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  1. As selfish as this may be, i'm utterly indifferent to loosing pokemon for a few reasons; I didn't use 90% of them Some were cool looking but in reality unusable without specific teams at the start of recent games i planned what team i wanted and bred pokemon before hand to transfer as eggs, which made the usual choice between three starters an even larger choice That said, loosing Mega Evolutions is bad, Mega's solved glaring problems with some pokemon (Charizard being an actual Dragon, Gyardaos loosing Flying since it made no sense etc), so i'm very disappointed in that. I suppose however my opinion may change further if pokemon i liked and used are omitted, like Tyrantrum a fossil pokemon i loved, i bet it will go. I typically gravitate towards Ghosts too and i bet we'll loose some of them. What about Eevee evolution? if even one goes thats stupid, Legendaries? whilst not a pokemon i'd keep in a team unless i was having a fun play through, its a shame to loose them (although i suppose makes them legendary) Really they should just soft reboot now, redesign, retype some pokemon and just leave the past in the past. The thing that bothers me though its, whilst the game looks good, it does look more basic considering other games on switch, so with the sacrifice where the extra 'stuff' going, is the world going to be large? there obviously isn't a drive for all pokemon in game, hell even the wild area looked quite sparse on spawns.......I feel like because Pokemon Games sell no matter what, Game Freak either haven't got the talent to deal with a game like this now, or are being lazy because they know it will sell anyway - the previous news about Pokemon Home suggest its more of the latter and that the original plan is out the window to meet a deadline. I think for the first time, i'm just gonna not buy this straight away
  2. And my Axe! I just can't tell the difference, people bemoan BOTW's performance but aside from a few bits where it obviously dropped i never saw the issue.
  3. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    I saw a good idea on reddit that there is an overworld and an underworld, you play as link in one, zelda in the other and switch betwee the two for puzzles......i never knew i wanted that but i really do
  4. That special edition looks cool as! I liked the Zelda maker element they revealed, soft test the waters for a stand alone?
  5. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Well I for one am exstafic, the best Zelda is getting a sequel! Looked like they found the source of calamity Ganon - Ganondorf. So I guess set some time after BOTW after the kingdom is being rebuilt? But then prequel also makes sense, would be a good way to reuse the over world but have it be different, unless an underworld will be the new area? I suppose without it being crossgen it might be able to expand somewhat
  6. Pokémon Direct - June 5th: 2pm

    Well i liked it all,but my only question..............Why doesn't Hop have a nose?
  7. Nintendo at E3 2019 - 5 Predictions

    add to that some Link's awakening and the next Zelda tease and i'm sorted. E3 seems to come round super fast, until its the last two weeks and then it seems so far away
  8. Ghostbusters

    I loved the online too, played that game to death on PS3 and i still play on the PC (not online since its dead) its a brilliant game! It would be brilliant if some of the planned maps for the multiplayer are released too, think there was a river of slime and shandor roof top map if i remember rightly
  9. Game of Thrones

    I was generally okay with the Finale, I went in expecting the worst and wasn’t disappointed
  10. Game of Thrones

  11. Game of Thrones

    I agree with all of that and feel that they are rushing things massively now for no good reason at all
  12. Game of Thrones

    I loved the episode
  13. Rey will be Palpatine's child either through conventional means or him experimenting with the technique Plagius used to create Anakin. The Title i think wll have duel meaning, Palpatine will be the big bad, and so bad Ben returns to the light (Mirroring Vader) and will die by the end of the film. I suspect we will see Luke AND Anakin during the course of the film and by the end a new order of Force Sensitive Jedi/Sith will be taught by Rey', called Skywalkers as a homage to the family and as a reminder of the great light and dark that one can posses etc I'd still be happy if they retconned VIII, i didn't like it and feel like Rian Johnson wrote the plot around various ideas to subvert the expectations set up in VII, and tghen tried his best to tie his set pieces/sub plots into an actual story but failed misserably in the theatrical release (i do suspect some bits stayed on the cutting room floor that shouldn't have - Holdo or someone mention a possibility of spies or listening devices to give a good reason to keep the plan secret, Maybe Finn actually sacrficing himself, or Rose taking his place rather than the silly life is sacred as their base and lives are lost in the background, an actual reason for the code breaker story etc)
  14. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    I keep telling myself when i've finished doing up my house (just the staircase and carpets downstairs now) I'll actually have my life back and can play games, but with line ups like this on a monthly basis! I am never catching up
  15. Gaming April Fools' 2019

    That last one is just not right, i'd buy that
  16. Nintendo Labo

    I'd have grave concerns over having my £200 games console say in a cardboard cradle
  17. Nah we’ll get the HD rumble dungeon, where we have to rotate ball maxes like Breath of the wild and pick locks falloutstyle using the HD rumble please god no
  18. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ( Switch Exclusive )

