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  1. Metroid Dread

    https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/10/metroid-dread-developer-leaves-names-out-of-credits-ex-staffers-say/ Looks like some people aren't particularly happy about not being credited...
  2. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Metroid Dread is now finished. Absolutely loved it. Might replay the game on Hard mode at some point or try and go for all the hidden endings, if I can be fast enough that is! That being said, there are still two games left on Switch that I still need to finish. One of them is Pokken Tournament DX and I'm going to do that as part of the next Gaming Anniversaries video. The other is Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair which is not tied to any particular video production so that's going to be the game I focus on finishing next. Not withstanding the fact that I also need to finish Super Castlevania IV! So in terms of games played and finished this year its currently looking like: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Ratchet & Clank (2016) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Nier Replicant Metroid Prime Hunters Shadow the Hedgehog Deltarune Chapter 2 Metroid Dread Games played for video purposes but not fully and jumping to finished files for the endings: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Metroid Other M Metroid Fusion Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Heroes Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic Unleashed Sonic Mania Games I have got this year that I still need to finish: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Games I'm interested in getting at some point: Castlevania Advance Collection Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Elden Ring Pokemon Legends: Arceus
  3. Metroid Dread

    Regarding the EMMI I think they did a fair job of making each one feel unique. Some of them had different abilities to freshen things up a bit. I also hear that you can just rush these sections of you want to which I'm sure speedrunners will no doubt be trying to do a lot. Should probably mention I've finished the game. Ending was really good though it did post a question.
  4. Metroid Dread

    Had a marathon of a session today and I now have all the powerups. Going to explore ZDR a bit to try and get all the upgrades before making my way to the final boss before I think of taking on the final boss.
  5. Well, I'm about to spoil some of the games CUBE hasn't done yet (though he's counted board games and a few compilations which I didn't but) I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this. Sorry CUBE. Seriously, there are lot of really obscure Sonic games out there that are technically official.
  6. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I have a full playlist of Relaxing game music that I use to help with anxiety issues. May I recommend Satorl Marsh from Xenoblade Chronicles? Auto include in any type of this playlist
  7. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    OK, when was my last Gaming Diary entry? *checks thread* *August 9* OK diary, we have a lot of catching up to do! So I played through Super Castlevania IV a bit more, all the way until towards the end of the game but never actually beat it. Production on more Gaming Anniversaries videos was getting in the way which includes actually playing the games. So I went back to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for some recording and in the process managed to knock out a few more A Ranks. and complete a few missions. Finally, I have finished all of the level missions in the game and gotten all the emblems. The A Ranks and the Chao Garden are now my biggest obstacles to 100% but since I was only playing for footage I moved on to Sonic Heroes quickly but that was just messing around for footage. Then it happened, I played through the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog from beginning to the end of the last story. At least it was for footage so I could complain about the game in a video straight after! But yeah, I took the path of least resistance to get all the Emerlads and as a result I could pretty much do Westopolis, Glyphic Canyon, Prison Island and Sky Troops without the sound on at all! The recording continued as I then picked up Sonic and the Secret Rings which I didn't make much progress on, just doing stuff I'd done before for footage. Things changed when I got to Sonic Unleashed, this was the first time since I beat the game that I picked it up and... this game holds up well! Really enjoyed the daytime stages and didn;t really find the werehog to be that bad when replaying. I went out of my way to get missing Sun and Moon medals this time around and in the end I stopped short of 100% completion of the game. So most of the stuff in the game I was able to unlock. This was on the Wii version btw. Then I went back to Sonic Mania and got all the Chaos Emeralds, getting the true final boss battle in the process. Hasn't just been Sonic games I've been playing although there have been quite a lot of those for the video that was in production. September saw me end my game purchase drought, I hadn't bought a new game since Nier Replicant in April but in September I picked up a game I'd been wanting to get for a while, Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair. I am currently up to Chapter 14 (Hazard Hangar I think its called) and the last I did was find the secret exit, though I did open up the entire overworld. Soundtrack is really good, it definitely feels like the Tropical Freeze sequel we never got. Level design is pretty good too though I find the penalty for getting hit isn't so great and with no lives its just easier to die after you hit a checkpoint if you only have Yooka available. Also I think the timeframe for when I picked up this game was not ideal due to the amount of Sonic games I needed to play so Impossible Lair is definitely something I still need to finish. (Didn't realise the surface was climable here) But then Toby Fox had to go and drop Deltarune Chapter 2 on everybody. I mean, come on Toby, really? So, I downloaded that and played through Deltarune Chapter 2. Progresses things in an interesting direction that's for sure. I did a pacificst route if anyone is curious, didn't kill a single enemy aside from perhaps when fighting was the only option By far the funniest moment in the entire game was this though Other interesting moments... And if THAT wasn't enough my most anticipated game of the year came out and Metroid Dread is so good. This is some of the best map design in a Metroid game I've seen in YEARS. They really managed to create a complex an interweiving map while simulatenously making the route through the game fairly straight forward. But you also have plenty of room to go off the beaten path to find all the upgrades. At first it seems like the game might be something of a procession but... I have a few non-spoilery tweets I wish to share.. So we're finally caught up... phew! Two months worth of gaming which involved the acuqistion of three new games and progress on a lot of older ones.
  8. Yakuza fans are now officially in Sonic territory. Guy also made Super Monkey Ball so he's responsible for two of Sega's biggest post-manufacturer series. Yakuza isn't really a series I've played much but I wish the new guys good luck...
  9. Metroid Dread

