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  1. Homage to the old C-E members

    What ever happened to Dabookerman? I miss Stocka and Smalldude67. =(
  2. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

    Well she has been around since 2008. >_>
  3. Hit-and-miss Actors

    I liked Nicholas Cage in Kick Ass. But that was only because he got burned alive. Will Ferrell is pretty hit and miss. Anchorman is genius but I find him annoying in most other films.
  4. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

    She looks like a slightly down syndrome version of Zooey Deschanel. I have no problem with her music though. I liked 'last friday night'.
  5. Dooo you lot still go to the gym?!

    JonST sit ups are probably one of the worst exercises going. Your time would be better spent doing crunches or a core exercise like squats. Less risk of injury, better exercise for the body. I hate sit ups! To raining supplements will make around a 1% difference if your diet isn't right. If your diet is good, they'll still only make around a 10% difference. They're expensive too, unless you want to body build I'd forget about supplements. A diet low in fat and high in nutrients is your best bet. By the sounds of it you're over thinking this. If going to the gym seems over complicated and tedious the less likely you're going to want to stick to whatever plans you make. I'm guessing your already joined to a gym if you have an instructor. If your membership includes classes, try some of them! Talk with the staff and ask which would be the best for your level of fitness. They will be ran by an instructor who'll go through everything with you. Most classes are between 30 mins to an hour and in that time you'll get a balanced work out. If you don't like the idea of classes. Building up stamina doesn't have to be complicated. Stick some good music on your mp3 and just do some cardio. Running machine, Cross Trainer and Rowing machine to mix it up.
  6. I'm Ashamed To Say It But....

    The Rush Hour films.
  7. Rare collectables thread.

    Give it 20 years and I think this will be worth a fuck tonne.
  8. Anime recommendations?

    Yeah Death Note is good for a shonen, its pretty sort too.
  9. The Materialism Thread (a.k.a Things I Want)

    For gods sake man, chew!
  10. Путь к Древу П

    Cool story bro.
  11. N-E Band Aid 2009?

    Can I do the sick dizzee rascal rap?
  12. This is a personalised post to DanielTimothyto thank you for your nomination in the funniest member award. The nomination is appreciated and although I would love to win (third year running. Yes. I'm that awesome.) there are some other strong contenders, and I would be gracious in defeat.


    Thanks again DanielTimothy.

  13. Post Your Purchases

    I thought they were illegal substances at first.
  14. Post Your Purchases

    That top is hilerious.
  15. User Image Gallery

    Well played yesteryeargames, that costume is awesome!