    Yes it's Gamora
  19. I do and I don’t get peoples issue with the art style; the art style is faithful to the original, it was in places cutesy, with odd elements from other games and slowly gained more darker elements as it went along. This was obviously because you were trapped in the dream of another. However on the other hand due to the lack of graphics at the time we had to use *dum dum duum* our imaginations! And it led many of us to shift how the game appeared in our minds eye, we found the game dark, we were fighting against a nightmare to wake a being which would in turn destroy the place we’ve just been travelling around and getting to know the people. The problem being that didn’t fit with the intended style of the developers and that is on us really. The issues with the intro style and the game play again I get, but it was just as jarring back then, it had a particular style which was worlds away from the pixel graphics we got a s game play, so again they’ve gone to keep that ‘faithful’ look, but I do think they missed and opportunity to have a uniform style. I think a minor texture (whites of links eyes) and lighting change could make this game better and more in line with what people envisioned, but I do wonder, that trailer was concentrating on the beginning of the game when everything was much more bright and centred around the beach area. As you progress the game and the dream become darker and I suspect that a visual change in lighting and atmosphere will happen in the game too. I know people wanted a new game, but I think people are missing the point here – Nintendo are playing it safe! They are using a new engine that they will intend to cover future 2D Zelda games on the Switch, new games will come! Producing a remake of a beloved game allows them to test this but also minimise losses by playing on the nostalgia/remake element, so if it doesn’t work out due to style or other reasons they will minimise losses due to this. Personally I’m extatic, I cannot wait to replay my beloved first portable Zelda game, I can’t wait to go back to Kohlint and go down that surreal story once again and I have fiath that it will be darker as it goes along and progresses the story. Lets just hope it does well and we get new games in the engine and the Oracles remade too, so we can have a stop gap between 3D zelda’s.
  20. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    Well that was a spectacular direct, even if i won't buy everything or even like some! there was something for everyone and some great announcements! And Link's Awakening.........WOW i played that game to death on my gameboy, loved it like you wouldn't believe and for a long time it was one of my favorite zelda games, so a completely new remake of it is brilliant! the style felt like a perfect update to the original graphics, my only complaint was the piss holes in the snow for eyes...give link some whites of his eyes please
  21. Nintendo Direct 13/02 10pm (UK time)

    I mean i love all your ideas and wants and would love them myself......but i'dbe really happy to see classic Doom on the switch
  22. General Switch Discussion

    Backlogs.....uhhh i'm drowning! I've got Red Dead, Spider-man and Ni No Kuni 2 on PS4 that i've just barely done an hour on each and my Switch? Bayonetta 1 + 2, The Stick of Truth, Pokemon Eevee, Tales of Vesp, Grim Fandango, Banner Saga 1,2 & 3! The backlog generated when my mates went back to Destiny and i dropped everything to finally play it with people again! only the moment i suggest that people on here looking for raid teams would be up to join us, they all go back to space ninja frame because some updates come out! Atleast now i can go to the backlog
  23. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    I'd love them to release Tales of Graces on Switch! i played that to death! I'm about 4 hours into it and i'm not enjoying the battle system too much, Arts on the sick does not feel right, i'd like to remap them to the D-pad really. Blocking also feels strange but that could have been at the start and how the first boss had to be played. Overall though i do love the style and characters i've encountered so far
  24. Why I think Resident Evil is dying...

    Whilst i Love 4 and 5 as games, as continuations of the plot of the first primary four resident evil's they don't work. I think Capcom fell into the trap of wanting to continue certain character's own individual stories, but past a certain point it makes no sense for a survivor of the first games to be dropped into a new scenario in a new game without progressing the overarching story of Umbrella and its experiments. I'd have vastly prefered new entries to focus on different characters in different locations dealing with the T virus and Umbrella, they chronologically could have all been taking place at the same time. The thing is, it started jumping the shark in 4, bringing in the worm things in people, but on its own it 'could' have worked if it was a different lab of Umbrellas. 5 is where the story stopped mattering for me, oh look another organisation with a forced link to Umbrella and a different country. Then revelations and another company....It just started to get silly. I hold my hands up, i don't have 6 and i haven't the urge to play it I have 7 as i got it with my VR and whilst i was enjoyiing it, when my cat jumped on my whilst i was getting attacked in game i nearly shat myself and haven't gone back
  25. Brexit 2019

    No deal should never have been an option, and frankly people on social media parroting sound bites they've taken in about just going no deal and reverting to WTO rules need to be silenced! People just seem to be utterly clueless about the effect of brexit, only yesterday i was talking about how i needed to remortgage before the end of the month and i wanted as long as fixed term as possible to avoid any fallout from Brexit and someone who voted asked me why it mattered.......Erm interest rates? bank of Egnland base rate and general house prices will affect your monthly repayments if you aren't on a fixed term! they were shocked to find out this! I hate to admit this, but Brexit (and Trump) have kind of highlighted to me that there is no oversight on truth in elections/political campaigns, so they can easily outright lie and lead missinformed people to vote disaster on others....and as much as i hate to admit this, that there is an element of idiocy in voters that scares me, to the point i almost feel there should be limits on who can vote! I still have a couple who in are circle of friends (and we try hard to get over their choice given how long we've been friends) that stick by the straight banana nonsense, £350 million for the NHS and other nonsense brexit claims! They aren't stupid but it has made me question just how gullable they are and how scary it is that they are in the small majority