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  1. Whats your real name?

    My name is Guy Hodge.
  2. I don't hate any actors, really. Used to have a thing of dislike for Robin Williams when I was younger but that dissolved when I found out he was a big Evangelion fan. He was also the Genie in Aladdin, sang a live version of Blame Canada and has great acting range as his more creepy movies have shown. Thumbs up from 3rd. I do particularly like to see actors from shows I like doing other stuff and sometimes even go outta my way to check our their work. David Duchovny in particular I find hilarious and will always be happy to watch him act in anything - especially when he's pulling off the downplayed comedy that made him so entertaining in the X-Files. Brad Dourif is awesome as well. Liked him in all the stuff I've seen him in. Gonna send one out to Tom Hanks as well as the guy is absolutely awesome. As for those who have been named as hated: Scarlet Johansen - She is hot. Very hot. Bill Murray - How can you hate Bill Murray? He's one of the best.
  3. Europe to get small PS3 covers?

    They're the same as Blu Ray/HD DVD cases right?
  4. Aliens

    I hope they exist. Probably not in the forms we'd expect, but they definately exist out there somewhere - there has to be something out there beyond our small reach.
  5. Big PS2 sale at ASDA tomorrow

    I really want one but money is a little too tight so gonna hafta hold off for now. Great offer though.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    So I cancelled my Crackdown order on Gameplay on the 16th and today they send me an email happily informing me Crackdown is on the way. Really annoying stuff.
  7. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Swapgame will save me from dropping the big WaD40 on this apparently not brilliant but still pretty good game.
  8. New Simpsons Movie Trailer

    Twilight Princess thread must be pretty quiet if you're venturing out into these waters.
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    Once again, all the wrong figure choices. At the rate the good figures are being announced and released, it will be several years before we see anything worth buying from First4. If they wanted to do something INTERESTING they would create small dioramas of stages in Brawl with the four characters battling it out with all manner of chaos ensuing instead of ZERO SUIT SAMUS. Companies all have a nack for wasting Nintendo licenses.
  10. Anime and manga discussion

    Just read upto date on the Naruto manga. Excellent stuff with the last fight - I guess part two isn't so boring afterall. I wonder what will happen next?
  11. Your status

    I have a Wii and Xbox 360. I don't want to pay the money a PS3 is going to cost, but it's looking likely I'll buy one at some point when I have the money. If anything the PS3 would at least enable me to enjoy some of the PS2 library I've missed out on.
  12. Help me with my 'Customer Relations' -_-

    If I had to know even core Maths whilst at work I would probably abruptly end each till stint running out into the toilets crying. My number work is really that terrible.
  13. 24 Official Thread *Season 7 Trailer Inside!*

    As season six's 10th episode drew to a close, there was only one word I could scream out: IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT, DO NOT CLICK BELOW. YOU WILL REGRET IT.
  14. New Simpsons Movie Trailer

    Yeah, Simpsons has still got it. Can't wait for this. It'd be stupid to put the best jokes in the trailer anyway. I'm surprised they've squeezed in so many little bites of comedy as it is. If the throwaway jokes they're putting in the trailer are anything to go by then this is going to be a chucklefest for me.