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  1. Gears Of War 2

    This game is awesome! Me and my mate played campaign on co-op for 8hrs straight on Sat! We've only got a couple more chapters to do as we didn't have enough time to finish the game. I've just played it for 3hrs in single player and it's still frickin awesome!
  2. Wii Sports Resort

    I could really care less. Doesn't excite me in the slightest.
  3. Football Season 2008/2009

    Oh, Manu away first game for Newcastle...The Bolton home, then Arsenal away. Easy start then.
  4. GTA IV

    Why the hell is there no checkpoints in at least some of the missions? 3 Leaf Clover is pissing me off.
  5. Download!

    They've sold that many! Can't see a big announcement now. Surely it would have been done before Leeds/Reading announcement.
  6. Download!

    Testament Municipal Waste Animal Alpha August Burns Red Brigade Chiodos Comeback Kid Exit Ten Hostile Trigger The Bloodshed Valient Thorr Rose Tattoo. Crap.
  7. Wait, is he really complaining about Super Mario Galaxy because you had to wiggle the remote instead of pressing a button? Sad.
  8. Mario Kart Wii

    God, 150cc is pissing me off. I'm right next to the finish line and I get hit by a blue shell then a red shell. GRRRRRR!
  9. Mario Kart Wii

    It's so bloody annoying get hit by about 3 blue shells in 1 frickin lap on single player.
  10. Wii Points for Stars

    I've just gave up having any hope that I'll be able to spend all my stars.
  11. The Wii-mote pointer

    Doing that zoom aim in Red Steel was crap and annoying. So was most of the game though... I liked opening the locks in MP3. Never had any problems with it that I can remember.
  12. Mario Kart Wii

    I still don't like using the wheel, although I haven't given it much of a chance. I find the Nunchuk the best option, for me, so far. GameCube would be the best apart from having to use the D-pad for tricks. I'm just trying to work my way through all the cups. 50cc is slow and rather boring. Haven't had much of a chance to play through 100cc and 150cc. Need to get some online games under my belt though.
  13. Mario Kart Wii

    Only played for about 30mins yeterday because it was my birthday. I didn't like using the wheel at all. The nunchuk seems much better. I haven't tried a GameCube controller yet. GamesTM gave it 6/10.
  14. Download!

    100% agree. Download just seems a bit crap this year. Every year I've been (and I've been since 2004, I think) it's been one of the best weekends of the year. But I'm just not feeling it this year. Sure, there are bands I want to see. I just don't fancy paying all that money to see them. Unless they pull out some top bands I'll be staying at home. I've never liked any of Bullet For My Valentine's songs. Who are Seether? Biffy Clyro not too bothered about them. Fightstar and Madina Lake...lol. Wouldn't mind having a dance to Pendulum. Slam is an awesome tune.
  15. Mario Kart Wii

    The Mario Kart I've played most would be Double Dash. I really don't know how many Sunday's my brother, our friend and me spent playing that game. It was so much fun. Hopefully this next installment will keep us entertained for just as long.