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Prometheus (Ridley Scott)

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I saw this last night and I gotta say I enjoyed.


Probably because all I knew about the film before hand was who Directed it and that Fassbender was it...that is IT.


This is my first time in this thread and I never read anything about the film or even saw any trailers. Just glimpses of ads on the TV but which is how I knew Scott and Fassbender were involved.


This also meant I had NO IDEA it was in any way related to Alien so I may have jizzed a bit when I realised it was. :D



When it moved to the Prometeus for the first tiem with David walking around, I was thinking... jesus Scott borrowed some design inspiration from Alien didn't he, haha.

Then it took me a while to realise it was a robot because I didn't know about this either...the bit with the basketball I thought "well he's just showing off" haha.


Then when they woke up and had the mission briefing and "Weyland" appeared I almost choked on my drink. I was like WHAT THE FUCK.... is this an Alien prequel... NO WAY this is AWESOME


My mate who was with me wasn't as well versed on Alien as I am so he was all like "maybe Scott is just using similar names like a cameo".


Then when the holograms of teh "Engenieers" appeared and I saw their heads I was like....OMG THEY ARE SPACE JOCKEYS, WE'RE LEARNING ABOUT THE SPACE JOCKEY here.


Like Flink I thought the "helmet" was the space jockeys head and for a while thought the guy at the start and the holgrams were different species.... till they took the helmet off the head they brough back...MIND BLOWN.


And when they revealed teh ship for teh first time I instantly knew it was the Space Jockeys ship so like others expected it was teh same one from Alien.


I loved it then at the end when the Alien appeared... but like others I was wondering why the Space Jockey didn't get back to his chair first, but I couldn't remember the name of teh moon from Alien(s) and now know from Flinkys post above that it was a different planet/moon... so it wasn't telling the story of the actual Space Jockey we knew of but just eluding to it I guess.


And I did like how Shaws last transmission was a near mirror of Ripleys last Transmission too.... my mate didn't get this either, he needs a slap :heh:


I also liked how the Robot was called David.... probably unintentional but I thought it was a reference to the film AI: Artificial Inteligence :heh:




So yeah I enjoyed and probably because I actually knew nothing seriously NOTHING about it. :D



Though yeah a few more questions raised that I would have liked.



If our DNA and the Jockeys DNA was an exact match why are we not 8 feet tall with blue skin and massive muscles :heh:


The scene at the start with the Jockey drinking something (I don't think this was the Bio-weapon as others seemed to think) that broke down his DNA which then set in motion our creation kinda felt a bit like it was unintended for us to be created.

I got the feeling he was like a criminal who was being stranded and given a "gun with one bullet". Like a choice to either live alone dying slowly or end it quickly at your own hand.


If it was intentional and we were created simply to be used as test subjects for the Jockeys Bio-weapons (which is what I thought by the end of it).... then why were the Jockeys visiting anceint Earth cultures, interacting with them and even telling them where in the stars they came from? Leaving a map like that serves only as an invitation for when humans became advanced enough to travel space and then find the Jockeys. But by the end of the film it seemed the intention was to use humans as test subjects for the Bio weapons 2000 years ago but their military base had some sort of accident that released the Bio weapon on themselves which saved us. So why leave us a map if we were never meant to advance enough to follow it :heh: Or why interact with us at all...... in fact why leave us a map to a military base with Bio-WMD's and not the home world :heh:



Why on waking up after 2000 years of sleep and after surviving whatever happened on the base/moon did the Jockey just straight away return to the plan to use the Bio-weapons on Earth? He's got humans standing in front of him so he should know we are be far not the same culture we were when he went to sleep. And if the plan was to use to use us as test subjects for the bio-weapons surely even after his base fell wouldn't other Jockeys from his home planet or other bases have finsihed the job 2000years ago as planned?


Maybe when Shaw gets to the Jockey homeworld she won't find anyone to talk to after all :heh:



Going with 2 of @kav82's questions and one of @bob's

What would've happened to the dude that got infected if he wasn't flamethrowered to death?

I assume you mean Charlie, I think maybe something similar to what happened to the guy who became a Zombie. It seemed the bio-weapon was meant to be more of a parasite that would take control of its host and mutate them (like the worms)



Why on earth that bird got pregnant with what turned out to be a big-ass facehugger and why the creature didn't just gestate inside the dude that got infected instead?

I think this was because of "the sex", I reckon the Bio-weapon was as I said above a parasite, the Xenomorphs as we know them were not the intended outcome perhaps? But when some of his infected sperm got into her womb and reached one of her eggs, even though her eggs were infertile for "Normal conception" the addition of the parasite to the life creating "mixture" created something "new". Which is why Shaw herself didn't become infected like Charlie did. The parasite got to her womb, mixed with the egg and sperm and thought "hey I don't need to go any future I'm gonna stay here and see what happens"


Also, why did David the Robot feed the goop to Charlie in the first place, i thought all he wanted was to get OldMan to meet his Maker? How would killing off the other humans help him?


