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  1. Favourite Gaming Christmas Memory?

    I could probably go on a huge list of games that I got on Christmas on a year by year basis... in fact I think I probably will and then elaborate on things. 2000: Who Want's to Be a Millionaire and Pokemon Pinball 2001: Didn't get any new video games 2002: Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer 2003: Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup 2004: The Gamecube, Mario Kart Double Dash, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Spider-Man 2 Yeah this one is easily the biggest gaming Christmas I'd ever had. After being told I wasn't allowed to have home consoles for years and living in a small room we eventually found a solution where the old TV had been replaced so I was able to use that old TV on a specific mounted wall bracket hard drilled into the wall in order to play Gamecube games. Didn't matter that I didn't have TV signal, I just wanted to play Gamecube. This Christmas is notable just for being the biggest sea change in my gaming habits at the time as I'd previously been PC and handheld only. The wall bracket saw six months of use before we moved house and I got a more conventional TV setup. It didn't last too long! 2005: Mario Kart DS 2006: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess So I go this on Wii even though I didn't have a Wii, it was technically my first ever Wii game. 2007: Metroid: Zero Mission 2008: Sonic Unleashed, Wi-Fi access and Donkey Kong Country This Christmas was notable for finally allowing me to play online on the Wii thanks to our new Wi-Fi router, also unlocking all the Wii's online features that I didn't really have access to for the first two years of owning the console, so in addition to the main game I was getting on the console, Sonic Unleased, I delved into Virtual Console to finally play the classic Donkey Kong Country I'd heard so much about. 2009: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 2010: Donkey Kong Country Returns 2011: Not sure on this one, it might be a digital 3DS game so either Metroid II or Link's Awakening or I might have bought either. 2012: Didn't get a game this Christmas 2013: Ratchet & Clank on PS2 2014: The Wii U. 10 years on from getting a Gamecube it was almost a mirror image in how I obtained a new Nintendo console with Mario Kart bundled in it about halfway through its life and also coming with additional games in FIFA 13 and Mass Effect 3. This time I supplemented that lineup with Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. And like the Gamecube the Wii U has been useful for so long after its retirement in part because of its digital librarly, seriously the Virtual Console has kept my Wii U in use for years in addition to its original library. 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X I think its pretty indicative that my Wii U library of games that aren't Virtual Console was about 90% complete by the time this Christmas came around, the limited library was a curse in the long run but I think the Wii U had a pretty solid 2015 all things considered. This coming out towards the end was actually my first modern open world game. Even if I did drop it after about 25% of the way through to play Undertale 2016: No game this year 2017: No game, already had too many games to go through and Chrono Trigger and Xenoblade 2 ensured I'd be busy 2018: No game, I just played Kingdom Hearts instead to prepare for III. I think by this point I just stopped getting games for Christmas. Most of the time games I'm interested now I'm just old enough to go out and buy on launch day.
  2. Yeah, 2022 is absolutely nuts for some of the games that are coming out in it. Not sure how many of them I'm actually going to get but now I have a PS5 it will probably be getting some of the games that you can only get on that console. So starting with PS5 plans: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - This may yet be a 2021 purchase for me but probably better placed as something to play in the early part of January, I still have to start Astro's Playroom after all. But Rift Apart is definitely a game I want to play through on PS5 even if I haven't really played any of the newer Ratchet games outside of the 2016 remake when that was given away for free. So it will be good to play a game that isn't attached to level design I already knew of. Plus it would funnily enough be a year after playing Crash 4 which has some similar mechanics. Guardians of the Galaxy - This looked pretty decent and the general feedback I've seen on Youtube suggests this is actually a very good game. I like the Spider-Man games so any good Marvel game is something I'd definitely look into. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - Intending to upgrade my PS4 copy of FFVIIR to a PS5 copy so that I can play all of the new content. Super Mario RPG - With WiiU eShop closing I need to get on it and buy Super Mario RPG before I miss out on the chance of ever being able to play it. Pokemon Legends Arceus - The first big purchase of 2022 easily. I skipped Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl because of this game, it looks a lot more original than BDSP and I really hope it does well, otherwise I fear this series may go into a stale state where we get nothing but low quality lazy games. Elden Ring - I have multiple friends who are into Dark Souls and after finally beating Dark Souls 1 myself last year it finally opens the door to play more of these types of games, but with Elden Ring coming I decided it would be a better idea to wait until the newest game from FromSoftware released and get that as my next experience. Finally that game is arriving, Elden Ring will be a game I play a lot and talk about with my friends... and then not finish for another 5 years while they've already beaten it! Splatoon 3 - This comes with the caveat that I generally don't do much multiplayer in these types of games and tend to play more of the single player content, so hopefully Splatoon 3 has good single player. They at least seem to be trying to expand on the formula from the first two games for this one which could make for a really good title. Those last three are the definitive big studio games that I'm looking at, may get Chocobo GP if I feel like it to try and stall off Mario Kart pings but honestly Elden Ring is going to last a very long time and that game alone will probably take up much of my time on the console. Similarly I haven't got round to getting Castlevania Advance Collection yet. I'm not really into tactical RPGs so Triangle Strategy gets a hard pass from me. I MIGHT be tempted to play FFVI again through the pixel remaster though... Of course, this list seems quite short right now but actually its going to be a lot longer than this because I'm looking more at the indie scene, especially since getting Rivals of Aether. I have found myself accuring a big list of indie games I'm interested in getting that have already been out for a number of years. These games being: Hyper Light Drifter - This one managed to pass me by a while back but been looking for a decent indie game inspired by top down Zelda games and this seems like one of the better received ones with its own identiy. Crosscode - Similar to HLD but with its own Zelda like gameplay combined with elements from Square Enix JRPGs. Since Final Fantasy VI is my favourite game of all time and this game draws from games like FFVI and Chrono Trigger this is on my radar to check out at some point. Supposed to be really good but hasn't really been given mass exposure so the only accounts are from the minority that have actually played it. Seems up my alley though so might have to join the cult of Crosscode lol. Downwell - I hadn't really heard of this game until relatively recently but Welltaro's inclusion in Indie crossovers like Indie Pogo and a game I'm going to be mentioning in the future as well as being a mod on Rivals of Aether. Fun fact, the creator of this game went on to work for Nintendo for a year but then quit his job after that just to go indie again! Slay the Spire - Partly because of @drahkon's glowing praise, partly because I'm into card games like MTG but also because of the character's inclusion in a game I'll be mentioning in the future. This has definitely been one of those games that looks really good and something I want to check out in the future, though I must admit I've never really got into roguelikes which is probably what's keeping me from getting this game. Cadence of Hyrule - This should be obvious, surprised I haven't got it yet. Celeste - Yeah... I haven't actually played this game. Despite all the glowing praise it gets. Its similarity to Super Meat Boy though does make me want to finish the latter before considering a purchase of Celeste. This has been on my list for a while when I shortlisted it with two other Indie games and only wanted to get one, the other two being one still on the list and the one I actually went with, Hollow Knight. The Messenger - The Completionist gave this one really good reviews so its been on my radar for a while but looking at its gameplay style I'm not sure whether it is my style of game or not, which has been somewhat detracting me from getting it since it seems to be based on Ninja Gaiden while also being a Metroidvania with this cool 8-bit/16-bit switch styles of play. That's it as far as indie games that are already out. I am slower to pick these up but things may chance for these upcoming three indie games that are out next year. Fraymakers - Comes out in Early Access next year. Created by the developers of Super Smash Flash and featuring a roster of Commander Video, Octodad, Orcane, Fishbunjin, Welltaro and The Watcher, this is looking like the game that might well just be the definitve "Indie Smash Bros" game. All the fighters are from various indie games and there's an extensive assist system which also features a number of other indies. The game is going to have four other full time fighters and they are polling people based on what they want, so chances are we're going to see some big name additions to the roster, I'm hoping they can get either The Knight or Hornet as playable fighters on the base roster as well as Hat Kid since neither of them have really been in indie crossovers, in fact I think both have only made one appearance outside of their own indie games as cameos. But it doesn't really matter if your favourite doesn't make it in because Fraytools is going to be available almost immediately giving this game a huge modding scene which will pretty much make it more than just an indie fighter, it'll be a MUGEN fighter. Depending on how usable Fraytools is and whether it can be done on consoles I could see the modding support come to consoles which leaves the Switch as an option for it. Freedom Planet 2 - I'm going to fully admit that for a large portion of this year I wasn't going to get this game, Sonic Mania had already scratched the itch for a fast paced 2D action platformer to the point it had killed my interest in getting the FP sequel, however with the current direction that Sega is going in, with Sonic Mania 2 looking likely to never happen and eventually after checking out gameplay for this game I can see this is a significant improvement over the first game with all the issues fixed. Not that the first game was bad by any means but I did feel like the story dragged the game down somewhat from the otherwise excellent gameplay and because Mania was so good I'd forgotten a lot more about what FP did differently on its own merits. Regardless, the sequel is ridiculous in its scope and its extensive time in development is making it look like a much better game. That and the fact that I know one of the level designers on Discord and so feel obliged to buy the game to support her efforts OMORI - We may never get an officially localised version of Mother 3 and since I don't play on emulators I'm probably never playing the fan translation. Therefore, this game looks likely to be the closest thing we get to Mother 3. Technically already out but I want to play it on Switch moreso so therefore 2022 it is. All I know is that its good, but that to know any more would be to spoil the story. Overall my actual most anticipated games in the long run are Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Prime 4 and Hollow Knight: Silkesong but no idea when any of those are coming out so will just have to wait and see how those pan out. Final Fantasy XVI is another that I'm looking at in the future but I suspect that game is going to be a ways from releasing. Hopefully inserting an X into the title of my favourite game of all time will still make it a good game.
  3. When Cube gets back on this let it be known that I've found a very important inclusion for the list Original tweet was this:
  4. Internet sulking over no Hollow Knight: Silkesong in the trailer. These things take time I reckon. Omori coming to Switch is a pretty big announcement to end on, I've heard that game is supposed to be a really good RPG.
  5. So does It Takes Two count as the first Indie Game to win Game of the Year at Game Awards or not?
  6. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    Michael Masi should be fired. What an absolute disgrace of a finale, bending the rules just to ensure that Lewis and Max could fight each other on the final lap. Like I get wanting to put on the show but bending the rules to do so? Masi's job is untenable after this.
  7. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Rivals of Aether's adventure mode is finally complete. I didn't quite understand how I was supposed to beat the Final Boss and it just sort of happened after hitting both eyes at some points so I guess I was supposed to stun it? I don't know... but anyway its finished. I also finished my mod for it, Yooka and Laylee are now live in Steam Workshop as playable fighters. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2671886724 I then went and resized them due to feedback that they were too small. Still, this big indie game obsession reminded me that there's still one indie game I never finished... Super Meat Boy. Unfortunately I'm having to start again from the very beginning of the game but made rapid progress and now on the Chapter 2 boss, C.H.A.D. I'm also making a concerted effort to try and do the Dark World this time around as much as possible, though will prioritise the main campaign over getting too much of the extra levels.
  8. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    It's... complicated let's just say... https://rivalsofaether.com/introduction/ I think Fraymakers that is coming out in the future will have an in built modding tool, will be interesting to see how that effects Rivals modding.
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I know this is considered a "gaming" diary and mainly focused on playing games... but I found myself getting into modding recently. After all, a Smash game where you can add ANY character and stage to the game? Sign me up! So I've been mainly working on making Yooka & Laylee as fighters for the game. This is my progress so far. I took a break from that project to add a stage to Workshop that nobody had been done as it was a missing gap in the Workshop. I spent the entire day doing it and uploaded just the basic version with the Aether version to be uploaded later. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2659010360&searchtext=dragon+valley Then, awkwardly I found out someone had uploaded the same stage idea ONE DAY BEFORE ME! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2657622309&searchtext=dragon+valley So now there's two of them. Either way, @Jonnas has a good reason to get Rivals of Aether now
  10. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I keep saying every time that I play a new indie game that the soundtrack is consistently excellent.With my current game Rivals of Aether I wouldn't necessarily rate the soundtrack as high as some of the others (Impossible Lair being my favourite OST of any of these games) these Rivals tunes are really good. Starting off with the fighter select tunes which are just as memorable as Smash Bros! The stage themes aren't too bad either. I do recommend this game but only if you're playing on PC so that you can play with Mods. Then again Fraymakers is a thing and its mod support might be available on Switch if it comes to the Switch so you might rather wait until then, I don't know how many people here actually use Steam after all...
  11. Only true stans know that the real best Smash character of all time is Ronald McDonald
  12. Dicey Dungeons

    The creator of this game also made VVVVVV and Super Hexagon if I'm not mistaken. I've played both of those but not this one, though truth to be told I've never actually played a Roguelike.
  13. So I was watching some Youtube videos and found an interesting video on Deltarune, in particular covering and it got me thinking about the relation between player and character. We don't really give it much thought when playing games other than being told "you control this character, go out and do stuff." That's OK for games which don't have much of a plot but then you throw RPGs into the mix and instead of controlling a blank slate you might actually be controlling a character with their own personality and quirks that might not match up with yours. In that situation the higher level of immersion required in these games has a simple solution, just put yourself in the game and make your own avatar. But not every game lets you do that, JRPGs almost require you to control a character that isn't your own. They have their own motivations and their own personalities and your connection just ends up being someone who controls that character. So clearly each game has a different intention. But, you're going to like some games more than others so naturally, whether the developer intended it or not you're going to be invested in the game. If you're invested in the game then perhaps you see yourself as more than just someone controlling the character, you ARE the character. That leads into interesting conundrum, maybe the character is a different gender to you as a human being? Well... Metroid is a series that is most well known for having a female protagonist as well as having a strong sense of immersion but I think the main character being in a suit of armour makes it easier to seperate that from you so I don't think that's too much of a problem. But if you want to invest yourself in the character you're playing as... would you want to embody a character who for all intents and purposes is almost the complete opposite of you? Would the most masculine of gamers want to play as the most feminine of characters? I know, given the choice, I tend to pick male characters within a certain spectrum. As a major example I never play as Princess Peach in Mario Kart or Smash Bros (unless I'm trying to clear Classic Mode). I feel like in a multiplayer game you want a character that can represent yourself as well as having gameplay attributes that you like. I realise I might have covered about half the talking points for this thread in this OP but I thought I'd open the topic up. What is the relation between you and the characters you are playing as? Are they just vessels for you to control as a seperate individual from them or are they someone that, while you are playing the game, you actually want to be?
  14. From a mainstream industry perspective I think you might be right Some games don't necessarily get the appreciation they deserve...
  15. METROID DREAD! METROID DREAD! Actually, I think Dread is the only new game from this year that I've played unless you count NieR Replicant Ver. whatever because that is an enhanced remaster with gameplay changes and additional content. Otherwise I've been picking up games that came out from previous years. There are a bunch of games that have come out this year that I'm interested in at some point but Dread was top priority in terms of interest and it didn't disappoint, even without having played much of any other contenders I can confidently say Dread is a GOTY contender.