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  1. Videogame Genres

    If Prime Hunters was a "Hero shooter" it was an incredibly unbalanaced one! Sylux and Trace were the only worthwhile characters to play as in that game. Not to mention the online was absolutely plagued with hackers which is a shame as I used to play the game online but would get absolutely destroyed by people who were playing as Trace and hacking the game to stand INSIDE WALLS so that they could snipe everyone else from in there. Meanwhile I was just running around as Sylux because that was the only other worthwhile character due to the fact that Shock Coil heals you when you attack the opponent as well as the fact that the coil homes in on enemies. They REALLY didn't think to balance this game properly. TF2 and Overwatch HAVE to have more viable characters right? But thats getting off the point of the topic now somewhat... (Ironically Hunters was my first Metroid game unless you count its First Hunt Demo, so a Hero Shooter which I started playing because I was a teenager at the time and the FPS genre was popular with teenager boys helped me get into what would become one of my all time favourite franchises and shape my gaming tastes for the rest of time to the point where I don't really play a lot of the preceived "super hardcore adult" games with a lot of violence in them).
  2. Videogame Genres

    Interesting you mention this and how Japan has its own view of video game genres because Toei's Kamen Rider Ex-Aid which came out in 2016 and ran until 2017 was a video game themed tokusatsu where all the main characters' transformations were based around certain video game genres and the plotline was about people being infected by video game viruses... anyway before I go off on a tangent the main character was based around platformers, there was another character based around RPGs and the other two main "good guys" were themed around shooting and racing games. It goes on from there too, there are forms based around survival horrorr, puzzle, fighting games, dancing... and even dating games... Ends up with a real life MMO being a plotline of the villains to turn real life into a video game and kill everyone off by allowing them to be video game characters. If nothing else, it also gives the internet this memeable image... Anyway, one game that I think is a good example of blurring the lines between multiple genres is Ratchet & Clank This is a VERY unique game by today's standards as it incorporates aspects of many different game genres. Now this series is mostly know both for being a platformer shooter hybrid but the first game, while primarily being a platformer, doesn't have any similarities in level design too much to all the platformers that were being released around the same time. Rather than being an explorable sandbox that you have to go round to collect items, this game has stricly linear level design... or does it? Because when you touch down on certain planets you are presented with a range of options to travel from your ship. And when you reach the end of the route you're taken back to your ship and can explore the other routes from there. This is because Insomniac went into this game wanting to make more of a Zelda like game and this game was their third attempt to get it off the ground. But wait, some of these routes are blocked off by certain powerups... wait a minute, that would make Ratchet and Clank more of a Metroidvania right? Should we consider this game to have that kind of level design that requires you to accumulate powerups to progress? But... its split across multiple planets so that can't be right... And this is where things get curious. If you look at Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime 3, those games are set across multiple planets, albeit a fewer number but they have a very similar kind of level design. So really, Ratchet & Clank has taken aspects from many different gaming genres to form its own identity. Of course, the multiple routes in planets would get replaced with just one streamlined route from Ratchet 3 onwards as the series began to be defined more as a shooter but those early games had such a strong element of exploration and you are getting stronger as the game goes along with an assortment of upgrades, some of which are useful if you backtrack to older planets to uncover new stuff. But those upgrades are sometimes one use only so in that sense its similar to Zelda and... aghhh!
  3. Videogame Genres

    The term Metroidvania I believe actually first showed up to try and describe Symphony of the Night's change in style of gameplay for the Castlevania series. It was something like, "lets call the old ones Castlevanias and the new SOTN like games Metroidvanias".
  4. Videogame Genres

    Interesting question. I think its also notable how the definition of "genres" has evolved overtime. Sometimes that was due to negative stigma over certain genres, like after platformers fell out of public favour in the 2000s any platformer was simply marketed as an "action game". Even Sega did this with Sonic Heroes. If you go to the team select screen in that game and call Omochao to describe each team, he has this to say about Team Rose. Very specifically "action games". Similarly I only ever saw RPGs as RPGs and only ever call them by that genre name. But after the rise in popularity of games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Mass Effect we began to see a split in genre classification, with the games mentioned being "Western RPGs" and the RPGs I was familiar with, the likes of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger etc now being referred to as "JRPGs". Similarly you see games like Super Paper Mario and Ratchet & Clank be genre hybrids. Super Paper Mario is half platformer, half RPG. Does that mean it counts as its own unique genre? Ratchet & Clank has a lot of segments with platforming but a lot of the games also have segments that feel specifically like a third person shooter. That's all I've got for now...
  5. I would argue that Sony has used The Last of Us as a template for ALL their first party titles. They want every game they publish to have a cinematic flair with in depth storytelling. At least, thats from my experience of seeing their games. The Spider-Man games by Insomniac certainly seem like an extended playable movie.
