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  1. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    The condescending responses on here toward the people who voted Out are exactly the reason so many people did vote Out. There's a massive number of people, and you can see they are mainly from working class and lower middle class communities, who feel totally betrayed by the political establishment - this is the backlash, and it's well deserved and long over due! The whole Remain campaign was typified by scare mongering, fear, negativity, threats, unpopular public figures who talked down to and lectured the public and it was all wrapped up in a condescending tone. Eddie Izzard on question time, Geldof putting up two fingers to fishermen on the Thames, Cameron warning over world war three and a whole bevvy of failed and hated politicians like Milliband, Major and Brown. Politicians are meant to be elected to represent the people, most of those in Parliament act as if they are elected to tell the people what they should think, this is the result. This won't end here, already Holland and Denmark are calling for their own referendums. I know a girl who works in shipping, her Dutch clients rang her office yesterday to persuade all those working there to vote Out, because they are sick of the EU.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wii U / Switch

    Well, what a demo that was - a massive, beautiful, non-linear and fully interactive overworld that is full of life and non-scripted events that will be different for every single player. I said to a few people that this looked like a modern day reinvention of the original NES classic, an open world where you go about your quest as you see fit - I think that's pretty much spot on, but with every single facet of the game taken to an extreme - being able to burn the undergrowth, chop down trees, roll boulders down hills, climb every surface, swim and fish the rivers and lakes, it's all truly astounding and very in keeping with Miyamoto's vision in the very first game. But despite all the amazing things shown off in this incredible demo, the most astounding thing is surely what they didn't show. Nintendo have generated all this hype from simply showing Link alone in the wilderness at the start of the game. So far we haven't seen any villages, towns, temples or anything of the main story. To imagine this looks so good from such a tiny slice of what must be one of the biggest and most interactive game world's ever seen only begs the question - how good with it be when you add all the other ingredients that make Zelda games so fantastic? I think this game looks like a true epic masterpiece and a game that could emerge as one of the greatest ever made.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wii U / Switch

    I can't wait to see the reactions to whatever Nintendo show. I'm sure there will be a millions complaints and endless crying no matter what the game turns out to be like.
  4. Stardew Valley coming to Wii U this year

    ProJared loves it!
  5. Ghost Recon: WildLands

    This game looks awful. I wouldn't usually come to a thread to simply post 'this looks awful', so I'll add some context. One Christmas back in the N64 days I asked for Rainbow Six on the N64 and I spent Christmas morning gaming. Unlike most games, I wasn't engrossed in action or shooting, but in planning. I spent the morning planning an assault on a farm house. Carefully plotting routes around the buildings, choosing points of entry for my teams, choosing weapons, setting up breaching points and then carrying out the mission and seeing if the planning had paid off. As you moved your two mad squad around the level, the other two man squad would advance and halt based on your instruction and the take the route you had planned. You would be given updates on their progress and eventually if things panned out the way you hoped, you would clear the area, move into the farm house and successfully storm the correct rooms and free the hostages. Every move you made was measured and had to be considered to ensure you ere silent, efficient and to make sure the guards were not alerted and your team got out alive. It was slow, methodical but at the time it felt so much more realistic and tactical than anything else out there. Needless to say, I have very happy memories of Rainbow Six. It was a really different game - especially considering that most shooters were like Doom, Duke Nukem and Turok. Sure, Goldeneye had done stealth, but it wasn't realistic, you could still gun your way through dozens of guards and health pick ups and automatic weapons could turn you in a killing machine. Rainbow Six took stealth to the next level, it really made you feel like a special forces operative. Fast forward to the Gamecube. I picked up Ghost Recon and I loved it. It was like Rainbow Six but on a bigger scale, almost like an 'out door' Rainbow Six. It was again slow, methodical and required patience and planning over reaction speed and flashy running and gunning. I played Ghost Recon on the Gamecube so many times because it was different to Turok, Timesplitters and the other shooters I owned. I loved taking my time, planning an assault on an enemy camp, slowly picking off enemies around the edge before waiting for a lone soldier to move away from a group allowing me to pick him off and giving me a better chance of taking down the group later on. When I look at this trailer, I see a game that isn't Ghost Recon. I don't see methodical slow play and planning, I see a game that blurs into so many other games. A game that is trying to be Call of Duty or any other military shooter, just with the Ghost Recon name slapped on. I hate the way that titles like this are becoming more similar rather than standing out by doing something different. Armoured recon vehicles zipping around with machine guns mounted to the rear that tear through dozens of enemies isn't Ghost Recon, aiming down the sights of a belt fed machine gun and mowing down enemies like the Terminator isn't Ghost Recon, flying through the bushes on a dirt bike isn't Ghost Recon - in fact none of this looks like Ghost Recon. This has to be the most disappointing and generic trailer I've seen for a series I have such fond memories of. Another stand out series that was known for being tactical and realistic has tried to go down the route of so many other games and just go all out for action and big explosions, when it's original appeal was the very opposite. A real Ghost Recon experience is something I would love, a return to its roots, a game where for every hour of in the field action there was 30 minutes of hardcore planning and squad customisation.
  6. PS4 Pro

