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  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I love MoS and I loved this even more. Outside of some odd cutting issues in the first hour I enjoyed the hell out of it. It could of maybe done with one extra action sequence in the first hour. I hope the issues with the weird editing can be ironed out in the extended cut due out in July. Affleck was god tier and Gadot was great, her theme tune just hyped me up. Also I've never seen the cinema packed like that at 12:30pm before. Spoiler about one particular part
  2. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Arrow hasn't been a bad ass since season 2, the show has turned into a mess. Flash is great though but they cant use him in the movies, he's already used up a bunch of rogues. Keep them separate so I can keep dreaming of a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie.
  3. Twilight Princess HD (4th March)

    It looks a lot better than expected. Also the whole pacing problems in the first bit aren't as bad as I remember. I'm breezing through it.
  4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    OMG. That is how you do live action Batman fighting, jesus fucking Christ.
  5. Suicide Squad (2016)

    lol yeah that's dumb but I don't think I'd notice it after a while.
  6. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Wonder Woman only started filming late Novemberish. Very early footage, I'd bet that slow mo stuff isn't even in the final film. Good to see it though.
  7. Suicide Squad (2016)

    That's up there with the BvS comic con trailer, amazing. Leto's Joker looks fantastic in that suit.
  8. Splatoon

    I played it for the first time today. I finished the single player which is pretty meh. The actually multi is good fun, the first thing I did was turn off the god awful gyro. Came top in my first game, going to see if it grabs me fully over the next couple of days.
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    lol oh man that's a blast from the past. Whoever dropped that video just before E3 was a master troll. Nintendo have to get a new console out. They cant ride the Wii U for another couple of years, where as I think they can ride the 3DS until late 2017 with some proactive price drops during the latter stages of the this year.
  10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    It was barely any different to the original except for cutting out the end. That shit would of come to light before the movie come out anyway, this way you get a shocking reveal during the trailer with plenty of people getting shit hot hyped during the reveal. Seen plenty of reactions loving that reveal. They made the right call.
  11. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Fantastic trailer if a little poorly edited. I wasn't expecting to like this Lex as much as I am, you can just see him having a shit eating grin whilst all this is going on.
  12. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    It has to come out next year. They cant ride the Wii U into 2017, maybe they could with the 3DS. The fact that the rumour suggest they intend to ship 10 million plus next year indicates to me that it could be both the handheld and home console NX. I agree with Liger, if it is out next year then do a PS4 and reveal a bunch of stuff earlier in the year and come E3 blow it all out.
  13. Marvel's Phase Three

    That was a pretty meh trailer. Still looking forward to it though. The Iron Man CGI during that last part was poor. @MindFreak I thought Civil War was pretty damn bad. I never see much praise for it.