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  1. Lost: The Final Season

    Even more tempted to stay up and watch it now! Although not sure I can deal with the adverts
  2. Lost: The Final Season

    I'm with ya I enjoyed last weeks episode. I've had a lot of grief for that as well as nobody at work enjoyed it
  3. Lost: The Final Season

    Lol your dream will probably be a reality in a few weeks time
  4. Lost: The Final Season

    Hopefully not six mins of filler lol
  5. Lost: The Final Season

    I love the words on the streets
  6. Lost Series 5

    Yeaaaahhh do it btw just a heads up theres a recap episode online that aired Sunday night in the states gave it a watch earlier was nice to have a quick refresher
  7. Lost Series 5

    I have episode one on my computer but its a cam version and the quality is no way near good enough so i'm waiting. What a day tomorrows gonna be my 24th birthday and Lost can't wait!
  8. Video editing

    Hey all just been to Alton Towers and shot some video edited it all together using windows movie maker but its giving me nothing but grief when i try to publish it so im wondering can anyone reccommend me better video editing software?
  9. Rollercoaster Thread

    You can't claim to be a themepark nut then reference Florida don't get me wrong I love Florida like really love it i've been there 15+ times went twice last year and im off there again in 7 weeks but back to my point the coasters there arent that amazing. If you wanna talk real coasters its all about Six Flags Magic Mountain and Cedar Point. Also for the record in my opinion the best coaster in Florida is Montu in Busch Gardens followed closely by Kraken at Sea World then with Dueling Dragons and Hulk fighting for my third spot. I think if Hulk didn't have the launch Dueling Dragons would easily be my third.
  10. Any Twitter users?

    Hey all i'd seen the term Twitter floating about for sometime then eventually decided to have a look into it after a friend at work asked me about it and I didnt know the answer to his question. Basically what i'm wondering is are there any Twitter users on here if so what is actually the point of it? I've signed up but I can't see myself using it as to me it seems its just like a Facebook status which I can obv do on facebook.
  11. Should I download the homebrew channel?

    Those looking to get into wii homebrew i'd recommend checking out http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Main_Page
  12. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Theres a little bus stop outside the town gate you go onto it and press a
  13. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    Is anyone online tonight if so state a time. I've had a play about with my router settings so touch wood i'll actually be able to connect to people and not get the dreaded 86420 error