    Well, it seems silly, but that is what appears to be happening. The fact is, there are already games which have performance issues on the PS4, these games suffer drops in frame rates and aren't running as well as developers want them to. The PS4K will ensure those games run at a stable 60fps, or closer to 60fps. So essentially, the PS4 will be the 'poor man's option'. This problem will be exacerbated as the generation moves forward and developers push the system harder and harder, we saw at the end of the last generation games pushed the PS3 and 360 more as they became more ambitious in their scope, design and graphical quality, that often led to a reduction in frame rate and performance. The PS4K will mean that those more advanced titles will run optimally on the PS4K, but suffer more issues and performance problems on the lesser console. As already stated, developers are already releasing games that are having frame rate issues or aren't meeting the 60fps 1080p gold standard which developers would like to achieve. Obviously the games will still function on the lesser system, but they won't play as smoothly. Whilst the reports state that there won't be gameplay differences, which essentially means there won't be extra modes or content for PS4K players, I know that if presented with a choice of playing the next Battlefield or GTA game at 60fps or around 30fps, the vast majority would choose the higher frame rate. Essentially, this creates a top tier system where games perform better, and a lesser tier where games perform worse. I know that as a gamer, if Nintendo offered me a system where their titles ran more smoothly and had a better performance, I would opt for that system over a lesser one where games ran less well. It's a no brainer really, any serious gamer will want to play their games at the best quality. I always find it amusing when people ask a question, yet answer that question themselves! Why would people who bought a games console, and not a PC, be annoyed when the games console they bought was treated like a PC and not a games console? The answer is, they bought a games console. We are now in the 8th generation of consoles and when people buy a console they are used to it lasting 5 or 6 years. People buy consoles and choose to game that way because they don't want the hassle of PC gaming, they want to buy a box, sit it under the TV, plug the controller in, put in a game and play that game. Despite technology moving forward and despite patches and installs, games consoles still function very much the same as they always have. The average gamer still buys disk based games and still enjoys the relative simplicity of gaming with a console. If you can't see why a consumer would be annoyed that they paid £300 for a games console, only to find that 2 or 3 years later the same company released at an upgraded model that new games would play better on, then you are either blind or purposefully ignoring facts. When people buy a console they except a longer lifespan and they don't expect to be told that half way through a generation they will need to buy a new version of that console if they want to play future games in the est quality possible. I'm not sure why that is hard to understand. Well Sony want to sell PS4Ks, so the PS4K will have to have some unique selling points, and simply outputting games at 4K would be pretty weak as 4K TVs and 4K output isn't really common place enough to cause the average joe to buy a new console - or even choose the 4K over the stand PS4. Games will obviously continue to run on the PS4, but it looks like from the leaked specs that they will run better on the PS4K, which will proved the PS4K its biggest selling point - higher and more stable frame rates on the PS4K. I've never said games won't run at all on the PS4, but we have already seen so many arguments and issues over performance on current gen consoles - these performance issues would theoretically be put to bed if the consoles were more powerful, hence Sony are releasing a more powerful console. But that leads the gamer who has already got a PS4 to have to upgrade if they want to enjoy future games with a better level of performance.
  7. PS4 Pro

