serve?
  7. Diablo 3

    Can anyone recommend a starter class? i remember playing this for a bit on PS4 when it first came out, i think as a crusader? but I've no idea whats good, bad or complicated
  8. Diablo Immortal (Mobile - FFS ACTIVISION BLIZZARD)

    I just don't get why that was announced at Blizzcon? the audience is PC gamers and some Console gamers, all who want the next iteration on those platforms and they've paid to be there, why did Blizzard think this was the right forum/venue? they dropped the ball in spectacular fashion and they immediate response on stage of 'don't you guys have phones?' its right up there with 'sense of achievement' and 'getting a second job' of industry missteps
  9. Its down right shocking what has gone on, especially that they had new hires recently, the execs must have known! I'm quite surprised full stop though, they seems a very good company and produced some great story games, i suppose looking back they had a lot of IP's and games and an engine that was in dire need of some updating (and they were?) but to go out like this? man it sucks
  10. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    So, so far i'm not impressed with the service as such its not that i don't see the potential? if this is as assumed an online subscription that includes the equivalent of playstationNow with Nintendo's back catalog then it will be worth the long run And that's my issue, we have no information on the intention for the service, no idea of schedule of releases, no idea if like netflix certain games will disapear and right now it feels like this is a beta and i'm reluctant to pay for it and let them know my feelings with my wallet. I'm sure Nintendo will at some point tell us they intend to provide more info, but i feel they should have given us a lot more info before launching this. as much as i love Nintendo and as much as i am willing to give them the benefit of doubt that things will improve, the sheer lack of information and selling this right now on peoples rumors and theories is plain wrong
  11. Nintendo Switch Online: NES

    Wrong thread it seems, must have switch tabs and not noticed
  12. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Well that was spectacular, so much i want and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Square enix have no Chill! oh here is Crystal Chronicals, oh and FF15, and 12.....and 7 and 9 and X and X-2! Christ!
  13. Gaming FOMO

    I usually get it with online multiplayers, the fear that if i don't buy it at the same time as everyone else when i do they won't play anymore or i'll be so far behind it won't be worth playing. The fear is a reality in GTA online, star Trek Online and to a lesser extent Destiny 2, i played initially and then went off to play something else and when i've returned they have better gear, higher levels and don't want someone behind in on their games as its 'best' to have certain equipment. Certainly GTA online is the one where its most prevalent everyone has had a Deluxo, batmobile, flying bike etc for months and i've only recently made enough to get an avenger and then the deluxo. STO is a little less painful as i have several of the better ships, the problem there is gear sets that have been nerfed and new ones i don't have everyone uses now. Destiny 2 is more of the people don't play situation, i've only recently been on to do warmind because the PSN free version is out so more friends have started the game, but even then now the game feels pointless to me, i've not done a single raid on D2 because there was originally more of us than needed for a raid, then suddenly i was on my own. I like the look of Fallout 72 but i've got so much to do at home before i get round the games i have, now i feel theres going to be no point ever buying it as people won't play when i can buy it Hell i'd leave Read dead until later, but i know i'll have a GTA online situation where i'll join and everyone will have horses and carts with gatling guns, flying trains, deloreans and god knows what if i wait
  14. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Can we all stop bickering and address the real issue now ^^^^^^^^^^ Say what now? Ultimate Spider-man was amazing
  15. Destiny 2

    Well i'm very tempted to get back into Destiny, just need to wait on the 35gb patch and see how it is to decide if i get Forsaken - Which Ironically is what i feel like after my entire clan left to play Warframe, which i just do not like the art style of
  16. Onimusha Warlords Remaster

    I loved the Onimusha games (might even have the trilogy still), i thought they were amazing and had a real love for the 3rd one and the segments in Le Mont Saint Micheal, nice to finally have a game set somewhere i know Probably will get this for the Switch depending on reviews, if not PS4
  17. Netflix

    Oh man Brooklyn Nine Nine is awesome! I only started watching two months ago and binged all 5 series in about a week and a half! It’s awesome, it’s hard to pick a favourite character as they are all so well rounded but I do love Holt so damn much so many classic lines over the series
  18. Virtual Reality

    Its about 5-10 min, for a £5 probably but nothing more than that. Its a shame really i would have thought battlefront 2 would have a VR mission or some coming, i guess the loot boxes would have killed any DLC for that
  19. Grandia & Grandia II HD remasters heading to Switch

    Man I love Grandia! Just wish Grandia 3 had been localised over here (maybe there’s hope if this does well? Probably not)
  20. Virtual Reality

    Wow this thread has depressed me a little since i got a PSVR on friday! i traded in my spare PS4, one of my zelda 3DS' and a load of games and only needed to put £3 to it. Admittedly in my eyes its like i paid £3, but i think its awesome! except for Resident evil 7! good god no! i felt terrified and it REALLY did not help when my cat got in the room and slinked past me as i went through the flooded corridor! Is the original battlefront VR mission the only VR mission on either Battlefront 1 or 2? because i loved that so damn much Any recommendations? is Skyrim worth another buy? this being my 5th iteration if so (xbox - sold, PS3 - sold,PC - MODS, Switch- Portability) i'm very tempted with a second hand copy I have Resident evil 7, PSVr worlds obvs, Rick & Morty* and Bridge Crew *does anyone else have Rick and Morty? is it broken? no matter where i position my camera, no matter which room, it seems the tracking is badly out and i couldn't get past the bit where you have to use a meeseeks to pick up something out of bounds as my hands would just disappear as i bent down! hell i stood on a step ladder and recentred the thing and still my hand would just disappear before it could grab the thing! only this time as i got close it jumps up for you to grab and then as you move your hand to grab it drops and thus endless cycle! wish PSN offered refunds, i played 10 min and its just broken
  21. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    Well i'm a little disappointed its not Quinto, he is perfect, but its not like he doesn't have good acting pedigree. And with that i'm thinking of going dark on info now, so its all a surprise
  22. Well this developed fast! christ it was one video and maybe a Fifa article last i checked! Firstly its never right to attack the guys family or threaten violence....... Other than that however this guy was scum! he stole others work and profited from it, he makes a mockery of people who put in genuine work
  23. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Are we going to get some more info before it comes in? because right now it seems thin on the ground for any info - app update, what all the games are, what more will be added and how regularly etc. right now the info seems like playing for a beta online service and i thought we already had that
  24. God of War (PS4)

    Wait more armour to grind for? well hot damn! another reason to play it