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  1. The Apple Thread

    So it's been a while since there was an Apple thread, and I think we're now at a point in the forum where most people are mature enough not to come into the thread just to start an argument. Seeing as WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is happening tomorrow, and Apple will be announcing some big things with Mac OS X, iOS 5 and iCloud, this is as good a time as any to start a new Apple thread! First of all, are people expect any surprises? Do you think Steve Jobs will ONLY announce those three things, or do you see this as being the place where a new iPhone is announced? If so, will it be a small update ('iPhone 4S') or a bigger one ('iPhone 5')? In term of iOS 5, will there be any big surprises? They REALLY need to update notifications, and there have been a lot of rumors about more voice integration. And Lion seems to be pretty much finished, with rumors that it was coming out in a couple of weeks hitting the web today. Will anyone be upgrading? It looks like its going to be pretty cheap. Finally, what will iCloud mean for Cloud computing? Yes, it's already been done by some companies, but if there is one thing Apple is good at it's taking an idea, improving it and making it incredibly popular (e.g. Smartphones and Tablets). Will what they do change the way people think about Cloud Computing? So yeah, thoughts and reactions, and no needless argument starting please I love a good discussion but if someone starts going on about 'why would you get a Mac when you could get a PC of the same spec for half the price' etc etc then I will direct you to any one of the millions of other websites on which that has already been argued.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    More like daft, AMIRITE?! Aww thanks dude Been SO busy that I just haven't had time to check in here. It's been strange after literally years of checking N-E every day, but if I get a chance I'll start posting again as much as I can. Maybe I'll get involved a mafia again, too!
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I just got back from it. There was a mid credits scene which has been quite widely reported...
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Anyone playing this on 360? I'm online most evenings from around 10pm. My Gamertag is Seryph01. DOOOO EEEEET.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Hey dudes! Just joined the N-Europe crew on the social club. Name's Seryph on the Social Club. Oh and if anyone wants to add me on XBL my Gamertag is Seryph01. Haven't managed to get on properly yet (I also got stuck on 'Launching game' yesterday) but will be on soon if anyone wants to do some non-griefing missions Been so busy with work that I haven't been around on the forums recently, but GTA and the desire to play with some nice people has brought me back!
  6. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    GOD. FREAKING. DAMMIT. Dying first in a Gents mafia is absolutely sucky.
  7. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    Vote: Fierce_LiNk just to see if I have a double. I don't think the day has to end in a lynch, just that we can't vote No Lynch. I expect that if we all decided not to Lynch the Queen Jonnas would eventually end the day without a lynch. He can't drag it out forever! I agree with Dannyboy et al. Not a fan of lynching the Queen after she was good in the last two games. Also the fact wr're kind of being pushed gently toward lynching her makes me instinctively want to do the opposite
  8. Gentlemen's Mafia III - The Court of Miracles

    Well, I guess we have the option to lynch her today if we want to, or obviously anyone else. I'm not sure I see any point in lynching someone today as nobody is actually good/neutral/evil yet. I don't know whether Jonnas has already selected the teams and knows who will be in which team yet. If he does, a lynch may result in us getting ridiculously lucky and getting a player Jonnas has earmarked for mafia. If not, it would be intresting to see how a lynch on day one would affect the roles of the players (whether Jonnas would assign one less mafia, or one less town). Ultimately, I think it's kind of implied that we should be voting for Olivia, but I'm not particularly willing to seeing as we have literally no information to go on, and Olivia seems like a pretty alright person from the previous two games. I think I'd rather just wait for the day to end, really.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    £318.47, just to really mess with everyone's heads.
  10. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    I was only kidding dude. How could I ever be mad at you? You make awesome mafia games (I don't even remember whether I got that PM or not, so for all I know I did and I just forgot!)
  11. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    (can't believe I wasn't @ mentioned as a veteran player )
  12. Gentlemen's Mafia III - Sign-ups

    OH MY GOD I thought this was the game thread and I'd missed sign ups. GET ME IN THE GOSH DARNED GAME!
  13. Football Season 2012/2013

    Can't wait for the game tonight. Girlfriend's out for the evening so should be able to watch it without interruption! Gonna be an amazing game for the netural I think. Hoping they don't cancel each other out - in games with such potential they can quickly become disappointing, so fingers crossed that doesn't happen. Incidentally, dazzy's been online a couple of times since the epic post. Think he's avoiding the thread
  14. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I have a friend on Facebook who is going to buy the XBox One because he's "sick of them getting all of the exclusives on COD and FIFA before PlayStation!" That's literally his entire reason o_O
  15. Star Trek Into Darkness

