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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

    Not directly using Game Maker but I have been using something called GMEdit to code for Rivals of Aether for the Steam Workshop's modding.
  2. I used to subscribe to Official Nintendo Magazine on a regular basis. When that ended online media pretty much took over for me so no.
  3. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    I should probably rephrase it and say that I'm planning on getting it next year. I was aware that it's already out, I just want to get Mario RPG done first.
  4. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Back with some more posts, this time from Pokemon Violet and a few more tunes from CrossCode: The tune above has STRONG Uematsu final boss vibes about it.
  5. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Wow, left it until the last day to give this diary a much needed update huh? So, uh, since September I have played CrossCode all the way to completion, I finished it some time in November I believe: I went and beat all the dungeons in Chapter 8, made my way through Chapter 9 and then did the parts that lead up to the finale. Then I found out that I missed the good ending so I went back to do that but thankfully the game lets you skip the final chapter events and go straight to the end of the game so that you don't have to redo the final fight which is an amazing quality of life feature. So yeah, after finishing CrossCode I was playing eFootball for a bit but I have been on and off with the game as I am hoping that they add an Edit mode which still isn't in the game yet. Epic Fail Konami. The next single player game I played was Pokemon Violet. I am happy to say that aside from briefly walking through a door I experienced very few technical issues. But I was mindful that they existed: I haven't touched the game much since beating it to be honest, haven't even tried to get the legendaries. I have now started Super Mario RPG on Wii U. Had this game since the beginning of the year and I've finally got round to starting it, will finish it next year. It feels a bit unrefined compared to future Mario RPGs but since it was the first I can understand that. I haven't got Geno yet. Also been doing a lot on Rivals of Aether in regards to modding and in spite of not having played the game yet I helped to make this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894405278 2023 I plan to play a lot of Final Fantasy games, starting with the Crisis Core remake that's out next year.
  6. Series change, adapt and evolve. It doesn't mean that everyone is going to like it. Sometimes you wind up missing a certain kind of gameplay. That being said, the indie market does a fantastic job with being able to fill the niches of gameplay styles that have been abandoned by developers. Pokemon is unsurprisingly no exception there, there are games like Temtem, Coromon and Nexomon that are doing their own thing with the Pokemon formula. I think it becomes natural as you get older that you get attatched to certain gameplay styles and become more of a retro gamer, less willing to try something new out.
  7. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Played the game an absolute ton today. Beat the first gym and also beat two Team Star bases and one Titan. My team has made quite a big of progress but I bailed on a gym fight when I realised it was too high levelled for me and that there might be some gyms that might be too easy for me now so I'm backtracking to take them on. Probably too late though, my team are all Level 28 and most of them have evolved... whoops! I'm just going to spoiler all the other tweets but it includes footage of said gym battle. I do this because some of these tweets include Fueccoco's evolution:
  8. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    Started this game today after it arrived a day late in the mail so I'm going to be behind all you guys somewhat, especially since its a shared copy. So that means I'm only just out of school with the Treasure Hunt started. I wound up picking Fueccoco as my starter and with a mentality from Legends: Arceus brought over have been trying to catch every uncaught Pokemon I can find. There's a good variety of Pokemon to find before you even get to the school which is nice. This is my current team: Every Gen I have a nickname theme. This time its "literal", so just naming them after what they're actually based off. So my Fueccoco is Crocodile, my Fidogh is Dog and so on. I've found Wiglett to be a bit weak so far as it takes quite a bit of damage and doesn't really have a moveset to take advantage of its high attack stat, as I can see its built to be a physical sweeper. I only just learned Aqua Jet after having to deal with Water Gun and Mud-Slap as my moves. I hope it evolves into a Water/Ground type, would be pretty solid if it did. I also wound up benching Fueccoco just before the second rival fight started, would have been nice to have it for that fight. I have so far done one Tera Raid battle. Yeah, you can really tell Toby Fox did that tune. As for performance, well, it hasn't been too bad but I can't say I haven't encountered any issues because I have... I hope they patch the performance issues but at the same time the opening hours have shown the potential of the game and how open world feels somewhat "right" for Pokemon. Its just a shame its happened during a time when the franchise is being annualised.
  9. Sonic Frontiers

    Wouldn't be a new Sonic game release without someone finding some glitch or something that doesn't seem quite right and then calling the whole game bad because of it...
  10. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    To be honest, a lot of this is painting Hellena Taylor in a bad light. Her attitude seemed somewhat overblown and if some tweets are to believe she is also a TERF, supporting stuff like Blue Lives Matter. The fact that she asked for a six figure salary? Yeah... no wonder they turned that down.
  11. Bayonetta 3 (28th October)

