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    Warehouse Raids, cat bowls, hamster baiting, table purchasing, and gaming. Just the obvious ones.
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    I used to own a Sega Megadrive but my mum gave it away *angry face*
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  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    More like daft, AMIRITE?! Aww thanks dude Been SO busy that I just haven't had time to check in here. It's been strange after literally years of checking N-E every day, but if I get a chance I'll start posting again as much as I can. Maybe I'll get involved a mafia again, too!
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I just got back from it. There was a mid credits scene which has been quite widely reported...
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Anyone playing this on 360? I'm online most evenings from around 10pm. My Gamertag is Seryph01. DOOOO EEEEET.
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Hey dudes! Just joined the N-Europe crew on the social club. Name's Seryph on the Social Club. Oh and if anyone wants to add me on XBL my Gamertag is Seryph01. Haven't managed to get on properly yet (I also got stuck on 'Launching game' yesterday) but will be on soon if anyone wants to do some non-griefing missions Been so busy with work that I haven't been around on the forums recently, but GTA and the desire to play with some nice people has brought me back!
  5. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    GOD. FREAKING. DAMMIT. Dying first in a Gents mafia is absolutely sucky.
  6. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    Vote: Fierce_LiNk just to see if I have a double. I don't think the day has to end in a lynch, just that we can't vote No Lynch. I expect that if we all decided not to Lynch the Queen Jonnas would eventually end the day without a lynch. He can't drag it out forever! I agree with Dannyboy et al. Not a fan of lynching the Queen after she was good in the last two games. Also the fact wr're kind of being pushed gently toward lynching her makes me instinctively want to do the opposite
  7. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    Well, I guess we have the option to lynch her today if we want to, or obviously anyone else. I'm not sure I see any point in lynching someone today as nobody is actually good/neutral/evil yet. I don't know whether Jonnas has already selected the teams and knows who will be in which team yet. If he does, a lynch may result in us getting ridiculously lucky and getting a player Jonnas has earmarked for mafia. If not, it would be intresting to see how a lynch on day one would affect the roles of the players (whether Jonnas would assign one less mafia, or one less town). Ultimately, I think it's kind of implied that we should be voting for Olivia, but I'm not particularly willing to seeing as we have literally no information to go on, and Olivia seems like a pretty alright person from the previous two games. I think I'd rather just wait for the day to end, really.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    £318.47, just to really mess with everyone's heads.
  9. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    I was only kidding dude. How could I ever be mad at you? You make awesome mafia games (I don't even remember whether I got that PM or not, so for all I know I did and I just forgot!)
  10. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    (can't believe I wasn't @ mentioned as a veteran player )
  11. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    OH MY GOD I thought this was the game thread and I'd missed sign ups. GET ME IN THE GOSH DARNED GAME!
  12. Football Season 2012/2013

    Can't wait for the game tonight. Girlfriend's out for the evening so should be able to watch it without interruption! Gonna be an amazing game for the netural I think. Hoping they don't cancel each other out - in games with such potential they can quickly become disappointing, so fingers crossed that doesn't happen. Incidentally, dazzy's been online a couple of times since the epic post. Think he's avoiding the thread
  13. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I have a friend on Facebook who is going to buy the XBox One because he's "sick of them getting all of the exclusives on COD and FIFA before PlayStation!" That's literally his entire reason o_O
  14. Star Trek Into Darkness

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by the 3D. I don't like 3D normally so I was expecting it to be annoying, but it was surprisingly good. The lens flare wasn't as intrusive as it could've been in 3D, and some of the effects were really quite good. One of the better implementations of post production 3D that I've seen IMO.