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Found 12 results

  1. Disney's Epic Mickey

    I was going about my day checking my usual forums when I came across this. From Penny Arcade forums: For last three years Warren Spector's (Ultima Underworld, Deus Ex, Thief) Junction Point has been working on secret Disney project. Today chunk of the game's concept art was leaked to the net by Superannuation blog. The project has code-name "Epic Mickey", and by doing some cross-referring, NeoGaf was able to find artist Tony Pullham's CV. Pullham is responsible for the concept art, and his CV confirms that the project is for Wii.
  2. Rabbids Go Home

    - action/adventure game - Rabbids have decided they want to go home, but they don’t know where home is. For whatever reason, they decide that the Moon is their destination - Rabbids goal is to collect enough junk to build a tower to reach the moon - control two Rabbids at once: one sits inside a shopping cart, another pushes - push cart into various junk to collect it - some items require extra steps to collect - use ‘BWAH!’ attack to scare clothing off of NPCs, then collect to add to your tower - other items are used to give rabbids new abilities, power-ups for their cart
  3. Kotaku is reporting that Capcom's marketing man, Matt Dahlgren, has mentioned something to do with Code Veronica will be announced on March 12th; http://kotaku.com/5165889/wii-to-get-resident-evil-code-veronica-update Any thoughts? I see it just being another port with motion controls tbh, like with RE Zero and 1. I hope it's something more though.
  4. Colin McRae: DiRT 2

    GoNintendo There are no games available like this for the Wii yet, so I'm very happy by the announcement My brother has the original DiRT on PS3, so maybe I will have a go at it some day to see what it is like ..I'm sure it is very different now, but Colin McRae Rally on the Playstation was great
  5. Akira are bringing a second Endless Ocean game to the Wii - no other details as of yet apart from a 2009 release date. There was a bit of footage in the Media Summit montage video. http://www.n-europe.com/news.php?nid=12394
  6. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:Cross Generation of Heroes is an upcoming crossover fighting game featuring characters from the Japanese animation studio Tatsunoko Production and video game company Capcom. Game will be release in Japan on the Dec 11th! Will feature more heroes than the arcade version, and Tatsunoko Productions is handling the endings for the characters. Official Site Confirmed characters From Tatsunoko properties Ken the Eagle Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Katsuji Mori Casshern1 Neo-Human Casshern Daisuke Ono Tekkaman Tekkaman: The Space Knight Katsuji Mori Yatterman-12 Yatterman Eri Kitamura Hurricane Polymar Hurricane Polymar Kunihiko Yasui Gold Lightan3 Golden Warrior Gold Lightan Issei Futamata Doronjo4 Yatterman Noriko Ohara Karas Karas Endo Daichi Hakushon Daimaō5 Hakushon Daimaō Tōru Ōhira Jun the Swan Science Ninja Team Gatchaman ? Notes: 1 Casshan is accompanied by Friender, who assists in some of his attacks and specials. 2 Yatterman-1 is accompanied by Yatterwan, who does his supers. 3 Gold Lightan cannot be teamed up with another character. 4 Doronjo is accompanied by Boyackey and Tonzra, who assist in all of her special attacks and hyper combos. 5 Wii-exclusive character. From Capcom properties Ryu Street Fighter Hiroki Takahashi Chun-Li Street Fighter II Fumiko Orikasa Batsu Ichimonji Rival Schools: United By Fate Nobuyuki Hiyama Alex Street Fighter III Hiroki Yasumoto Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers Yayoi Jinguji Sōki Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Toshiyuki Kusuda Rock Volnutt Mega Man Legends Mayumi Tanaka PTX-40A1 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition — Roll Mega Man ? Notes: 1 PTX-40A cannot be teamed up with another character. Videos TvC 1 TvC 3 TvC 4 TvC 5 TvC 10
  7. from http://www.GamesIndustry.biz. or http://www.eurogamer.net UBISOFT LOL
  8. 2008! Town = life City = happy room academy, ebaylike thing, fashion designer, beauty salon, Mii design Communication - letters, pictures, send to wii message board, cell phones, pcs! Microphone - (Wii Speak) to communicate with others. More info later.
  9. The Conduit

    IGN Preview: -> http://wii.ign.com/articles/867/867498p1.html Images: Engine tech demo: -> http://wii.ign.com/dor/objects/14248157/the-conduit/videos/hightechwii.html
  10. De Blob

    http://www.n-europe.com/news.php?nid=10716 Scan:
  11. Tales of Graces

    According to Korean gaming website VideogamerX.net, as well as Sword of Legendia, Namco is also working on another RPG - Tales of Heart for the Nintendo Wii. Cubed3