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  1. One youtube channel that I found recently that I've liked is Roaming Millenial. It's just one person giving her opinion, but it's given me some clue into opposing views without being particularly extreme. I do like Philip DeFranco too, I never even thought about a bias from his coverage so I guess he's doing it well.
  2. I agree with dan-likes-trees. If anyone knows any good centrist to right slanted news, podcasts and shows that are good quality, I'd like to get in on that action.
  3. I get most of my news from Youtube, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Suggestions and Reddit, probably in that order. I don't go to specific sites for news and basically just wait for someone to talk about it somewhere. To keep from being trapped in an echo chamber I do try to also follow people who I disagree with or don't particularly like, but that's also because I enjoy hating these people internally or laughing at their ridiculous logic. Sometimes though they say something that makes sense and I like to get a view on how other people think so it's interesting nonetheless. The whole fake news thing annoys me. There were some children in Macedonia who were making thousands by just inventing stories related to the US election. They started covering both sides but since they were making much more money targeting republicans, they focused on that instead. The fact that people just believe anything they read is disappointing but it is understandable, especially if they want to agree with the content. I'm not afraid to call out a shared story as fake if I see it on facebook and will happily tell the poster why it is inaccurate. I'm becoming more and more interested in giving people simple information on topics that are rife with misinformation and am working on a few blog posts to share with my facebook friends. Probably won't do anything to change their minds but I enjoy the research regardless.
  4. I thought it was a fantastic episode. After watching the whole new season of Black Mirror I'm loving this new trend of depressing media.
  5. Is he moaning or just stating a fact?. Youtube Red is a move towards a different model of income that moves away from advertising, and it has to some extent been pushed along by adblockers.
  6. They might be giving him views, but he's not getting ad revenue from them. Should everyone in "luxury" markets be thankful they have a job at all? For some demographics, people like him are their main source of entertainment, same as TV used to be. There's somewhat of an adblockalypse since Apple made adblocking mainstream and Google is making efforts to change the way ads are presented to combat this. Both with this and the new specifications for making news content faster to load on the web. I don't like how Youtube is pulling an Apple Music and not paying youtubers for views during the free trial. If this is true they should change that very quickly.
  7. I already pay for Google Play Music and that's bundled in so I'm not going to complain about the removal of ads from Youtube and the ability for locked screen and offline playback and extra content. People will still get all their normal ad-paid videos, this is just like the extra content youtubers already put on services like patreon which increase youtuber revenue through their community, because ad supported revenue is not high enough to support the growth of certain styles of videos (mainly the ones that take a long time and are expensive, such as animation). It's a way for people who love watching youtube to help support the creators more. I think it's a good thing.
  8. Have been using MyFitnessPal to keep myself to 1600 calories per day, done the couch to 5k programme and am on the last day of it and I've been gradually increasing how many laps I do of the swimming pool at the gym. Have lost around 1kg per week, been able to run 6.5km non stop and swim 1500 metres so I'm really glad with the way I've improved my fitness from basically doing nothing. Have lost nearly 9kg so far. Things are going well
  9. Haha, no one can resist my air guitar!
  10. So your power is to see if I did target someone but not who it is? Because if it's not, then that shows tampering.
  11. Showing that people are being messed with and information isn't as reliable as people may think.
  12. Do you mean yourself? I protected you to see if you were interfered with and went on to try and lynch you because at first I thought you were untargetable but then for realising you were targeting the victim without interference. Funny how you accused sheikah of being suspicious for attacking the person he was trying to lynch, but then ask this clearly loaded question when I do the opposite.
  13. What a wonderful power that gives you "apparent" information. I don't care whether you believe it or not, it shows clear shenanigans with a "townie's" power. Good guess.
  14. I had two people target me the first night, one handcuffed me and one removed them. Doesn't mean jayseven is the handcuffer. As you can see dawg, you said I had no target and then apparently added flavour to say I did. So your information is pretty unreliable to say the least.
  15. Well if sprout had gone for what is expected, because I protected him he could have gotten a great investigation on me without any interference. But he decided to be the Wiley investigator that gets a town lynched because his strategic playing doesn't take into consideration having wrong information. There's already been the note that no one has seen again and now rummy is coming up with some bullshit about me having no target even though two people can attest to my power. Can't you see how even "confirmed" townies are getting their powers messed with.
  16. I think they succeeded in the former.
  17. And you couldn't have investigated me and cleared this whole thing up? Great investigating pal. I don't know what to say now to be honest. If anyone else tried to target DuD the night before they would have been able to confirm that I indeed targeted him. But MadDog got redirected by some shadow and a few other players aren't speaking up and probably didn't send targets. The only thing I can think of is that you were messed with Sprout. But to be honest I would vote for me at this point because no one else has any leads.
  18. Surely last night you should have used Smeagol's power like you had said then instead of DuD's or that doesn't make sense?
  19. Well you can confirm that I was not the killer last night then.
  20. What day power are you talking about? And what does a tracker have to do with anything. Are you saying they have a tracker that tracked you each night, got their result before the night was over and decided if they wanted to kill your target just so you could look suspicious? Very simple altogether.
  21. That is the weirdest power you've just made up there. So basically you claim to be an alignment investigator, but all your targets are dead so you have no information to give and now have been roleblocked and still have nothing. So you have no proof of your power and have targeted two victims. I think there's enough there for a lynch to be honest. Vote DuD
  22. This again? Convenient that you didn't get to use your power to investigate me and see that I'm innocent. ¬¬ Well I targeted Sprout last night and if anyone can verify that for me that would be great. Am I correct in assuming you targeted sprout but couldn't reach him? Maybe because of some sick ass guitar playing? If it was you doing the killing then surely there would be no kill instead of just a random other person?
  23. Do you enjoy being a shit stirrer? Ignoring a valid point by making shit up. This was the only point you brought up before voting so it better not be the only reason you're voting.
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