  6. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    Honestly its bad enough that shutting down the servers stops games from being able to be downloaded... the fact that there's a potential that you will not even be able to PLAY the games one day is something else. Something I really like about the PS3 is the library of PSOne Classics. Acquiring original Playstation games online through physical copies is becoming rarer and rarer though the PS2's backwards compatibility does leave the PS1 library quite playable. I had a look on eBay and there's only one person selling a Playstation copy of Metal Gear Solid for about £30. Or you can buy a digital version of the game off PSN Store and play it on PS3. Now, I feel like a good bunch of the must play PS1 classics are available outside this in some form now. The Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games have all been remastered by Activision, Final Fantasy VII has seen re-releases on modern consoles as have its two Playstation sequels, Metal Gear Solid got a remake on the Gamecube and also got released phsyically on the PS3 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night has been released on PS4. But thats beside the point, once the PSN Store goes down the only chances of getting these PSOne games, especially if they haven't been rereleased by their original creators, is either to track down original Playstation copies of the game or emulate them. Playstation discs also show their age sometimes, I have a copy of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos on Playstation but could never get past the first boss. That's not to say I couldn't beat the boss because I could, but the game always froze after beating the boss, rendering the game unplayable. PS3 is the only way to be able to play Xenogears now I think because you can create a US account and download it from the US store and play it on a European PS3. I bought Symphony of the Night and Crash Team Racing on PSN and after learning about these it does put a bit more pressure to finish SOTN knowing that one day I won't be able to play it again because the console doesn't let me due to a dead CMOS battery. Honestly, Sony's current decisions are putting me off from wanting to get a PS5, the fact that they're hard to come by doesn't help that right now. But a PS5 might be the only way to play PS4 games in the future.
  7. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Speaking of Castlevania music I'm playing through Symphony of the Night and I will definitely agree, all Castlevania games have such great soundtracks. I hadn't really heard much of Michiru Yamane's stuff but man, she's done some amazing music... ^ (This song was also in Smash Bros. but the Judgement version. The original is far better imo) (This boss theme rocks... literally!) Surprised this one didn't make it into Smash tbh... (The last two got into Smash too)
  8. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    After extensive exploration I believe I found every single room in the castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. So I decided to go to Dracula's Keep and fight Richter... before destroying the evil presence controlling him! I am now in the inverted castle. I have also defeated Medusa in the Inverted Royal Chapel and thats as far as I've got. I also made a new character on Soulcalibur VI: Apart from that, Youtube continues to take up my gaming time in some ways and I made more MTG and SCVI videos... BTW one of the fixtures in the video above is particularly notable. Since two characters from the same franchise ended up facing each other I decided to do something a bit special...
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Made some major progress in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. After finding the easily missable platform that allowed me to make progress in the Royal Chapel I proceeded onwards, defeated the red bird boss and made my way to the Castle Keep, at the very top of the map where the next major upgrade the Leap Stone, was hiding. Its at this point that I have a major issue with the game's main point of progression. There's a lot of easy locations to know where to use the Leap Stone to access, most notably the library. So, where does the game expect you to use the Leap Stone to get the next major upgrade? So, I think I may have missed the hint and only knew because of this being an old game and the knowledge being around the internet but... how is the game supposed to let you know that the clock area will open up if you wait in the room for a certain amount of time? The fact that you have to do this to get major upgrades that allow you to view story cutscenes and beat the game then that's a bit much. So after getting through this section and going through the next main area I reached the Colosseum area and saw the game's biggest plot twist so far! Fought the dual boss which I died to first time around but then beat on my second attempt after the Werewolf went down pretty quickly. Beat that boss and got the mist powerup. Oh hey, when exploring the library from getting the Leap Stone I beat a boss and found a dead end where I needed this mist powerup to pass through, lets go back there. So I used it and found the Bat form. Further exploration allowed me to power up the Wolf form and I know there are several other areas that I can get to now. It naturally follows in a genre built around gating where you can explore behind powerups that being able to fly is going to open up pretty much everything. Its mainly why you don't get the Space Jump in Metroid games until later in the game. It admittedly took a while for me to get back to SOTN due to making Youtube videos, including playing Soulcalibur VI for the tournament which reached Round 2 this week: I don't know whether I'm going for 100% or not in SOTN but given I usually 100% Metroid games but for whatever reason didn't do the same for Hollow Knight I will probably go out of my way to explore the game a bit more.