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by the 3D. I don't like 3D normally so I was expecting it to be annoying, but it was surprisingly good. The lens flare wasn't as intrusive as it could've been in 3D, and some of the effects were really quite good. One of the better implementations of post production 3D that I've seen IMO.
  16. Football Season 2012/2013

    Lamb it. Thets rally annoy ging.
  17. Football Season 2012/2013

    Indeed, I'm not sure where your getting your information from, Dazzy. City and Chelsea have money from their owners, and there is a lot of it, but just because United don't have rich owners doesn't mean they don't have money. They make their money as a business, selling the brand and endorsing companies, and because of that they have just as much money to throw around as City and Chelsea. In the last few years they haven't had to do that, because players respect the club and know that it is an honour to play for the club. They choose United over City because the two clubs offer completely different environments, and many players prefer the United environment. However, the fact that they haven't had to pay top dollar for all their signings has meant they could pay off some of the debt brought into the club by the Glazers. They have been making profit regularly. If Fergie leaving changes the feeling around the club slightly, they will spend some of that profit on boosting the squad. They may not pay off the debt so quickly, but they will maintain their form and continue to be successful, ensuring that the club as a business continues to thrive. They will compete with City and Chelsea if they have to. I don't think they will, though - Alex Ferguson was not Manchester United. He was a very important part of it, but the club was bigger than him and it always will be. Business, biatch. (I typed this entire post on an iPad and didn't make many mistakes, if any. It's not hard, Dazzy!)
  18. Star Trek Mafia

    Ahh, missed the last day phase! Lame. Was watching Into Darkness last night then at work today. Thought it was relatively obvious by the end, but everyone played well. Yvonne did well to keep the majority convinced for so long! My power was interesting, as I was never sure what would come out of it. I suppose it was a possible balancing tool for Cube to use as he saw fit, but in the end it looks like even when my information seemed to imply the android was the killer people could still see the truth. I came out early in the hope that it wouldn't get my lynched later, and with my power being easily proved it was really a case of consistently targeting people to show I wasn't killing. A long as I wasn't suspicious I was safe, as I couldn't be killed. Enjoyed the game, interested to hear how Cube thought it went as he could see both sides. Seemed the mafia were either really unlucky, the town were really good with targets, or it was a little unbalanced, but I have a feeling it was one of the first two. Good game everyone, enjoyed it!
  19. Star Trek Mafia

    SECOND POST: Out of interest, Sheikah, what were you hoping to get out of Yvonne posting a vote? Did you suspect that he wasn't being punished? Or do you think he was lying about his punishment? @The Peeps would you be happy to say whether or not Yvonne has a power?
  20. Star Trek Mafia

    Pointless now, but I'm at work so haven't had a chance to view the thread. I'll Vote: Rummy just to make sure, but mr-Paul was the hammer. I can't believe Rummy's defence was literally nothing. If he's town he's a foo'! :p
  21. Star Trek Mafia

    Agreed. He's had almost 72 hours to respond to the accusations. According to his profile he was last active yesterday morning, so he should have seen it. I'd like to hear from DuD before the end of the day, but he's on pretty regularly so shouldn't have to wait too long. When I've heard from him I'll vote - the only reason I didn't last night was that Cube posted saying we still had more than 24 hours left.
  22. Star Trek Mafia

    Posting it again in case you missed it @DuD. How many times has Rummy posted so far in this game? I can only remember a couple, and his last one was basically saying 'haven't had time to read the thread so won't comment'. Could be a mafioso laying low and trying to stay out of the spotlight I spose...
  23. Star Trek Mafia

    Did you read mt post above? I clearly said I'd vote in 24 hours if Rummy hadn't responded. It doesn't make me a mafioso because I want to get more out of the day. In fact, I would suggest the opposite - mafiosos don't want townies to discuss stuff, they want to end the day quickly and quietly. He has a few minutes, then I'll vote. Do we know your character or power, @DuD? I don't remember if its been revealed, sorry.
  24. Minecraft!

    Just got back into Minecraft but think I'll pass on the mod pack server. Just playing vanilla at the moment. Would be awesome to get a few people playing on a server again though, like 5 or 6.