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  1. am oin gt yarmouth not back until tomoz :(

  2. Sheer brilliance. :D

  3. It won't let me access it at all when not in game. When searching Windows for it it only comes up with a shortcut file. :/ I click attach, then access the folder its inn and its not in there. Check in game and its definitely there. FFFFSSSS.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Its all that Subway advertising. :p


    Epic episodes last night. Got upto the one after


    Morgan finding out.

  5. Mafia General Discussion thread! Are you wanting to (not) run alongside Jonnas?

  6. FFS. It won't let me send, or upload any of the games. :/

  7. Sweeeeeeeeet.

  8. I know I'm sorry. :(

  9. Not yet actually, I didn't manage to see any yesterday, but there is definitely at least an episode or two on the cards tonight.



  12. He disgusts me.


    Upto episode 8 now I believe. Gonna watch more tomorrow. :D

  13. We miss you more than you could possibly know. PS Dyson's figurines look fantastic, nice work. PS you should do Digimon. Cos' they're win.

  14. I was talking about joining mafia games haahha.

  15. Yeah Magnus.

  16. The artichoke. I ran out of thanks. Wheres Dancer thread *searchs*


  18. You're an evil human being.

  19. I'm not watching it. :(

  20. I watched a tutorial, seems pretty straight forward! :D

  21. HUH. You can make GIFs on Photoshop. WTF> My world is blown. If there are YouTube tutorials then I'm totally there.

  22. Ugh. Where was that free gif maker you linked to the other day. I've searched our posts and canot find it.

  23. I actually should.

  24. No I havn't, I've also wondered lol.

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