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  1. Hey there Nuntendo!


    I'm Rummy, one of the current mods, and whilst I'm a little bit inactive in current/recent times I just wanted to say a hello and welcome to our little forums here having seen you around recently. If there's anything that pops up that you have questions about or just wanna chat to mod about do feel free to send me a PM or so too!


    Out of curiosity(mostly sparked by your recent age thread) - what brings you to the N-Europe community forums? Many of us have been here for very many years(and many older than me, I'm actually more of a recent mod), but everyone's very lovely as you'll probably have seen in GCC and it's always good to have new people joining the community. Hopefully you find it enjoyable and stick around for as long as some of us too! Again if there's anything that comes up in your general wanderings of the place please do feel free to get in touch with me :)

  2. Rummy

    Sadly me and my mum miased Maajid yesterday tho apparently he had good topics(family and health tings interrrupted) - if you do like a good radio listen tho we spent a bit if time listening to Lammy afterwards(didnt call in cos I didnt have enough context for discussion before it was done) but had some interesting calls we caught from listeners about Black History Month and ideas around it. Not enough to bump the topic myself cos I'd have to ask everyone to listen for contexf; but you might appreciate some of it(also shout to the woolwich gent who identifies as irish; bloody love the irish and woolwich is some more recent ends of mine);


  3. Dan Dare, think fast! You forum telephoning this round? Tbh, it's late for me to ask now, you've already got the message...

  4. Dissappear'd over le Pond, back in 10.

  5. Lol, it actually took me a lot of effort to write that proper, kept correcting it, didn't want to be called out on a drunk excuse. Also I was probably feeling less mental as I don't work saturdays :p

  6. i left my phone at home like a bum, if you come online/see this let me know if you're out later/plans etc, fatman's off this week so im feeling an early out, early in

  7. Rummy

    Hows the kitty doing?

  8. Burt is a very strange fellow from a very foreign land, or so I hear...

  9. (1/2)


    Ahhh, the NX! It was the buzz of the revolution/Wii that brought ME here almost 10 years ago, after a few years of general news and forum lurking. Out of interest how did you come across the place? Randomly or via someone else etc?


    Did you never jump on for the Wii U? If not, was there any particular reason why?


    Personally I'd always been a Nintendo guy since playing Super Mario Land on my cousins' gameboy as a child. Then we got a SNES I think, then a Gameboy, and it was Nintendo(fanboyish, too) all the way until I broke onto Xbox about 12 years ago as my first ever non-Ninty console!

  10. (2/2)


    However, in recent times I've become, sadly, quite disenfranchised with Nintendo. I've had a busy year which doesn't help, but some of the things they've gone this generation have annoyed me despite owning a Wii U - and the whole Zelda issue rubs me the wrong way too. I could get in to a long rant of it(and I'm sure you'll find them down in the Nintendo forum, too) but my main reason for being Nintendo all the years was what you sort of mention - they'd always been kinda cartoony/fun and different.


    I do realise the irony of being somewhat inactive/non-Nintendo enthused atm whilst being a mod of the forum - but again as I said if anything does come up down there that you feel needs a bit of mod input feel free to send me a PM to flag it up and I'll look into things! There's also the option of using the report post button which we encourage, as it'll give a wider notification to the mods, but I'm always keen to be approached personally if people prefer that too.

  11. I had to look him up! So I'd say no :( I only know that song which was a cover of something for the bouncy ball advert, why do you ask?

  12. I has shoots!

  13. Will throwing insults do any better? What do we do about your behaviour, as well? It takes two, and you're both as guilty as each other - in this instance I'd say you're even worse because you KNEW you'd get into this trouble and said you'd avoid it, yet did NOTHING of the sort.


    Anyway - you're free to continue to dictate to the moderation team what they should do and how they should handle things, but I offer you no guarantee of results from it.

  14. I've got three across two of the compost pots(the other compost pot and the sand seem to be fail :(), maybe cos I covered those two with some cling film. But I am excited! If they survive and grow I could get more seeds! In fact, I still have some seeds I haven't planted yet...I shall take some pics/vid when they grow big! :D

  15. Given the previous complaints about your own behaviour and what punishments you've had, yet still continue, I think I'll stick with what I know about dealing with matters for now.

  16. Honest to go I thought it's one of those most retarded things that only proper mega retards do, and then *I* go and fucking do it. At the worst possible time too, he was HERE in my house, seperated by a FLOOR, and family around! I was expecting explosions, I was getting prepared. I was confused, when there was not. Anyhow, honestly, haven't felt jittery like that in a LONG time.


    Except maybe when I met you. Anyhow, a thank you, and a happy 2011 to you and your face!

  17. Fairly understandable - tbh if I had to advise people these days I'd probably not, personally, recommend the Wii U unless it was really very close to their tastes. I ended up getting a PS4 in Sept/Oct last year after a long deliberation and seeing what Sony were doing with their business. The irony is that 10-15 years ago I absolutely hated Sony with a passion!! They've really turned themselves around imo tho.


    Also I'd have to ask you to enjoy your last few days on the forum, as I will promptly be banning you at 5pm this Friday afternoon for having never played a Zelda game. Absolutely terrible state of affairs!! Zelda's been quite unique over its years, but I don't know how good the last few offerings truly are/were. It's very difficult to be objective about something you've been attached to for so long - but I absolutely respect that people may not like them, and whilst a lot of Ninty people might not feel the same,...

  18. I can't believe you've just claimed not to have insulted people after what started this whole thing off. I think that speaks volumes on it all.

  19. ...it's absolutely cool by me! If you do ever get round to playing any of the games from the series I would actually really really appreciate your opinions on it as a newcomer, even if it's to an aged game!


    Interesting to see we're still relevant on searches though - as I said mostly people here are very lovely(Nintendo sub can get heated, I won't lie, hence why I said to deffo get in touch with me/mods if stuff comes up) but really it's a very unique vibe here I've found of all my years on tinternets and forums. Not sure if that's cos we're mostly British/European or what but yeah, once you get settled in I think you'll very much enjoy it. Please don't let anything that happens put you off without talking to us/me though, I know we've had a few incidents here and there that have made people disappear but it's a grand shame for what's largely a very good, well-knit, and loving community. One that I'd like everyone to feel welcome in and a part of :)

  20. You may not be 'having a go', but in some ways I am. Behaviour like that is plaguing the forums, and I hate to see it. As I said, both you and Tissue had good points; I hate to see it reduce to personal insults. Even if it escalating that topic in particular, I wanted my own stance as someone invested in the positive future of these forums to be known. We've got an awesome community, and I want to keep it as awesome as I can. My comments really are quite impartial, I only make my comments really for what I consider the future of the forrum.

  21. Haven't got you or @glen-i on facebook to post/tag you in this very short vine-esque video my mate just drew my attention to but you were the first two people I thought of when I saw it lol;

  22. Thought you and dcubed would appreciate this;

  23. pop me a psn @Rumdumcious will probs OnRush any time lol

  24. I didn't want to end up clogging the pets thread with videos, but this one's for you;