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  1. Thank you Eenuh! :)

  2. Thanks, it does look interesting, if a little freaky.


    Go buy Brothers now! :) and let me know what you think.

  3. Isn't it nice when just for a few brief minutes you can have an enjoyable little discussion about Nintendo :p

  4. Yeah honestly the PS3/PS4 Indie scene has offered that exact same kind of magic experience that Nintendo are now arguably missing from their console.


    Actually I didn't realise Hohokum was on PS3, could get it there, whilst I build towards getting that PS4! :)

  5. I haven't man, but I'm enjoying yours and Redshell's impressions of it! It does look like a really interesting game. You need to get on The Unfinished Swan when that's done and let me know what you think of that, I really enjoyed it, nothing like it.

  6. Thanks for the Birthday message man :) Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year!

  7. Thanks for the Birthday message man :) Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year!

  8. hahaha, it's true! :p

  9. Me Neither. Not much Nintendo announces these days excites me tbh.

  10. Hey man, I sent Ine a PM for a bit of info because I'm thinking I might go to Belgium for the Grand Prix this year... but I forgot to ask her what the cheap chains of hotels are over there... like we have Travelodge, Holiday Inn, Premiere Inn... you don't happen to know do you by any chance? :)

  11. haha ;)... that's great to hear Danny!


    Bit of a quiet time for the WiiU at the moment, but yeah Myself and Hero-of-Time fought hard for this new forum structure; with General Gaming allowing people to get into interesting discussions more, a bigger variety of topics, and to act as a bit more of a middle ground between General Chat.


    Hopefully a few more will migrate down from that board too, and hey, if you know anyone else who might want to sign up!

  12. No worries man! :)

  13. Seeing as you might be starting a PS3 collection, Uncharted is £8.86 over at Shopto at the moment!

  14. Put an Autosports Album up on Facebook.

  15. Happy Birthday man! :D

  16. Oh what really?!! Are there one you have to shoot down in this one?


    I got one behind a little waterfall I thought some might miss, and a few others like that, but I'm wondering whether near the start of the game there was any in those large breakable vases (and maybe inside some crates)? As soon as I found you had to waste ammo to break those open, I largely stopped. Can you just replay a chapter to try and find treasures you've missed, and they get added on, or?

  17. Going great, some GREAT stuff! Bit worried I'm getting towards the final chapters!?


    Got Sully back, headed underground, re-emerged in ruined Church, now I'm at the point of heading underground again!! Worst thing is I know what I'm gonna come across at some point!


    The only prior experience I have of Uncharted is watching Eddage finish off the first game (can't really remember the story though), but at the time he called them Zombie dudes... (I now know it's what happened to the ancient civilisation) and that's where it's all been pointing since comming up river! Now going underground again, the anticipation of one of them running round a corner at me or something is too much! :p


    Also I did think the treasure hunting was going really well, but if I am drawing in on the final chapters well I've got a lot to find still! But that would surprise me as I think I've been really thorough and even found ones that I'd have thought could have been misable. We'll see!


    Love Elena! :D

  18. Enjoyed climbing all over the Fortress! Getting to the tower and finding Drakes telescope, then getting captured and The Escape! :D Elena is awesome! Every character in this has been done so well so far, even the short 5 mins of Eddie, the characterisation and voice acting for everyone is brillaint!


    Feels like I should have a gun with a scope on it at times. Twice now I haven't even been able to see that there's a barrel next to the chain gunners.


    Next chapter looks good, the Flooded City! (also the way your clothes get wet when you swim never fails to amaze me! :p)

  19. Happy Birthday man! :D

  20. Ah that's a bit annoying, I thought I might be doing really well treasure wise and not missed any! :p (of course that might be the case but now I won't know!)


    Yeah good! I'm currently in the partially flooded foundations beneath the Fortress.


    Scaling the outside of the fortress was pretty cool. I still think there are a few too many firefights though. I seem to kind of be moving from one to the next at the moment. I'd rather have more exploration and 'puzzles' like the opening section of the game... which hopefully there is more of.


    I'm finding it hard to let go of my pistol and machine gun (even if it is a bit crap). I know the weapons of choice around the cramped fortress should probably be the shotgun and 35mm as evidenced by them being dropped a lot more. I'm often like this in games though, don't like switching! :p


    Jumping straight is still being a bit annoying (that bit when you explode the car and it lodges in the waterfall), but yeah overall, liking it! :D

  21. Are the Treasures you find in Uncharted individually numbered, or will it still say Treasure 17 of 60 found, even if it's actually number 25 in the game for example.

  22. Hey Man, sorry I noticed it was your Birthday and meant to write on here!


    So Happy Birthday and Hope you had a Great Day! :D

  23. ... Oh yeah, one thing that's a bit crap about coming to the series so late is that I know Sully isn't dead! Dramatic plot twist No.1 Fail! lol. So to make up for it I'm speculating as to why his death was faked.


    Cool, looking forward to playing some more.

  24. (part 2)


    Couple of things though. Have they fixed the aiming for Uncharted 2 because you can sometimes have what you think is a perfect headshot lined up (head right in the circle), and you'll fire over the top of them! *restarts from last checkpoint being a perfectionist* :p


    Also sometimes Up on the controller doesn't quite seem to be straight; causing me to very occasionally run or jump off to the side instead of forward. Though I have feeling this might be due to my hand position not being quite right on the left analogue stick, so when I instinctly shift what I think is directly up, it isn't quite. And also the fact the controller doesn't have an 8 way directional edge around the sticks, the fuck.