I think he was just curious to see what would happen. He was a robot and didn't really care much for the conseqeunces. Not sure if he knew it was a Bio-weapon or not, I assume he did as he could read the Jockey language but he never did translate for anyone.




Got the urge to watch Alien now haha

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An interesting read I found over here on some questions about the film



I especially love number 5 for, and wish that idea wasn't scrapped from the script


5. Why Were the Engineers So Mad at Humans?




In order to understand why the Engineers were intent on destroying humanity, Ridley Scott provided a bit of backstory in a Movies.com interview.


In earlier versions of Prometheus, the Engineers sent an ambassador figure (Jesus) to Earth to correct the wrongs that mankind was doing. And, what did mankind do to Jesus? They killed him. This angered the Engineers and caused them to make a plan of destruction for mankind. As Cavalorn says, "Yeah. The reason the Engineers don't like us any more is that they made us a Space Jesus, and we broke him."


While this idea was scrapped from the film because Scott and team thought it was "too on the nose," it definitely could help fill in some of the story for us.


Would have loved to have seen that done (maybe in a sequel if Shaw gets to the Jockey homeworld :heh:), would have certainly pissed off the religious type though... but that's usually a good laugh


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Yes. That Maddox review hit so many nails on so many heads.


Although i enjoyed Prometheus, i don't like it when people try to explain bad storytelling by saying 'it asks so many questions'. That is fine, when you are asking hypothetical 'what if...' questions, but not questions like 'why the hell would that character do that' or 'why did he just die, for no apparent reason.'


Having to try and cobble together your own plot after the film probably means the film was badly written.


EDIT: Oh, and i'll add this here


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I don't understand the dislike here.


I LOVED seeing it cause it was way more of an ode to Alien than I expected, and as everyone knows, whenever I see a woman sweating and limping down a sterile spaceship hallway while alarms blare, I am set ablaze in joy. It's my favourite *thing* to see.


I really enjoyed it. Felt at times like too much stuffed in, yeah, and not everyone stunned as much as Fassbender, but then I'm over it.


I am shocked by Daft's statement that it was one of the worst films he's ever seen. How in-


I'll admit I fanboy'd for it a little, but it in no way had that *sheen* bad films have. Lord.

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It's atrocious. I judge people according to their views on it. It's an insipid wet fart of a film. Not just poorly conceptualised (honestly, I could have lived with that), but just shoddily made lacking even the basic grammar of a good film.


That 'woman' had less character than one of Ripley's pubes.


And to clarify, I said it was the worst film I'd ever seen in the cinema. I watch Slumdog Millionaire at home.

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Well when the last thought in a film is "Well at least we know where Aliens come from...sorta" you know it has some plot holes. I think they gave too much control to the guy who worked on Avatar, if you get my drift

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The opening sequence is stunning though, shame the rest of the film happens.


That was dire. Stunningly awful. It was one of the worst films I've ever gone to see in the cinema. That's not even hyperbole. I wanted to leave. Pretty much Film 101 on how not to make a film.


Fairly okay. Average ish. "Poometheus" as I said to the people in the cinema. But I thought it was okay. It had Elba and Fassbender, so I mean = amazing. But. Like. Visual design, very nice in places, like the yellow lights make it definitive, and the orange stripes on the navy suit is pretty nice. Hmmm.


Myearh, fine-okay-pseudo-nym.


I pretty much agree with everybody here. After my mates have been saying "It's fantastic" and how inspiring it was and how it lived up to the hype (even though I've read quite a bit on how it didn't), I decided to give it a go a few weeks back and meant to tell you how I felt about it.


I did and didn't like it. Like, it was entertaining but I thought the characters were meaningless and did unexplainable things that left me questioning their common sense. I mean, these are supposed to be smart people on this expedition and yet in under 15 minutes (I think), you have Holloway take his helmet off in a possibly-hazardous area and you have two meaningless characters playing with an alien that they've first encountered not knowing whether it's dangerous or not.


Also, there are plot issues and the script wasn't all that great either and it's quite cliched and not in one of those 'ah, you expect that from that kind of character and it's cool' way but in a 'ugh, seriously? Go home!' way and the characters, with the exception of David, aren't so great either. The only good things are the visuals, really and it's okay for a discussion of hearing what others thought along with what they think about the questions but other than that, it's actually pretty disappointing. However, I enjoyed it at the time but thinking about it now, it wasn't all that good. I can't see myself watching this again for a very long time.

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I also had very similar views of it, I left the cinema thinking the Alien like bits/nods were cool and the rest was convoluted

I just felt indifferent towards it


Impact on the alien mythology? in the AVP movies, which are set before Prometheus? as this movie seems to suggest that the aliens are intended to be formed from a further stage of the final creatures evolution, or from the ooze at some point. As the AVP moives are either before or at the same time as it, how the hell does this all fit?



Fassbender made the movie, if he wasn't in it, then it would have been unbelievably bad

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AVP is a "what if" scenario. There's no connection to the real universe and events therein.

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That ending would have been the best outcome! now we have to have a promethius 2 before a horseshoe ship crashes on LV426....



I'll go back to watching the original saga an being happy it atleast knows what is going on

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