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  1. I feel this Christmas song is severely under-rated.
  2. Ah Christmas movies, how I love them. My list in no particular order: Home Alone Home Alone 2 The Nightmare Before Christmas How the Grinch Stole Christmas A Charlie Brown Christmas It's a Wonderful Life Elf A Muppet Christmas Carol Mickey's Christmas Carol The Snowman White Christmas Scrooged The Santa Clause National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation I think that's all of them...
  3. I might be wrong, but as I understand it, once your friend beats the E4 that unlocks the third Pokemon, while being online at the same time with them unlocks Pokemon with their Hidden Ability and a greater chance of getting a shiny.
  4. I'll add to the list Rez - Swanna, Doduo Mr_Odwin - Ponyta, Charmeleon Jamba - Munna, Sigilyph Tales - Mightyena, Cacturne Can someone who has me added let me know what my Pokemon are and if they're terrible I apologise in advance.
  5. Do we know if the Pokedex keeps the tracking system from B&W2 where we can see what 'mons from certain areas we've caught/seen and what's left to catch? That was incredibly useful.
  6. I really like how they seem to be going down the warrior/mage/rogue route for the starters.
  7. Have to recommend Lego City as well. I'm having a blast with this game, the humor is wonderfully silly and the game while easy, is fun and there is a lot to do in it.
  8. Lucha said he wanted my eyes. I think I'm not going to talk to him anymore. I finally got my 100 mayor points, now waiting for my permit, so excited.
  9. I'm avoiding Ricky because I forgot about our lunch date this afternoon. Animal Crossing is hard.
  10. Absolutely, it feels like such a backwards system. They are taking the convenience out of gaming and that's what stings the most. This gen has boiled down to: "You can do this, but..."
  11. I am pretty sure Sony have said that they understand the state of internet stability in other countries and that you will be able use the PS4 with no internet connection at all, but PR speak and all that so who knows. I wait with baited breath for Sony to make their stance clear. I have read in a few places, people saying that this doesn't effect them personally so why are we all complaining. This whole 24 hour check etc doesn't effect me for the most part, but I am not happy with a console that restricts gameplay and usability, therefore will not support it.
  12. I just realised this basically kills off any Lovefilm support, which I use a lot to play games...sigh.
  13. That's cool, everything I found explaining it seemed to dance around the question. This could be read as permission to use your account, or it could mean I'm reading to much into it :P
  14. Regarding the games being linked to your account, have they clearly explained whether if I have an account and someone else has an account on the same console, they both can play the same game without have to pay any extra fees? Because if it's per account and not per console I'm out, Sony can have my custom (unless they announce the same thing dear god...).
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