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Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

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Oh yeah, very much looking forward to both.


They're releasing a deluxe version of TDKR in October with both parts mashed into one film. I did think the Justice League War film based on the first JL New 52 story would be out then but that's early next year.

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My comic shop just posted a lovely rant on its facebook page

OK Comics

Any comic fan watching the situation unfold will be aware that DC have handled their Villains Month pretty badly.

- They're ceasing normal numbering of the comics for one month, ceasing publication of lower selling series for one month, and filling the gap with duplicates of their better sellers, some shipping weekly rather than monthly.

- Outcry from retailers followed. How can customers be expected to jump from buying three or four comics a month to buying twelve or sixteen? How can retailers order correct quantities?

- Comic shop owners around the world acted in the same way: contact as many of your customers as possible, tweet, email, facebook, write, phone, in-store signage, whatever; get the message out there. Let people know what DC are doing, encourage people to place pre-orders so shops know what to order.

- It was a lot of extra work, contacting people, creating order forms, setting up stock systems, processing the orders, but we got th...e job done.

- NOW DC have announced that they haven't printed enough stock to fill all our orders. Shops wont get everything they need to fill their customers orders.

- Not only have DC taken away their continuity of service (one of the best things they have going for them) but they've created extra work for retailers who've previously supported the New52, only to have all this extra effort rewarded by unhappy, disgruntled customers.

- We're now left with a situation where we have to decide which of our dedicated customers can't have what they ordered. These are regulars and new customers who took the time to fill out forms in the shop, or email their request.

- Thanks DC. Thanks.


Nice to see DC handling this so fabulously

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God damn it. Batman and Nightwing is a glorious read. All the feels man and I got a little misty eyed.

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So this summer I read quite a lot, really caught up!


Saga Vol.1 + 2

Everyone seems to like this and I to have got really into it. Hard to say why as in a way not a huge amount has even happened yet but the scope for it is hard to pin down yet (in a good way). A lot of interesting things to come I'm sure. It's a good sign that I keep wanting to read more! The Stalk <3 Lying Cat <3

Captain Marvel Vol. 1 + 2

Wanted to read this as I like the character and am really interested in the INTEREST this series has got. So many fans who had never picked up a comic before...and I love reading up/talking about the state of women in comics (IRL and in-story). It's an enjoyable series. Nothing to write home about but cool. POSITIVE.

Action Comics Vol. 1

Hm. Love a lot of Morrison but this took a while to grab me and of course I feel like I'll need to read the rest of the run to get bits of it. It didn't quite gel with me like a lot of his other work. We'll see. But I'm in no rush to pick up vol. 2. Certainly not until it's out in paperback form.

Batman: The Black Mirror

Lovely. A semi-modern classic it seems? Not sure about that but a beautiful volume. I'd read the actual 3-issue Black Mirror story but none of the stuff after. It is a really good Batman story and some lovely things explored. The art is GORGE.

Hawkeye Vol. 1

Great. Need to pick up volume 2. Frankly Marvel has it right these days. Get comics back to being FUN. stfu DC ugh


and some older one

Wonder Woman: Eyes Of The Gorgon

This was nice. I want more of Rucka's run. I liked the portrayal of Medusa.

Wonder Woman: The Circle

This needs a reread, it's held in high regard. I enjoyed it but it didn't stand out very much to me.


As well as my monthlies being Earth 2, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny Avengers and FF. Also now Saga will be a monthly. :) I want to catch up on some things like Wonder Woman and Batwoman (read 2 volumes and 1 volume repsectively) but they publish volumes so late after the issues come out I'll always be behind. I'm POSSIBLY getting an iPad for my birthday so wil get itunes vouchers in which case I'll use them to catch up with Wondy/Bats.


X-Men so far has been so awesome. Got issue 4 waiting to be read!

Uncanny X-Men is my *side* of choice...I should catch up with All-New but it ships to much for me to afford. I think? I dunno I lost track around issue 10. I like the art/find this team potentially more intriguing. PLUS DAZZLER ??