    This discussion has been carried out in a way that literally paints the PS4K as providing games that just look a little better, which is completely disingenuous. If a PS4 ran at 1080 and 60fps and the PS4K ran at 4K and 60fps, the issue would simply be an upgraded console that provided games that looked a little better. However the big issue with the PS4 has been games that run with frame rates that dip below 30fps. So the issue will be that games may well be optimised to run on the PS4K, meaning that those wishing to play it on the original PS4 will suffer noticeably lower performance. The reason those saying it is just like a PC are talking rubbish, is because those who play on PCs know that if you have older hardware you cab reduce the graphical fidelity of games in order to increase their performance. So two different systems can both output 60fps game play by altering the level of detail, effects and shading in the game. Really, the PS4K is going to offer the chance to play games at an optimal level and at 60fps, whilst the PS4 will offer the less optimal experience. So Sony are asking gamers who want to experience all their games at the best possible frame rate to pony up another £300. That is why people are annoyed. All those defending this move, if you are genuinely happy playing your games knowing they were optimised for your system and playing them at a lower frame rate, good for you, but you can hardly criticise those that feel ripped off for buying a system that they now need to upgrade in order to play games in the best and most fluid way.
  8. Difficult Games

    Good call! I could have chosen far harder games, but I picked games that were hard but fair and presented a challenge without presenting a rage inducing melt down! Ikari Warriors on the NES for example, it is much harder than nearly any of those games and can only really be beaten with an infinite lives cheat. But the game is hampered by unfair controls, unfair enemy placement and several other design flaws. Anyway, have fun - but make sure you true Blue Shadow, I love that and I'm sure anyone looking for a challenge will adore it!
  9. Difficult Games

    On the NES: Castlevania: This game is awesome, really well made and really difficult. It is generally difficult through challenge, although there is a cheap mechanic where enemies knock you back and send you to your death when you are full health. I've beaten this, without save states. A very good game. Castlevania 3: Probably the best of the NES Castlevania games. Multiple paths, multiple characters and loads of challenge, again the only unfair bit is the knock back. I have beaten this, but only using save states, to beat this properly is virtually impossible due to an insane last stage which requires you to complete the stage and three boss forms in one life. Blue Shadow: This has different names and also is known as Shadow of the Ninja. It is like Ninja Gaiden but much better and more balanced. You need real skill and there are far less frustrating and unfair moments. I can't actually think of anything bad about this game. I have beaten it, without save states. Mega Man 2: Any of the NES Mega Man games would suit you, but I picked this as it is the best on the NES and requires real skill without being unfair. I beat this without save states. Turtles: This game is insane and has a couple of different play style and some of the most difficult challenges on the NES. It has a couple of unfair jumps, but most of it can be beaten with hard work and level memorisation. The underwater bomb defusing level is one of the hardest levels in any game. I beat this using save states as the last level is too much! Probotector/Probotector 2 These games are really good, and they're shooters rather than platform games. They have a high level of challenge, but are very fair. I've beaten the second without save states, it's actually a rare example of a sequel being better than the original. Gradius: This one is a scrolling shooter. It is very good and has an excellent selection of powerups which you choose the order and configuration in which they attach to your ship. It is hard and the difficulty is ramped up if you are killed as you lose everything you have built up. I have beaten this with save states. Life Force: The sequel to Gradius and another fabulous game. I recommend this over the original as it's a little better designed and a little more forgiving. I loved this as a kid and my friend lent it to me and I beat it on the original NES without any save states! EDIT: Funny thing is, nearly all of these are Konami games, how the mighty have fallen! On the SNES: Super Castlevania 4: The finest game in the Castlevania series, a multi-directional whip, amazing graphics and sound and great use of the SNES technology. Also, a brilliant challenge that is both fun, varied and fair. There's only one moment in the game that had me getting angry. Also, bosses are mint. Completed this one on the console without save states. Cybernator: Very different to the other games I've mentioned as although it is a shooter, you are in a mech and you have a life bar. It is a difficult game and presents quite a compelling challenge where at times you are overwhelmed and at other times you feel like you're piloting an invincible death machine. I've never actually beaten this! Super Probotector: If you loved the NES games, try this. It's awesome and takes everything you saw in the NES games to the next level. It also has some free roaming top down stages to add variety. The only bad thing about this is it has just six levels and leaves you feeling slightly short changed. I beat this as a kid, but beating on the hardest difficulty, I still haven't done that! Axelay: Another space shooter from Konami. This is the best one they made on the SNES and beats Gradius 3 (which is an incredible game) because it performs so much better and doesn't suffer the slow down. It is also all skill, there's no unfair or silly moments. You also get to customise your ship before you take on a level and there's no powerups! I beat this as a kid. Hagane: This is very rare, but if you know where to look you can find a copy. I haven't beaten this and have only played it a couple of times, but the challenge is incredible and so are the graphics. It is quite complex to get to grips with, but once you have it plays so well and you will start pulling off incredible moves and challenges that were once frustrating will be fun and rather spectacular. Super Star Wars series: These games were ace! I beat them back in the day, but they were tough, Empire Strikes Back being the hardest. But despite the difficulty, they are fair, they are varied in game play styles and they look and sound great. If you like Star Wars, other than Dark Forces, these are probably the best Star Wars games ever made. Diddy Kong's Quest: The Donkey Kong series is hard, but this game is the hardest of the lot and my favourite. There are a couple of unfair moments and certain bits had me shouting at the TV, but never the less, it is a very difficult game and one that you will probably get a lot out of.
  10. What do you look for in a game?

