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  1. Good to see you posting again :D you've been away for a bit haven't you?

  2. In before banned.

  3. So what do you think of the book? :p

  4. Portuguese_Mafia_by_JuliusKaizer.jpg


    Happy birthday!

  5. You won't regret it :p

  6. Got/read The Book With No Name yet? :p

  7. A sign of pure dedication and awesomeness/nerditude

  8. oh right... well when I say it's better than the OoT one... *backpedals* :p

  9. Loving the StarFox banner!

  10. Ended up going on Lylat Wars 3DS ;)

  11. Starfox banner is really cool (guessing it's by you), tops the OoT one for me ;)

  12. Sneaky! 10 chars

  13. Just confirming whether you're down for my mafia or not :p you've posted but didn't actually say you're in :o

  14. <3


    How are we not already friends :o

  15. Yeah, as I've also said I have no ill-feeling towards you and I like how opinionated you are and everything. Sometimes I do just feel like you do it to people and it really throws them off because it's nothing to do with what they meant.


    Nothing against you or anything but can you please stop jumping on people whenever they mention the word 'woman'? I understand you're highly opinionated on the subject but please really just let some things pass?


    Does that really read the same to you as 'shut your big woman mouth'? I really didn't mean anything more than simply 'please let some things slide sometimes' because happenstance was just assuming you were a woman based on your name (a woman's name). I don't think your response was justified in that instance. When I said 'I understand that you're highly opinionated' I really did mean just that but maybe it would've been clearer if I'd said 'I respect that you're opinionated'? Because I do respect you for it.

  16. 'Happenstance - Nothing complex, I was just mentioning that whatever my gender is, it isn't relevant to this debate, but me saying that was enough to annoy peeps.'


    Just so you know (I'm not going to reply on the thread). That alone didn't annoy me, it was just the 20th (exaggeration noted) time I'd seen you post something along those lines. It seems like, to me, that you excavate the most irrelevant part of a person's post (sometimes) if there is even the slightest hint of something vaguely offensive. Even when you must know that the person posting isn't out to offend. You've said yourself that you don't want to stop people posting offensive things (because it's an impossible task), but it really seems to me that that's exactly what you're trying to do.


    This long post isn't meant to be argumentative at all and is in no way intended to be antagonistic or negative. I just disagree with some things that you do (or I feel you do more than necessary).

  17. haha the best part is you did it to yourself ;)

  18. Beaten one of your scores on Geometry wars 2 ;) going for the rest



    It's on ;)

  19. I think you forgot to post here ;)

  20. Clean out your inbox!