Uncanny Avengers is my Avengers title of choice. The art + Remender + it's a continuation of Uncanny X-Force so...

FF is still great. If you like Hawkeye and Waid's Daredevil, this is the third title in that vein. Lovely stories about family, friendship, action, classic comic adventure and humour! I know Fraction will only be plotting it soon, not writing. Hmmm.

Earth 2 is my only Dc comic for a joke. WORLD-BUILDING. Except Robinson is leaving? I feel like we haven't even got started!

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DC Editorial strikes again:


Batwoman writer and artist walk after DC refuses gay marriage story


DC's editorial team steps in it again.


Since the Elegy storyline debuted in 2009, Batwoman has become a very popular character in the DC Universe. A major part of her success stems from the fact that she is a well-written lesbian character (a rare beast in comics) and that she is usually drawn by incredible artist, JH Williams III. Her DC 52 run has been amongst the most popular and it seemed for a while that Kate Kane and her fans' luck would never run out.


But both W. Haden Blackman and JH Williams have just announced that they're leaving Batwoman behind. And, no, it's not an amicable parting of the ways.


Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married.


All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end.


There are many notable aspects to this story, but, in fairness to DC, let's lead with this one -- Williams has made it pretty clear that DC's problem with the gay marriage story was less to do with the gay part and more to do with the marriage part. That tracks since, when the New 52 was first announced, one of the biggest changes was that Lois and Clark would no longer be married.


We're not saying that it isn't still insensitive given the socio-political climate, but context is important.


Most notable is the fact that editors are making these executive decision at the last possible moment, leaving the creative teams scrambling to rewrite stories that were set into motion months prior. Those kinds of changes lead to plot and character inconsistencies. In other words -- it makes for bad books.


Keep in mind, though, that DC fired Gail Simone from Batgirl not so long ago only to rehire her days later after a strong, public backlash. What we're saying is, if you want Blackman and Williams to stay on the book, now's the time to speak up.



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Marc Andreyko Is Her New Writer From #25 & Batwoman Shouldn’t Have A Happy Personal Life



The DC Comics panel has started at Baltimore Comic Con and Hannah Means Shannon, Senior New York Correspondent for Bleeding Cool drove up this morning to get there in time!


Dan DiDio has been talking Batwoman. And about a certain story, that JH Williams III and WH Blackman walked off the book because DC refused to allow them to tell the story they’d been building up to, of her marriage.


It went a bit global.


Firstly, Dan DiDio stated that there were complaints when she started as a lead character in 2006 but that DC continues to support her as a character to this day. That she’s a hero first, and that being gay is “a part of who she is.”


She’s clearly a member of the Bat family, and that as a result she shouldn’t have a happy personal life. That she’s committed to defending others at the sacrifice of personal instincts and personal lives.


So its important to establish their personal lives, but then they have to set them aside. And that heroes shouldn’t get married.


He says he stands beside their choices 100% and asks us to name one other publisher committed to a character in that fashion.


I don’t know if anyone has said “Archie” yet. They should have.


DiDio has also announced that Marc Andreyko is the new writer of Batwoman starting with issue 25, with a new storyline as part of the Batman universe and a Zero Year issue.


Looks like Williams and Blackman have been dropped from the book earlier than they’d have liked. They stated they’d be leaving after concluding their story with issue 26. It appears that option has been taken away from them.


Hear Dan Didio talk about it in the YouTube video



Didio is not allowing JH Williams to even to finish his last two issues. :mad:

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I'm going to drop a whole load of DC books because...well, they're asses. BUT Wonder Woman #23 was fucking brilliant. No doubt because Didio can't touch Azzarello...but yeah, #23 is stunning.


I wonder what the implications of Diana being the new God of War will be.

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Sigh DC editorials ruining another great book, only Aquaman is allowed to be married but being married means the end for others characters according to DC.


List of DC has done so far in the New 52.




nope he isn't married


I'm already annoyed with DC for pilaging my wallet this month with all the villains, but now the Marriagegate percieved homphobia (although they claim it isn't can't say i trust them) and the general poor quality of DC lately.....i think i'm at the point to drop most of DC, might even drop all of it, but Batman is awesome...


