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  1. What are the chances of a P.N.03 Sequel on Wii?

    Well, this is one of the reasons it sold so bad. People where expecting some kind of traditional 3rd person shooter, while it is much more an old school shoot em up in 3d format. Yes, it is short, and yes, it is quite linear, but if you don't try to play it like a traditional 3rd person shooter and instead try to think of it like a shmup it works really well. It's a lot more Ikaruga than Max Payne. I doubt they will make a sequel, although I would really like it if they would. The game had a lot of style and unique gameplay, sadly it was very misunderstood.
  2. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    I am so looking forward to this. I am feeling quite lucky, two of my biggest wishes for the Wii was a Battalion Wars sequel and a sequel or another platforming game from the team that made Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. In a few weeks I will play both! And I think they will be able to pull of multiplayer, from IGNs impressions (which I usually take with a grain of salt) it seems like it might be them just trying out this demo, nothing says how the real thing will play.
  3. Legalise ALL drugs?!

    Cannabis is not at all physically addictive. This is a fact that has been confirmed numerous times by all kinds of people. However, everything that makes you feel good can be "addictive". Like sex. Or if you get into the habit of reading the newspaper in the morning, you might be upset if you don't get the chance one day. About the tar, first, you don't need to smoke it, and second of all, most research say that the average cannabis user has a lower chance of getting cancer than the average smoker. Why? First of all, the average smoker smokes a lot more cigarettes than the average cannabis user. Second, the average cannabis user can consume cannabis in other ways, like eating or using a vaporizer, that doesn't cause cancer. Third, cannabis includes anti-cancerogenic (sp?) substances. Still, cannabis is a drug, it is harmful and is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's mainly the hypocrisy I am against. Why are drugs like tobacco and alcohol legal? Alcohol is a very bad and destructive drug. Also, a lot of pharmaceutical drugs are very very bad, but they are legal.
  4. How was your day?

    Well, since everybody but me was free today, and I am now sitting at work makes me a bit bummed out. Especially since my girlfriend came home at 4 o clock in the morning and woke me up with a drunken smile, which was in a way somewhat nice but also pissed me off since I had to go to work at 8... anyway, I am not that happy. Need sleep. And beer.
  5. Ghost Squad Wii

    And you say that as a bad thing? I think it looks a bit like a good NES game cover.
  6. The Hypnotoad commands..........

    "Buy it, buy it, buy it..." Wohooo, finally some new Futurama!
  7. Family Guy Star Wars Special

    I liked it, but it wasn't that spectacular.
  8. Super Mario Galaxy

    Well, ehm, it is a new Mario game, and Miyamoto has a very active role. It looks quite amazing, previews has been very positive ( some going as far as it is better than Super Mario 64 ). What more do you need to know??
  9. Will Wii have ANOTHER amazing Christmas?

    Reggie said they would be able to ramp up the production for Christmas, so lets see how it goes. If they have enough consoles (and Galaxy) to go around, I cannot see anything else than a succesful Christmas for Wii.
  10. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

    The first one was pretty good, and really fun and this looks like it's just improved. Seems like a must buy for me.
  11. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    Yes, it was really great. Or rather, the main gameplay was really great, but it suffered from being a bit short (even though some special missions where pretty cool!) and no multiplayer. Still, I recommend to pick it up, I got it for a friend for like a fiver a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Super Mario Galaxy

    Also, the SMG (Sub Machine Gun) pickup is more or less confirmed now.
  13. Firmware can be the "OS" of a device (for example, the Nintendo DS firmware is the same as it's "OS" in one sense, even though the DS doesn't really have a "OS"). Firmware is usually what controls the basics of a hardware device, like, the BIOS of your PC. The line between firmware and OS is quite fudgy, and it also depends on your definition of Operating System.
  14. Jajajajaja!

    Yeah, it's Spanish laughter
  15. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime was my favourite game the last generation, and this is one of the main reasons. The atmosphere and mood is simply fantastic and nothing else I've played has bested it.