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  1. Job woes/wins

    What's the job?
  2. The death of Twitter

    This is like Idiotsincars, but "Billionaires ruin stuff".
  3. I Was Saying Boo-ris!

    Cor, cripes, Lummee! Ol' Bozza off the bench eh? What do now chaps? Shall we go on the razz? I'll ask nanny if I'm allowed!
  4. Job woes/wins

    @EEVILMURRAY Yes, it's easier to find a position when you already have one. Again, that security is so vital.
  5. Job woes/wins

    Job satisfaction and job security... There's anxiety one way or the other, I'd take security on account of the mortgage, but be on the look-out for something I enjoy.
  6. Fast & Furious Franchise

    Can anyone explain what Fast X was about? I have never watched a movie in this franchise before, and going on the basis of what I saw the other day, I never will.
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    Bob - The Mandalorian is maybe 2-3 years post battle of Endor i.e. ROTJ, Andor is maybe 1-2 years Before Battle of Yavin, i.e. A New Hope. There's about ten year's difference, give or take.
  8. I remember waaaay back when the "Dodgy Dossier" was a thing and that gentleman who was hounded to death by the press committed suicide: The BBC newsroom had a distinctly anti-government bent to it, you could tell the hosts were practically spitting venom over the way that the press were being used as the scapegoat for the misdeeds of the Labour Government.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    @Jimbob My parents were essentially dirven out of the house I grew up in due to 2am-noise from the farm -Noise Abatement from the Local Council could do squat. Beautiful house and so many happy memories. But when the floodlights and tractors are starting up every night and you have to be on the way to work at 6:30, not such an ideal situation.
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Mrs Iun got Covid for Christmas and I think she's wanting to split the gift so we both get use out of it. Anyway, Peas on Earth, Good Will to All Ben!
  11. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    I am never getting up at 3am to watch England again. What a shower of shit. Why is Pickford still first choice? HE CAN'T REACH THE BALL.
  12. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    England match is 3am here, after the performance against the US, I did not watch the match Vs Wales. I'm tempted to get up, but only because the next day is Sunday and I can have a lie-in.
  13. The Woooooorld Cuuuuup

    "If you are here, you are one of us" No, no... I accept and welcome LGBTQ+ people; I think women don't need to be chaperoned everywhere; alcohol is fine - if you don't like it, don't drink it... And I'm not going to turn into a sex-crazed maniac because I have seen an elbow.
  14. The death of Twitter

    I used Twitter for about three days several years ago. I got bored. I am very much enjoying seeing Elon Musk implode in-real time.
  15. Living to 100

    Do not go gentle into that long "goodnight"...
  16. Living to 100

    Thanks, Ash. It's been a few years and talking to him on the phone (I'm still overseas) has shown a marked decline, which has been sad.
  17. Living to 100

    Yeah, my granddad turned 92 a few days back and he's just so miserable after the death of my grandmother several years ago. He finds no joy in living and has completely lost his spark. He's not saying it outright, but I have the strong feeling that he has given up on life.
  18. Living to 100

    I think "yes" in any case: the in-built will to live just overpowers everything for me. Would I like to be an immobile shell with a barely functional mind? No. But if Death comes anywhere near me, I'm going to tear his face off.
  19. General Movie Thread

    It was not as good as the first, I think that's very fair to say. A lot of what you pointed out was true, especially regarding the wedding. I enjoyed it as throwaway entertainment, but I found myself craving more intellectual stimulation afterwards. Asimov was the answer.
  20. The Star Wars Thread

    " flat out wrong " ...cough. Two dimensional. Flat. I'm messing with you - enjoy it by all means, I tried, and I really stuck with it, but it just wasn't for this Weasel.
  21. The Star Wars Thread

    @Ronnie You and I have diametrically opposing views on this, but that's fine because the world would be very boring if we were all the same! For a definition of "boring" see "Star Wars: Andor" - A live-action Sci-Fi television series developed for the on-demand Disney+ internet content providing service. "Star Wars: Andor" is given as the new definition of "boring" because the plot, characters and writing would glow the colour beige if exposed to ultraviolet light. The characters are so two-dimensional that a piece of paper in the audience was heard to remark "Ooo, that guy's a bit flat." I had to stop watching after episode five because I was tempted to grab my screen and shout "SOMETHING HAPPEN! ANYTHING! SOMETHING! A SEAGULL! LET THERE BE A SEAGULL! SOMETHING OTHER THAN THIS RELENTLESS SNORE-FEST OF A SLOW-MOTION TRAINWRECK OF A SHOW! SEAGULL, NOW!" Seriously, I am sure that people enjoy it, and I am fine with it: I just personally found it painful.
  22. bad stuff thread.

    Holy potatoes, are you alright?
  23. So good to see.

    BOOO! BOO! "I was saying 'Boo-ob".
  24. So good to see.

    FLINK! We're all mostly still alive, I see!