    Just so everyone knows, the game leaked yesterday. Videos of the final boss are out there or so I've heard. I'm actively blocking Metroid mentions on Twitter for a brief period of time (about a couple of weeks) to avoid the major spoilers for the game that have been put out there.
  10. The result: The worst reviewed Steam game in history.
  11. I will say, stuff like this was never particularly obvious when playing as for about 11-13 years or so of playing RPGs I didn't pay too much attention to how my stats were actually affecting my attack etc, there was no real obvious feedback from what I could see about the impact that my stats were having. Stuff like that is the sort of stuff I feel you'd only really find out on the internet anyway. This might be why I was able to enjoy the game a fair bit more than you did. Not a scratch on the 93% review score in ONM that basically sold me on the game though!
  12. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I would have loved to have seen tracks from all across the series too (I don't really like Destiny's Force that much as a tune personally, it never really stood out to me although I understand that it's in there for how often it gets played), but from what they chose, Hand in Hand, Gummi Ship, Hollow Bastion, Scherzo Di Notte, Fragments of Sorrow and Destati are my favourites. Would have loved to see stuff like Tension Rising, Darkness of the Unknown, Lock, Load and Blast, L'Imperto Oscuro, Untamable, The Tumbling and Hunter of the Dark in the game. Actually there's a lot more but I figure if they're tied to Disney worlds specifically there would be issues. I like a lot more of the battle themes in Kingdom Hearts II than ! but at least they put my favourite rendition of Hollow Bastion in the game.
  13. Everyone hates Sonic Chronicles and here I am thinking it wasn't THAT bad. Sure, its not a classic by any means, the music is terrible and I forgot a lot about it over time but I had relatively few issues with the actual game itself and found the story rather interesting. The final boss was a bit of a letdown though. I'll go into more detail about it when the Sonic video eventually drops, I'm almost done with it, just need do to a lot of post produiction and testing.
  14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    But you can at least pair Sora up with Donald and Goofy... just do a team match with Duck Hunt Duo as your teammate!
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I must admit I had written off Sora's chances thinking that Sephiroth was going to be the Square-Enix rep and thought Dr. Eggman was going to be it given that Sega haven't had a rep in the pass. However, I'm kind of glade I was wrong. Legit a character I'd really enjoy playing as and I wasn't even among the people highly requesting Sora for the game. Shame the whole reveal ended up getting leaked but... oh well.