    Quality. Quite simple really - I like a good game. I don't really have a preference in terms of genre or graphical style or game play mechanics. I just like what I play to be a good example of that type of game. I love all sorts of games, from COD to Donkey Kong Country, from Silent Hill to Kirby, from Metroid to Mario Kart, from Splatoon to Zelda. If I look back at my favourite games of all time, there's Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Mario World, Fallout 3, Command and Conquer, Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime. Such a wide range of titles, but all excellent. I will literally try anything and often enjoy games that the typical gamer ignores or games that try something new. I was really excited by Silent Hill Shattered Memories because it didn't have any combat. I was excited by Kirby Epic Yarn because it approached death and achievement in a platform game in a different way. Yet whilst embracing new ideas, I was excited by COD Black Ops, not because it was different, but because it was an evolution of a nearly perfect formula. As long as a game is a good example of that genre and the gameplay is fun and engaging, I will give it a try.
  11. Old gaming magazines - worth keeping?

    I love old magazines, they are a treasure trove of knowledge! I would take them off your hands, or you could get good money on eBay?
  12. Star Fox Zero

    Thanks for the heads up on this! I've watched some of the high scores on Youtube, these players bounce the shots off the landscape in order to gain more hits, I had a go and I'm baffled, I just can't seem to do it! I think I'll bow out with my certificate.
  13. Football Season 2015/16

    Yeah, kind of like you've got so used to winning fuck all, that the prospect of winning would actually stop you watching the team play, that's understandable. Almost the reverse of how normal fans behave. I love Mourinho, this was his best moment: Deluded Liverpool fans, the best in the Premiership!
  14. You need to man up! These women aren't rejecting you, they are just getting hundreds of messages from hundreds of men. They will flick through and just pick out the profiles they like best and maybe message back a couple. You need to chill out thinking that they are personally rejecting you. Just write a short hello message in a word document and copy and paste it to 10 to 20 girls every day that you like the look of. Sooner or later you will start getting responses. Just keep the message short and light hearted. If you set about online dating from the perspective that you are going to view hundreds and hundreds of profiles, pick one girl from them all and send her a very personalised message and then sit and wait for her to reply, you'll end up disappointed, online dating does not work that way. It's like with Tinder, you don't just swipe 'yes' on one profile then sit there waiting for that one person to swipe 'yes' on you. On Tinder you go through and say 'yes' to dozens at a time, then you will get some matches and then the matches will talk to you and you narrow it down further. You need to approach this with the right mindset otherwise you're dooming the whole process from the start!
  15. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    I have now almost finished this, 96% complete and my opinion of it changed a lot as I played it. Much like Star Fox Zero at first it made quite a negative impression, but over time as I got used to the controls I found a really engaging and utterly charming game and a really interesting take on the 2D platformer. Each level has plenty to do in it and plenty to find, without feeling like a collection grind like Yoshi did at times. The transformations work very well and the tank and sub are amazing. Overall, I liked this game a lot, it's short and completing it isn't difficult, but finding all the chests and really exploring every level adds a lot to the overall package. I pleased I took the time to play it.