God damn DC you are horrible

Edited by Agent Gibbs

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well my DC purchases have definitely dropped over the last year, all the creative changes and editorial blocking stories at the last minute that were previously agreed just put me off and I find the books are suffering because of it.


I have been looking for ways to cut my spending down and DC are helping nicely ;)


there are too many books that I'm enjoying at the moment, and I'm almost heading towards starting picking up 2000AD :p

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Right, after this month (not going to lie, I actually love the 3D covers - if anyone can get me a Black Manta one I will love you forever) I'm going to seriously streamline my DC pull list.


Also, Batman & Nightwing #23. Holy shit. I teared up. Tomasi is brilliant. Issue should have been called Batman & Alfred. I wonder what's happening now the five stages of grief are over. Strangely enough, I think I've accepted Damian's death now, too.




Going to up my non-superhero books. Currently reading Wild Blue Yonder and The Wake. Really enjoying WBY and The Wake is absolutely brilliant. Going to pick up Zero #1 today. I gave Collider and Trillium a go but they really didn't do anything for me. I dropped Bedlam, too.



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I like starting series from #1. I missed the boat and have too many other things to read.

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Sad to see Injustice Gods Among Us finishing for a while but god damn did it have an awesome moment in it to send it off!


That does drop me down to just the one DC title now though.

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What happened in it?


In the previous issues Batman and his team had stolen a pill from Superman that gave people superhuman strength. Batman kept Superman busy while it was being analysed but then Superman broke his back.


In this issue we see that the pill finished being analysed and the data was sent off somewhere. Superman goes to take Batman to be locked up when we see the original pill has gone. Alfred then comes out, calls Superman Clark and looks to be trying to calm him down when he headbutts him and proceeds to beat the crap out of him for hurting his family. Alfred then helps Bruce onto the teleporter and off they pop. It was just awesome.


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DC has me hooked with the silly 3-D covers and has me buying floppies, despite most of the Villain's Month issues being meh so far. Got Harley and Ivy (BOOBtastic but I love the Ivy cover) and then today bought Cheetah and Clayface. I read Riddler digitally as everyone said it was actually good (but I don't love him or need the 3-D cover in my hands).


QUESTION/HELP NEEDED: I want the 3-D version of Justice League 23.1 - Dial E. They had only standard in Forbidden Planet and I see that on eBay it's ridiculously priced? Like around 20 quid. HUH. Can someone help me find somewhere to buy it for a normal price? Is it rare???

This one. In 3-D.







X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Various Titles, Crossover)

I don't normally pick up W&TXM but had to for this crossover. I read Uncanny and adjectiveless normally though. This is an interesting story, but slow going in typical Bendis style. Clearly there must be more to it than it seems. Stuff is finally coming to a head by the end of today's issue of Uncanny. And I have to say I actually *like* the issue at hand/Bendis is characterising the players on each side well. Even I'm unsure what I'd do!


Villain's month so farrrrrr

Poison Ivy

*shrug* Love the cover and the art was fine but generic (except the lovely stylised flashbacks). Odd pacing, and a comic art crime - I couldn't tell what happened in one important panel. HMM. *shrug* She kinda just wanders around.


Harley Quinn

Fun/a good read with great art but a very controversial ending that I don't really like. Villain's month, among month, is being dubbed the DC Dead Kids Count. Hmmmmmmmm. Worth a read though. I'm intrigued by her ongoing that's on the way.



Not reading Zero Year which this apparently has relevance to but it was fine. Again gory and I'm kinda over it...DC - note - gore/ultra violence isn't interesting. It's nitpicking here but it was shocking. Probs the point. Otherwise mildly interesting characterisation of Nygma.


Gonna read Clayface and Cheetah later xooxoxox

Edited by Paj!

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Yeah, I was in FP yesterday and I couldn't find Dial E in 3D.


...We must have been near.

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@Paj\! that is one of the rarer ones (under-ordered) and so I'd be surprised if you would get it for under £15.

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