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  1. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    So I went more on Soulcalibur VI and... did more than just create characters, I actually played the game! Granted it was to play Libra of Souls and finally get round to getting the missing Soul Chronicles that I never got, I did part of Raphael's Story mission and just waiting until the final part shows up before I can actually unlock the mission that gives me stuff. Through grinding missions however I earned a ton of Gold so I decided to cash some of that in on Soul Points and FINALLY get round to unlocking all of the missing Custom Character parts that I didn't have. Granted, some of them were... a bit lacking in actual clothing to put it politely :/ But there was also the Horse's feet so I can finally make Donkey in Soulcalibur! I'll do him later, still involved in getting the extensive cast of Magic the Gathering into Soulcalibur! I also made Jace but I'm not entirely happy with the final outcome. While Season 2 is out for SCVI and improves the game tremendously I am still missing the actual DLC content that requires the Season Pass, so there are a lot of Create a Character parts I don't have access to because they're behind the Season Pass. I would buy the Season Pass but... I'm waiting for it to get a price drop. At least when creating characters the expanded music list means you get SO much more variety when listening to music. The entire stage soundtracks of Soul Blade, Soulcalibur I, II and III are in this game, in fact the entire series' music history is in VI! You need the Season Pass for the IV and V tunes but I've been listening to the music from I and III thanks to the game coming around and it has given me a few new favourite songs from when they've come on... like Immortal Flame from the first SC! Yes, probably should go in the best VGC area but I've taken up the last few posts in that thread and don't really want to post again in there for some time... If I keep at Libra I might be able to unlock everything in the base game that I don't yet have, that should be good!
  2. Well this is a sad but inevitable outcome. They had something of a mixed track record in terms of games and were arguably better at interpreting already existing ideas than making new ones themselves. That being said, they can take credit for doing anti gravity driving in a kart racer 11 years before Mario Kart 8 ever did. Still, they played a bit of a role in my early gaming days, especially in my early teens. I had Crash XS, Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Fusion on GBA during 2003-04 and remember being impressed at the use of pre-rendered graphcis with XS, this was the first time I'd ever seen something like that. They also made the DS version of Downhill Jam which I also played and still own. Admittedly they also did a TON of Movie tie-ins (a lot of Pixar games like Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo) so their track record is very much a mixed bag but I think there are a lot of gamers out there who may have ended obtaining games made by VV well before the N. Sane Trilogy came out. Ultimately, I have to thank them for both realising the classic Naughty Dog Crash game formula and converting it successfully to handheld and also remaking those same games for a new generation and helping Crash Bandicoot to return. So, this is for you Vicarious Visions:
  3. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Went back to Crash 4 to at least attempt at trying to get that 100% ending. Mopped up a few gems I missed on the backtrack and what is very noticeable is how level knowledge makes these levels significantly easier to complete. Apart from Jetboard Jetty because the boss and certain aspects of that level is making the 3 death gem extremely hard for me to get :/ I did manage to get an N. Sanely Perfect Relic when going through an N.Verted level though: I also uploaded something I haven't done in a long time, a Soulcalibur VI Custom Character fight:
  4. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Three things. First of all I finally got round to doing the bonus episode of Let's Play Metroid Prime 3 Secondly I went back to Soulcalibur VI to redo a few of my Custom characters. The Crash one still looked pretty bad and someone in a Youtube comment told me that the Ornstein needed a "lot of work". So using Youtube videos I redid both of them: Thirdly I beat Crash 4 last night. Will spoiler box things from the final boss fight and ending.
  5. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Continuing my efforts to finish Crash Bandicoot 4 and I am ALMOST done with the game. Will spoiler box my progress because the events deserve it really.. I wound up streaming the final level on Twitch so that's why the level clips there are from Twitch Clips instead of Twitter video.
  6. Football Season 2020-21

    Kovar was not very good for us at all, very much at fault for all our cheap goals that we were giving away, hence why we sent him back to you guys and brought Travers in instead.
  7. Football Season 2020-21