    Apparently its common in Japan that you can't just sack someone because that would be disrespectful so the practise instead is to force them out by offering them terms which they won't accept so that they can get who they want. Still, it does blow the lid on the video game VA industry, especially on the triple A side. Its gotten other VAs talking, including the voice of Revail from Breath of the Wild who revealed some interesting facts about his voicework for Zelda: You can get royalties for voicework in indie games but no triple A games, Sean made more money doing the former!
  12. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    30 hours into CrossCode and I've just heard this gem of a tune: Gives some Golden Sun vibes among other games.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    It got overshadowed by the Nintendo Direct, the State of Play and the Tokyo Game Show all happening around the same time, so I'm just going to leave this here, Freedom Planet 2 recently came out on Steam. Of interest to @Jonnas but also to anyone who like Sonic games because this game has been getting glowing user reviews from those who've played it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/595500/Freedom_Planet_2/ There's currently a 10% discount on Steam. It isn't coming to Switch until next year though, or any other console for that matter. The game has been in development for 7 years. The guy who made Sonic Mania, Christian Whitehead, designed the engine behind this game and its probably the closest you're ever going to get to a Sonic Mania 2, even moreso than Origins. Its about more than twice the size of its predecessor with even going fast through it setting you back 9 hours or so.
  14. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    It's been a while since my last update here hasn't it? Well I've played a multitude of games. I've finished Celeste and its instantly moved into my top 5 Indie Games I've played. Felt the second half in particular was especially strong. With that done, I moved onto another indie game immediately... and pretty much loved the soundtrack from there. I started with CrossCode, which is a top down Zelda styled action RPG set in an MMo. I understand this is a hard sell to people, but you really shouldn't overlook this game. I started it because of it being listed as one of those underrated gems and after starting it I can immediately see why. This game feels great to play even if I'm absolutely awful at the combat and the fact that its set in an MMO means it is constantly poking fun at the genre with its dialogue, which is very well written, even for a silent protagonist with a canonical reason as to why she's silent. But yeah, this game's awesome so far, even if I think the story is dragging its feet a bit with the whole "game within a game" thing. The writing is pretty solid overall though and it really feels like the 2D Zelda game I haven't played in ages. I've just wrapped up the bunny chase in Autumn's Fall and about to start my first Raid in the game. A concept I will be completely lost on having no actually played any real MMO RPGs, only single player MMO styled ones like FFXII and Xenoblade. Speaking of Xenoblade, my playthrough of CrossCode was sharp interrupted by the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I intended to juggle both of them but in the end Xenoblade 3 was so good I decided to focus on it. I won't post too much spoilerly stuff and will stick to story tweets, but here goes: Which itself is a misspelling of "Territorial Rotbart! https://twitter.com/GenericAperson/status/1556992194036150273?s=20&t=mo-tfptTxS98L_67gZnVCQ I did think Elden Ring was going to be my Game of the Year this year but Xenoblade 3 comes in and says "hold on a moment" and I think Xenoblade 3 might be my game of the year now. This game was so good, the story was great, the world map was so expansive, far beyond what you're required to do and the soundtrack was amazing as always. Somehow this game kept getting better when I thought it was already really good, which is the sign of a classic. It really gave me those classic RPG vibes, this is the best Xenoblade game since the original easily. Is it better than Xenoblade 1? I still don't know yet. I did have an issue with how Elden Ring fell away in its latter stages and while Xenoblade 3 does that a bit too its not anywhere near the same extent, so Xenoblade 3 is my Game of the Year. BUT WAIT! That's not all I played this past two months. A couple of free to play games I decided to download for different reasons. The first was Multiversus. Having played a fair bit of Rivals of Aether I've really gotten more into the platform fighter genre and since I have a friend who might be interested in something like this I decided to also pick it up. The other free game may surprise you considering I criticised this game last year but... wanting a more up to date football game but not wanting to fork out for one I downloaded eFootball.after its 2023 update. After one year of patches surely the problems must have been fixed right? One thing I will say is that its definintely playable now and the players don't look like complete trash. But there are issues Edit mode is apparently coming soon but to mobile first... OK. So, still not amazing and some basic features are rather lacking from this game but maybe eventually this game will do a No Man's Sky and be good. A couple of other games left, Rivals of Aether, obviously where work on Yooka and Laylee is really coming along, I'm redoing the character and am about 80% of the character is done, still at least 1-3 months away from finishing. The other is Soulcalibur VI where I have finally filled all 100 custom character slots. Given the amount of Indie games I've been into lately all my slots were filled with indie game characters: