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  1. Come back to mafffiiiaaaa? James Bond.





    Shaken but not stirred.

  2. http://n-europe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1338774&postcount=49


    DO IT. You know you love Bond and you know you want it.

  3. Word. Your mafia is next in line. Is it ready to go?

  4. Dude, can you hook me up with a Vince torrent?

  5. I've been following. Mini-series is better than nothing.

  6. ....................

  7. Nah the few comments you got on it are more than I normally get. Probably down to your sick bin skill though.

  8. Hmmmm/ Interesting.

  9. Tis the inevitable ill fate of a ReZourceman video I am afraid. :p

  10. Regarding my last email - rendered in "HDz" because not rendering in HDz is phailz/for-fagz.

  11. I havn't. Got the Rainbow Flick. Sick skills brah.

  12. Oh no no no, its absolutely fine. I am happy to do it;. What I meant below was that I just emailed you asking if you meant to include the videos.....a redundant question, had I have checked here first we wouldn't be in this mess. :p

  13. Oh lol. I just...yeah/. Cool. :p

  14. Yeah sure thing. [email protected] is best email.

  15. My facebook is being a cunt, I'll need to go on a different PC to see that FB message. Fucking annoying, dunno whats up.

  16. hope yew liek my videos. xxx

  17. Did you see the second Video Bin video? I thought you might actually mildly smirk at one bit.


  18. Yeah I don't like reading on screens either. :( Boooo.

  19. Check out the Video Bin thread for my latest exploits. People are being cruel though.

  20. Fair enough. But;



  21. Shuntin a brother.