    So... as a fan of League One side Swindon Town I have to say what a complete and utter mess this season has been. After winning League Two last season I knew the task at hand would be to stay in the division. Keeping the squad that won the title together was going to be the key to that and enhancing it. Nope, we lost Michael Doughty, Eoin Doyle, Lloyd Isgrove, Kaiyne Woolery, Keshi Anderson and Jerry Yates among others, we brought in replacements like Tyler Smith, Matt Smith, Jonny Smith (yeah, three Smiths I know), Jack Payne and then to replace Steven Benda we picked up Matej Kovar from Man United on loan. Of course, with a completely different team there has not really been room for them to gel to get to grips with this division, leading in turn to an ambitious Richie Wellens questioning his future at the club, he leaves for Salford City, we get John Sheridan in of all manager and in January are rooted deep in the relegation zone. I thought last week's win at Ipswich would be an impetus but we just went and lost 2-0 to Doncaster at home and making the same silly defensive mistakes. We have a better keeper in Mark Travers now but we cannot account for the fact that our defenders are just passing the ball to the opposition strikers on a regular basis. It's calamitous defending, like they belong in a circus or something. All our best defenders are injury prone but it doesn't seem to matter who we put in defence they just concede sloppy goals. Zeki Fryers is not a good centre back at all, the fact that he's one of the better ones we have available tells you a considerable amount. We need a centre back who is experienced, can play at League One Level, is good enough to compete with League One players and who ISN'T injury prone, someone who can lead the backline, organise the defence and most importantly stop conceding these reckless goals that are going to turn us into a yoyo club if we're not careful or worse just be back in the same situation again before Wellens came to the club. Sheridan seems to be looking at strikers but I feel like we have about six centre backs at the club right now or two left backs acting as centre backs and none of them are good enough defensively for this league.
  8. Not really sure which thread a post like this should go in but it really feels like the state of government is the worst it's ever been right now. This global pandemic has seen so many bad calls by the government as they only seem to care about improving profitability and productivity of those already in employment and those higher up the food chain, they are showing a complete lack of understanding in how properly to handle trying to contain a global pandemic and not listening to the people who actually do know, aka scientists and health professionals. The worst part of all of this is that I feel they are being unchallenged in many of their decisions because the Labour party are not providing the counter balance and not looking after the general population of the UK as they are supposed to be doing, instead just letting everything go without question. The one person who could have actually handled this global pandemic well was Jeremy Corbyn but the people in charge of our local newspapers just scared people off voting him but bigging up anti semitism. At least there's a vaccine available now but I feel like the pandemic is masking bigger problems with the country and they're only going to become more apparent when everyone has received the vaccine and this crisis is over.
  9. Games Done Quick

    Definitely a unique AGDQ. I missed the start of the event and have been tuning in and out due to timezones for some events, but some of what I did tune in for were Metroid Prime, Spyro 3, Crash 1, Ratchet 2, Final Fantasy VII (amazing run by the way in how they just warped to the end of the game not too long after leaving Midgar), Majora's Mask, Mario 64 Blindfolded, the TASbot runs of Freedom Planet and Link's Awakening which were both ridiculous, the Sekiro race and the Link to the Past run, well, half of it. What a ridiculous run that was! Generally the runs I have most interest in seeing are usually on during the evenings here but there are also a fair few that happen while I'm asleep so the Skyward Sword run was not one I was able to catch live, same with Super Mario Sunshine and the catch 'em all run of Pokemon Blue. Also because of when I realised that the event was already on I'd missed the Donkey Kong Country race. Hoping to see Crash 4 in a GDQ in the future. Having already seen a Devs react to a Crash 4 speedrun for a bit there are some crazy skips you can do in some of the levels.
  10. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Just finished the space world in Crash 4. And that means I have beaten N. Tropy. That fight was the most epic fight I've ever seen in a Crash Bandicoot game... The correct answer to that one by the way was that I completely missed the Bonus stage, replayed the level and managed to get the Box Gem.
  11. GameXplain in trouble?

    Certainly found myself watching GameXplain videos on a less frequent basis, though I only ever watched some of the videos when Derek was doing them. I did get the impression that GameXplain might have been ending or something when I saw people like Jon and Derek leave the site... this sheds a whole new light on it though!
  12. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Finished the dinosaur world in Crash 4. Managed to get two box gems in the last two levels which were namely Dino Dash and it's alternate timeline level. Somehow missed the box gem in the second level in the world by one every single time, I guess I missed a different box both times... Also put out a couple more videos on Arena since the last time... the last two in the series
  13. Job woes/wins

    Honestly the issues are probably job motivation/pickiness and also the fact I have autism. I need to be able to do the job and I would ideally like to stay around the Swindon area. The type of jobs people with Aspergers are good at usually tend to be the robotic computer like jobs and companies are using, well, a computer, for that sort of thing When the pandemic started it was something of a massive turnoff as I was looking at office based jobs, I am not that great at taking the initiative it seems because lockdown deterred me from looking at jobs... which made me feel silly when friends were working from home instead. I have lost faith in recruitment agencies as they have not done enough on their part to help me get employment, university set me up pretty poorly for going into work years ago as they didn't realise I wasn't someone who could sort out a year's worth of Work Experience by himself due to autism. I have had one full time job since graduating from uni which came about due to family connections, everything else is either work experience or volunteering. I am trying to learn how to drive as that will help me with employment and open up possibilities but the pandemic set that back as well, last year was supposed to be the year I took my driving test, but the pandemic disruption meant by the time I could start seriously consider booking a driving test, my previous Theory test ran out and I had to retake the theory test again... which I then failed and then another lockdown started so I am currently on hold as to when I can do the theory test again. My plan was to book it for this month but with the whole country in lockdown again I assume that isn't happening any time for the forseeable future.
  14. Job woes/wins

    Computers. IT jobs are still a possibility but technology moves along so fast that I feel that my degree is now outdated and I either need to take a new IT course or find myself a new job prospect.
  15. Job woes/wins

    Came to the realisation recently that after years of struggle trying to get a job that reflected my degree, that perhaps the degree was no longer valid for the type of jobs I was after and needed to find a change of career. But it's scary to think about :/