  10. The funny thing is, because the only games in the genre I'd played until recently were the Metroid games I always thought the genre would have it built in a way where every powerup is required to eventually get to the next area. But having played the likes of Hollow Knight and Symphony of the Night I realise most Metroidvanias actually have a relatively small number of powerups that you need to acquire in order to progress. The amount is a lot lower in every Metroidvania that isn't Metroid. Samus is entirely dependant on the powerups she obtains in order to get stronger and progress further... but the Knight only has a few powerups that actually allow him to progress and the Charms system governs the actual strength of everything. Similarly, Alucard has RPG levelling and equipment in his game. So one of the pillars of the Metroidvania genre in SOTN actually has action RPG elements so you just get stronger by fighting lots of enemies and finding better equipment. Often if you go into dead ends you find more powerful equipment which isn't really required to beat the game but that is what inevitably makes you stronger. For example in the Alchemy Hall if you go down a certain route you can pick up a shield. However this shield is very missable and you can go into the first major boss battle as Alucard without ever having picked up that shield, the boss can even be beaten without said shield. But the shield makes it easier as you can defend against the bombard of projectiles and not get damaged in the process. You can even explore a large part of Dracula's Castle before you can even find the powerup you need to access the next area in the game and even then you don't just find it, you need to buy it off the Master Librarian. Even then you open up two different possible routes from that powerup that both lead to full on explorable areas. So I guess "Metroid" is really a Metroidvania which is very powerup dependent. A lot of others have other systems in place and I believe the level up system was also used in the GBA Castlevania games.
  11. Does that make Castlevania just Castlevania and not Metroidvania too? Granted, there are only about 6 Castlevania games or so that fall under that category and they for some reason moved away from that style after a while (probably due to the failed attempts to try and bring the series into 3D). I'm playing through Symphony of the Night but still some way from finishing it so that will have reserved judgement. What about Dark Souls? It has an explorable interconnected map and you require certain items to get to certain areas. Its commonly considered the progenitor of its own genre, the "Soulsborne" but it has a lot of Metroidvania like elements to it.
  12. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    2018: Gets Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2018: Winds up playing Simon and Richter 2018: Is impressed by the sheer range of Castlevania music in the game 2019: Becomes interested in wanting to play Castlevania games with a desire to get Symphony of the Night 2020: Still hasn't got Symphony of the Night 2020: Plays the Castlevania Anniversary Collection 2021: FINALLY buys Symphony of the Night but doesn't start it as I'm still playing Dark Souls 2021: Finish Dark Souls, Ratchet & Clank 2016 and finally beat the original Castlevania So yeah, the original Castlevania is finally over. I ended up using a lot of save states after every hit to help me beat Dracula but I think that makes it the first NES game I've actually beaten! I'm not even joking about that. I wasted no time jumping on the PS3 to finally get into an all time classic that has eluded me for over 20 years of gaming. I can't believe I haven't played any Castelvania games until the last few months... ...especially considering Symphony of the Night is amazing. Really enjoying it so far. I've got as far as being able to open blue doors and I eventually found myself in the Underground Caverns, taking on what turned out to be optional bosses. Something I am surprised about however is how comparitively fewer upgrades Alucard has compared to Samus in Metroid games. As a counterpoint to that however I forgot to take into account this game is actually more of an action RPG. I will now compare Dark Souls more to Castlevania than Metroid in terms of map design inspiration especially given that both SOTN and Dark Souls have level up systems and currency along with merchants. SOTN definitely showing its the older game as its more traditional with its approach. I should probably mention that I went Underground because I hit a dead end in the Royal area... or so I thought. I didn't realise that some of the sprites there were actually platforms I could climb on. Makes sense then because I thought the powerups I needed to progress were in Underground Caverns but I was relatively surprised to find out that SOTN has entire areas of the game that have no purpose other than to flesh out the castle and have optional upgrades and bosses. Wow! Also how has most of this soundtrack gone unheard by myself? Thought I would have heard more than this by now but until I played the game Dracula's Castle and Master Librarian were the only tunes I was familiar. Now, Festival of Servants, Marble Gallery and Crystal Teardrops are also among my favourite tunes. I've taken a bit of a break from the game due to Youtube but will dive back in at some point... ... One of the reasons I've been taking a break is that this Youtube video took a really long time and its because of the song I put at the beginning of this video....
  13. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Meant to post this on the day Crash Bandicoot 4 came out on Switch, but while I'm not completely 100% with Crash 4's soundtrack it has some really good tunes! David Wise is that you? ^ Favourite track in the game
  14. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    Bit poor of race control to tell the drivers that driving one way would be allowed and then change their mind in the middle of the race. That effectively had a major impact on the final result because of the specific corner where Max finally got to overtake Lewis. Lewis got rather lucky there in the end. Great race overall, feel sorry for Checo having his car fail on the formation lap in his Red Bull debut but he did tremendously well to get it back into the points. Hopefully he can qualify better in future races.
  15. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Went back to Castlevania Anniversary Collection with the intention to try and finish Castlevania, thought it would be good to do before starting Symphony of the Night. Castlevania however is an NES game and I've now hit the part where it gets really hard. I'm on the level with the boss battle agaisnt Death. Death is proving to be extremely tricky right now to defeat... will try again at some point though! Also made progress with doing more Classic Mode campaigns in Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the process, I downloaded a few stages while I have Nintendo Switch Online (it has now run out as I was only on free trial) Finally, can post the last episode of the Soulcalibur VI Custom Character Tournament as I was technically "playing" the game. Got some Indie Game characters featuring this time around, half the roster is Indie!