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  1. Phobias...

    With some research I found out that there was another 'Phobia' thread but that was back in 2007 with not many posts so I think that it's safe enough to bring it back. If you like, you can tell everyone your fears however strange they are. I'm sure there could be a few funny stories. Also, if there is any story about how you scared someone or they scared you that is also welcome. I seen a few Comedy Rainbow videos where Rez scares, his girlfriend I think or just some girl, so that's why I think stories would be good. So feel free to discuss
  2. Forum User Photos

    I always forget how handsome Goron_3 is
  3. Eurovision 2014

    The level of transphobia I've seen related to Austria's entry on the web has really schocked and disturbed me...
  4. good stuff thread.

    I just received a notification, thinking someone mentioned me in a post
  5. One of my favorite things someone has said to me.
  6. I have only managed to get to 26. How sad. I was also hoping that it'd be more active in the sense that you'd have to walk around your area / the world finding these pokemon (like how the add portrayed). Maybe one day.
  7. Was quite hungover on Sunday morning so I decided to spend the morning in the fresh air in a really beautiful public park in Vienna. On my way home there was a protest by a group of Taiwanese protesting against the treaty signed recently by the Taiwanese government regarding china. I hadn't heard so much about it so before going home I decided to stick around for a few minutes and get some info. As I was there I heard, "Are you traveling here?" Really loudly but I ignored it. The same guy said it to me again after another 10 minutes. We talked a little bit together and explained he was from Taiwan etc. and we both explained how we ended up in Vienna. After a few minutes he quite directly asked, "ugh...you wanna get ice cream together or something?" So we ended up getting dinner and a beer together before heading to an open amusement park and riding the really famous Ferris wheel at sunset :3 it was so ridiculously romantic. After he invited me to a gathering and as we were on our way home he grabbed me and kissed me and has since been saying such sappy things to me. Life is fun.
  8. What's everybody's opinion on Avatar? I was initially thrown back by the idea of it being originally in English but I've heard great things about it.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    fell asleep in a hostel and left it open beside me. I DESERVED MY FATE
  10. bad stuff thread.

    iPad was stolen from meeeeeee ;(
  11. bad stuff thread.

    What sort of an idiot am I? The last month I've had to spend 140 Euro because I lost my room key (twice) and I've also ended up somehow missing my flight to London tonight (second time I missed a flight this year). So I can add about 300 Euro there. The deepest pain is how unnecessary this spending has been, could've been easily avoided if my personality wasn't so airy. I can also add that I'm gonna be a wee bit tired for London tomorrow & look like shit. My 2 best friends will be spending a year away in Malaysia and I spilled teriyaki sauce over my new computer. I must have done horrible, horrible things to have karma shit on me like this.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Given that it is cheaper for me to do a connecting flight home to Ireland, I was hoping to receive some advice about if you had a weekend free -- which place would you stay? I can fly to either Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome or Berlin for super super cheap so would anybody have any suggestions on best place to stay for the weekend ?
  13. Abolish this old-fashioned view that the man must be strong and the "breadwinner" !! We are a modern society whereby these constricts placed on us should be gone!
  14. Ian Watkins Given 35 Years

    I don't understand the absolute barbaric comments in this forum post. It sounds all so sadist ! This is the first time I have heard about this guy so I did a little bit of research about his crimes / who he is and I don't understand why everyone is being so cruel ? It's pretty obvious that this guy's mind is seriously messed up and is certainly not sane. I believe he was born that way. People don't actively choose to be sexually attracted to what they like, it's automatic. I find it unlikely that a paedophile would choose to be attracted to children. I feel pity for them, rather than hate. This guy certainly deserves serious punishment but it's not our position to stand behind our computers and type furiously that he deserves a painful and tortuous death. It's just barbaric.
  15. Hyrule Warriors

    holy smokes, those graphics are rough.
  16. Forum User Photos

    Your sister looks sooooo similar !! Both so pretty °__°
  17. The Selfie

    Everybody has a right to their own self-expression and a right to express themselves in how they wish to be perceived by the world. It is something rare we have full control over.
  18. Lady Gaga

    Everything she's doing recently is making me a happy happy seal. Her interviews in particular are really spell bounding me and reminding me why I loved her in the first place. I love this shine she has to her spirit right now and it is difficult to find someone as eloquent and well-expressed as her. BIG BIG APPROVAL.
  19. Is it really lying though ? I think I understand that we see it differently but, for me, it's akin to how we say "Pleased to meet you". It's just like a signing off thing.
  20. No, I am not one of those people. I don't think I have ever done that to anybody. It's just usually I can really tell if somebody is being genuine when they say something like, "I'll text you." or whathaveyou. I don't blame them and I know they are just being polite. It's all bullshit but it is how things are. Smile and be polite to others.
  21. It sounds nice but I couldn't imagine in most cases actually writing something along the lines of, "sorry I don't think it'll work out." It just seems a bit "..." ?
  22. I am watching Bakemonogatari at the moment, I am on about episode 7 and find it really really interesting. Everything is so fast paced and so incredibly dialogue heavy. At the beginning the fan service was a little too much but it is really starting to pick up. I heard it is one of "the best" so anybody else seen it ?
  23. bad stuff thread.

    I probably should. I've been looking into that or an actual coffee maker, was just wondering if my other possible is actually normal / possible : p
  24. bad stuff thread.

    I just bought some paper coffee filters and I'm wondering whether it is possible to just add the grounded coffee to the filter and pour directly into the cup ? I am almost sure I've seen people do that but can't find anything on the internet. I've tried a few times but the filter usually breaks on me... Anybody know what I can do ?
  25. My story has taken an unexpected romantic turn. (Act 1, Scene 7) Hit it off with a Japanese / Canadian guy and I was able to impress him with my knowledge of Japanese culture etc. We ended up sneaking off from our friends and took a sneaky bottle of red wine to match. We hung out for quite a while at this fountain in a really beautiful square and I think perhaps the wine hit my head faster than I expected and I decided to recreate LA DOLCE VITAs most famous scene. Lots of playing in the fountain later I was piggybacked home. I thought this was it but turns out he was being quite forward / flirty. Said to myself, he's pretty cute and it's been a while, why not go for a ride. We snuck into the mailroom (i don't know) for privacy and shut the door. Turns out this door doesn't open... naturally. Sad thing was this guy is claustrophobic so about 1 hr of panicking later and silly attempts of escape we ended up being rescued by a crew of 8+ fireman who broke us free. Needless to say, they were a little suspicious.