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  1. Job woes/wins

    My dad literally told me that maybe I should look on the internet for a job as there may be some on there. God the older generation literally have no clue :p
  2. Job woes/wins

    My dad literally told me that maybe I should look on the internet for a job as there may be some on there. God the older generation literally have no clue :p
  3. Ghostbusters (2016)

    It was genuinely funny. Genuinely scary. Genuinely Ghostbusters.
  4. Ghostbusters (2016)

    It was genuinely funny. Genuinely scary. Genuinely Ghostbusters.
  5. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    "I don't get what's so bad about our country" is a sweeping statement which a lot of people actually believe. So, why would I assume that he is instead saying "the EU doesnt damage our country"? If he mispoke then thats fine. But dont try and say its my fault for misunderstanding.
  6. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    Yes. Didnt seem very clear to me.
  7. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    Never said it did. I agree. When you say "I don't get what's so bad about our country?" you are side stepping and ignoring the issues. You dont get what is so bad about this country... But now I have told you what is so bad and you seem to agree with me? Then maybe, in the future, you shouldnt be so glib when people are destitute and dying and starving in this country. Think about your mum next time.
  8. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    No. I would. You dont get what is so bad about this country? People are dying because their benefits are cut to the point of destitution, people roam the streets begging for scraps of money, people are unable to feed their families properly. All of this and more and the bankers and politicans and journalists attend banquet after banquet in their flash cars and fancy suits. So, when you say that you dont get what is so bad about this country, you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about.
  9. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    Maybe because you're not poor.
  10. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    Probably best to create a new thread for it anyway. As its a big enough subject to have a thread of its own. Tying this incident in with the EU In Out thing isnt helping anybody as there are many left wing arguments for exiting the EU also. I just dont think its helpful to mix the two stories in to one thread.
  11. I love the Mafia game!!! You should do another one :p

  12. Your relationship with your dad

    He replied. "Thanks. And a lift would be great" ...................................
  13. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    haha :p I see you are living in St Petersberg. Are you Russian, may I ask?
  14. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    Because the British are racially superior! And the people who come and live here are poor criminals whereas the British who leave are lovely lovely middle class retirees. No one will say it but thats what many here believe. My grandma complained, a while ago, that so many immigrants come to Britain and they dont even speak our language! Thats very selfish and stupid of them! Then my mother pointed out that my grandma used to live in Iran and has never spoken Iranian in her life. The subject was changed soon after. :p
  15. Your relationship with your dad

    I dont know how, but I seem to have given some people the impression here that I no longer talk to my dad or that I dont get on OK with my dad I made this thread because I didnt know how to react to my dad saying something honest and slightly awkward to me - thats all. Anyway, someone else gave me advice to say that I appreciate that he has changed and the effort he is putting in etc but not to dismiss his past shitty parenting. So, I responded to him thusly: "Thats in the past dad. I have seen the effort you have put in and how you've changed. That has improved our relationship and I really appreciate that. Also, I was going to offer to pick you up actually as you are on my way there and back, plus it'll mean you can have a pint or two if you feel like it. Love you" K, so.... he hasn't responded yet. I know he will have been awake for at least 3 hours by now. This means one of two things (1) he is going to ring me when he thinks I will be up or (2) he is going to ignore the whole situation and pretend none of the awkward stuff that was said was said. Its more likely to be option 2 than anything. This is why I didnt want to engage. What is the point when he will just retreat back in to his own personal reality? Ugh. I dont think my dad will change. I mean, he has put in a lot of effort and changed the way he used to act but he wont change beyond this point. I think its basically impossible for him. I dont hate him for it... I actually feel sorry for him. But there you go. Sorry to hear about your dad. I took this advice. But tempered it a bit. I dont know if I have any real desire to move our relationship forwards or anything. I mean, to me, its pretty OK where it is now. My dad has always taught me to be fake in my interactions with people (inlcuding him). I remember when I used to go and see my grandma he would get me to rehears what I was going to say to her before I arrived. So, sorry to hear that. Your dad sounds like an amazing guy. I dont know if I want anything beyond what we have now. Probably because I dont expect it to go beyond this point ever. I mean, even with this text thing I am expecting him to just forget about the whole thing by today. How come?