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  1. Sassy female or docile male? :)

  2. Your sig obviously amazing. Did you make it (in terms of the group shotting. Obviously you at the very least adjusting light/etc) Good work.

  3. I did bled! Oh...wait you formatte.d...I'll add again later. :)

  4. Rendersoft Cam Studio SWF Producer.

  5. Enjoy it. Its....god its just disgustingly good. Artwork gets better, a few dangling plots culminate, some new ones made. And violent. As hell.

  6. Wasn't sure if you were aware....but this came out on Wednesday.


    Volume 6

  7. Adding you, me = 1719-3161-1404. :)

  8. Hey Bladez. Welcome.

  9. add meh on 3drs :)_

  10. I don't know...I would guess option A.

  11. Cheers bled. If you havn't posted yours then reply back, if you have then I will see it and add back. :)

  12. I appreciate this sentiment more than you can ever know. How are you? xx

  13. Oh nice one. It may be on the cards tonight. Although Master Chief is on...

  14. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss.

  15. Retro please. There isn't a TV show that has yet been created that we do not have a shared interest in. Also read Invincible. I've decided I need you to be the next target of my (persuasion). The Peeps was the last one (on her) and he loves the fuck out of it now. Also a friend of mine from school that I've been speaking to on FB and he loves it now.



    Doooo eeeet.



    But to answer the original question - yeah definitely. Although its on record to watch at leisure. Looks good....or at least has potential. Could be NOT amazing, but I quite like that it has that more emotional/drama edge to it rather than being a flat out comedy (as no doubt you saw the small interview type segments on Saturday Kitchen) :p

  16. Sweeeeeeeeet. Yeah very happy with the picture. Thing is - how do you top that. Ideas welcome.

  17. Nice one. We will hax them. When you free to playy?





    O s ,ome./

  18. I just played Unch for the first time in months. Still fucking pwn at it. I found myself saying "Why did I stop playing this?$"


    For shor. I dwibble in Tumblr a little, nto amahfoosively.. GWHats youre tumblr?

  19. word up haws u

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