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  1. Its deep shit for sure. Walt. Hank is the uncle bro.

  2. How far did you get with Breaking Bad/how much do you love it?

  3. It pisses me off so much that so many (celebrities) don't know A) How to fold in and B) When you mix in egg whites you OBVIOUSLY have to fold them in. Fucking idiiots. I don't know how they get through life with so little common sense.

  4. Our task. Is to ; Go to Winsley (I'm suggesting we just buy a cottage) . Play Uncharted there....for like a couple weeks and then sell the cottage. Basically just amazing and win money making skeems.

  5. ADDED. Welcome to the awesomeness. :D

  6. I need the G maf in my face.

  7. Just wanted to attach a term of endearment to your name. :p

  8. You make me sad.

  9. Hate you.


    Vengeance will come.

  10. Start ya sign ups, you're skipping Diageo! :D

  11. Regarding the below, I encourage the participation.

  12. That makes me pleased. I'm controversial.

  13. This genuinely makes me ecstatic. I'm sure you know you're one of my all time favourites, and I eagerly anticipate our mingling potential. :p

  14. This is the best news ever. I'll make a thread this weekend. :D

  15. Whoreque! When is Pokemafia. God damnit. Not in any mafia.

  16. Was just curious. I've been going to London/different parts more often recently and always pondered "I wonder if I'm near Daft/Paj"

  17. Out of interest, which tube station do you live (nearest).






  18. Out of interest, which tube station do you live (nearest)

  19. Haha, good choice. :p

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